The Wadi Rum Desert is a must see place if you find yourself in Jordan.Wadi Rum is located in the southern part of Jordan and is a very well protected desert. Apart from that,...


The Wadi Rum Desert is a must see place if you find yourself in Jordan.

Wadi Rum is located in the southern part of Jordan and is a very well protected desert. Apart from that, it is also called as the Moon valley because of its red and pink sand hills as well as its primeval rocks that literally turn the whole place into a picture postcard landscape.

If you really want to experience the desert, you should definitely spend the night in this unique place. You can choose from several options; from basic and traditional Bedouin camps to luxurious and comfortable camps as well as Bedouin tents which are always open for your best hospitality.

The majority of visitors usually choose the famous Bedouin camps where you can enjoy full meals and afternoon tea - traditionally prepared. Each station can offer you a unique night experience, literally, in the middle of the desert that is beyond anyone's imagination. In fact, Wadi Rum is what anyone expects to hear on an ordinary desert; extremely hot temperatures in summer and low in winter.

It is a desert which is both a home for the Bedouins who live there and a challenge for those who must visit it.

At first, you might think of all the camps as one another. However, they are not. There are perfectly organized and luxurious camps that are definitely worth your attention! Their luxury, of course, does not affect the traditional Bedouin way of life; instead, it elevates it with contemporary details and elements that travelers tend to ask for even more these days in order to get a safe and comfortable trip.

I was there in November; the right temperature of the day and the beautiful sunset that I enjoyed here finally led me to an overnight stay in the best luxury camp in the Bedouin desert - the Sun City Camp. The peaceful desert landscape as well as the warm welcome from the locals made my first visit to this incredible land perfect.

In addition, the simplicity of Bedouin life in their valley, the charming landscapes and the high standard of accommodation and service made me even more surprised and excited about my trip!



In Sun City Camp, you can choose from different accommodation options; Traditional Bedouin or royal tents, family suites and of course, Martian dome, the treasure of the desert where I spend my night. Martian Dome combines both the contemporary style and the comfort that every visitor needs with an original night experience in the desert, full of luxurious moments!

the Sun City Camp is the first camp with domes that offer its visitors the view of the beautiful moon and stars from their comfortable and luxurious bed. In fact, Martian Dome is a comfortable room with two single beds or a king size bed, offering air conditioning, mini bar with drinks, mini fridge, closet and hot water for a shower / effect shower. rain; all offered 24 hours a day with electricity. The Camp also offers a WiFi connection available in the reception hall and in the restaurant but not in the tents.

Last but not least, the lanai was just amazing!





When I arrived at the camp late at night, I didn't have the chance to see many.

However, I had one of my best life experiences; I enjoyed a traditional meal at the restaurant where I also had fun with a traditional Jordanian show outside the restaurant! The local Bedouin were dancing to their local Jordanian rhythms and dances, giving us the total Jordanian way of life!

The Camp offers a large restaurant which is actually located in a large Martian tent that looks like a Hollywood tent. This is where you can taste the fresh dishes of a wide variety of dishes and tastes, all served in its huge buffet.

> > On my INSTAGRAM Account (Highlight> Jordan) you can also watch this show!


Sun City Camp Restaurant

So, I didn't have the chance to see a lot of things overnight and yet one thing was pretty clear to me; the "freshness" of the desert around 3 am That's when I told myself that I was literally living a real experience in the desert! The next morning I was just watching the sunrise on a camel with the company of a local Bedouin. the Sunrise camel ride is something that can be easily arranged by the camp; so, you can also do the trick if you visit it.

Come to think of it, I only have countless feelings for this life changing experience, especially for this morning when I was touring the Valley of the Moon on the back of a camel! This is the moment when I realize that details matter and "a bed alone is not enough". You always have to look at the big picture and don't forget to live in it.








Warning: My trip was organized in collaboration with Ryanair, which flies directly from Athens to Aqaba twice a week, and additionally with Jordan Tourism Board. I would really like to thank our tour quide Issa and our driver Fatem for the unique experiences we had together! All opinions are my own, as always.

Translation: Adrianna Argyropoulou

Maria kalymnou

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