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* This post is sponsored by Walmart and affiliate links are used. All opinions and product selections are mine! Happy Saturday everyone! Do you like the garland I tied on my butler's pantry shelf...

* This post is sponsored by Walmart and affiliate links are used. All opinions and product selections are mine!

Preparing for Thanksgiving (Sunny Side Up)

Happy Saturday everyone! Do you like the garland I tied on my butler's pantry shelf this year !? I hope so because it's all over my house. 🙂 Make things so cozy! I'm still styling this shelf and finishing my decor this weekend, but I put a few of my holiday baking go-tos on the counter to share with you today. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought it was a fun time to chat about a few favorites from Walmart that I often use in my kitchen! Walmart has entered so many fun things for the holidays!

I'm always excited when it's time to retire my KitchenAid red mixer! A sure sign that the holidays are finally here. 🙂 I took this KitchenAid hand mixer last year too (with a lot of colors) and what a game changer! It's so much better than other brands I used before. I also like this set of 3 plastic cutting boards. We have a sliding wooden cutting board built into our island that we love (you can see it in this post about my organized kitchen), but I tend to use those simple plastic cutting boards for the easy, everyday stuff like dicing an apple for Kole. 🙂 They are so easy to use and rinse off quickly! It is also a large set of strainers if you need it!

What is Thanksgiving and holiday baking without good mixing bowls !? These KitchenAid mixing bowls are my absolute favorite! They have a nice rubber grip on the bottom, are dishwasher safe, and I love the spout! I have a set of 3 in a blue / gray color that I use every day and then a set of red that I always take out to use in November / December. Currently, Walmart has my favorite mixing bowls in red, white and gray that come in a set with the cutest little bowls and lids for leftovers! I picked up a few as gifts. Anyone can use good mixing bowls .. especially at this time of year!

I've included a few other Thanksgiving dinner essentials below! My mom does most of the cooking for Thanksgiving every year. My job is usually to entertain the kids, decorate and set the table, then organize the fridge with all the leftovers after. No complaints here! I quite prefer that. 😉 But if I was cooking .. below are some personal favorites.

Thanksgiving Dinner Essentials (

parawood kitchen utensil set / 4 cup fat separator / 7-piece mixing and prep set

double spoon rest / KitchenAid electric hand mixer / Set of 2 strainers

kitchen mixer / plastic cutting boards / pear, syringe and thermometer

3-tier oven rack / plastic food storage containers / 22 quart roasting oven

lifting set / stainless steel pear

And since I manage the table scenery, I also put together some cute items for an easy yet stylish Thanksgiving table. This 20 piece cutlery set is gorgeous for such a great price! And how cute the pattern is this white modern farmhouse dinnerware set!? Like.

4pcs artificial eucalyptus bouquet / pumpkin napkin rings / large bamboo bowl

geometric plaid placemats / grateful serving tray

20 pieces gold cutlery / 16 piece dinnerware set / conical candles

Enjoy what's left of your weekend! I'll be here to try to figure out how to compress 4 months of vacation content into a month and a half.

Sincerely wishing you never need to sleep now! So much garland ... so little time ...



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