Are you overwhelmed by the cuisine, but still want to enjoy tasty dishes at home? Today we'll be talking about quarantine meals to throw together for nutrition and flavor. We also chat with Hawa Hassan, founder of Basbaas Sauce and author of In Bibi's Kitchen, what she cooked during her 40s and her favorite key ingredients for flavor.

Hawa Hassan is the founder and CEO of Basbaas Sauce and author of the upcoming cookbook, In Bibi's Kitchen from Ten Speed ​​Press. Inspired by the women of Africa, the book is a collection of recipes and stories from the kitchens of bibis, or grandmothers, of African countries and beyond. In 2014, the Hassan range of artisanal organic condiments in small quantities was born. Inspired by the flavors of his native Somalia, the Basbaas product line includes a black tamarind sauce that defines sweet-sour-sweet, and a nubile cilantro chutney with herbs, citric depth and just the right amount of heat. .

In this episode, we'll cover:

  • Throw together quarantine meals for food.
  • How Hawa entered the world of food and entrepreneurship.
  • Hawa's Experiences as a Black Woman in Food
  • Key ingredients for flavor in Somali cuisine AND MORE!


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