USA Today Super 25 Preview: Week 12
Most of the teams ranked in the last USA Today Super 25 kicked off the action in the playoffs, but the stakes are higher for the No.12 Corner Canyon than anyone entering Week 12....

Most of the teams ranked in the last USA Today Super 25 kicked off the action in the playoffs, but the stakes are higher for the No.12 Corner Canyon than anyone entering Week 12.

Corner Canyon will face Lone Peak High School for the Utah 6A State Title on Friday night. Corner Canyon has been dominant throughout 2020 and has one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the country at Jaxson Dart, but Lone Peak will pose a tough test for the defending State 6A champions.

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With that said, let's see what's in store for every USA Today Super 25 team this weekend.

No.1 IMG Academy (Florida) vs. TRU Prep Academy

Photo: IMG Academy Football

IMG Academy concludes its 2020 season against TRU Prep Academy on Friday night.

No 2 Duncanville (Texas) vs. Lake Ridge

John F. Rhodes / Dallas Morning News

Duncanville hosts Lake Ridge High School without a win on Friday night.

No 3 St. Joseph's Prep (Pennsylvania) v Souderton

James Robinson / via AP

St. Joseph's Prep will face Souderton High School 7-0 in the PIAA Class 6A playoff semifinals on Friday night.

No. 4 North Shore (Texas) 47, King 21


North Shore played a little earlier than usual in Week 12, beating King High School, 47-21, on Thursday night.

No. 5 Grayson (Ga.) Against - BYE

Photo: MaxPreps

No 6 Chandler (Arizona) vs. Hamilton

Rob Schumacher / The Republic

Chandler welcomes Hamilton, who was previously ranked in the USA Today Super 25, on Friday night to close out the regular season.

# 7 Saint Thomas Aquinas (Florida) @ Lehigh

Photo: MaxPreps

St. Thomas Aquinas will face High School 5-4 Lehigh in the FHSAA Class 7A playoff quarterfinals on Friday night.

No.8 Miami Northwestern vs. American Heritage

Photo: MaxPreps

Miami Northwestern hosts American Heritage in a high-profile third round playoff game in Florida 6A on Friday night.

# 9 Austin Westlake (Texas) vs. Austin

Photo: Dallas Morning News

7-0 Austin Westlake hosts 4-2 Austin High School in a local rivalry game on Friday night.

# 10 Thompson (Ala.) Vs. Hoover


Thompson continues his march towards a state championship against rival Hoover in the Alabama 7A playoff semifinals on Friday night.

No 11 Colquitt County - BYE

Photo: Alan Staci

No. 12 Corner Canyon (Utah) vs. Lone Peak

Photo: MaxPreps

Corner Canyon will play for the Utah 6A State Championship against Lone Peak High School on Friday night.

No 13 Center Grove (Ind.) Vs Ben Davis

Syndication: Indianapolis

Center Grove faces Ben Davis High School in the IHSAA Class 6A playoff semifinals on Friday night.

N ° 14 Trinity (Ky.) - Goodbye

Matt Stone / Mail Journal

No 15 Ryan (Texas) 63, Heritage 20

Jeff Woo / Denton Record-Chronicle

No 16 Orlando Jones (Florida) v Hernando

Photo: HUDL

Orlando Jones will face Hernando High School 7-1 in the FHSAA Class 5A playoff on Friday night.

No.17 De Smet Jesuit (Mo.) vs. Fox

The 10-1 Fox High School is next for De Smet Jesuit in the Missouri State Playoffs on Friday night.

No 18 Oakland (Tenn.) Vs Riverdale

Syndication: the Tennessean

Oakland is set to play a playoff game with rival Riverdale High School on Friday night.

# 19 Allen (Texas) @ McKinney

Vernon Bryant / Dallas Morning News

Allen makes his return to USA Today Super 25 against McKinney High School on Friday night.

No.20 Dutch Fork (SC) v Carolina Forest

Photo: GoFlashWin

Dutch Fork faces Carolina Forest High School 8-1 in the CMHC AAAAA class playoffs on Friday night.

No 21 Cherry Creek (Colorado) vs. Regis Jesuit

Photo: MaxPreps

Cherry Creek starts the playoffs against Regis Jesuit on Friday night.

No.22 Bixby (Okla.) Vs. Del City

Photo: MaxPreps

Bixby hosts Del City High School in the OSSAA Class 6A-II playoffs on Friday night.

No 23 St. Peter's Prep (NJ) @ Seton Hall Prep

Michael Karas /

St. Peter's Prep returns to the field against Seton Hall Prep on Monday. The Marauders haven't played since October 24 due to COVID-19.

Cathedral n ° 24 (Ind.) Against Castle

Photo: MaxPreps

Cathedral returns to USA Today Super 25 this week and will face Castle High School in the IHSAA Class 5A semifinals on Friday night.

No. 25 St. Xavier (Ohio) - Full season

Photo: Tony Tribble

Last weekend, St. Xavier overcame Pickerington Central by a final score of 44-3 to secure a state championship.

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