What Is CBD? – Detailed Definition And Benefits For Your Performance
Are you a high achiever and a biohacker?Do you still want to evolve and get everything out of you?Surely you have come across one or the other hemp or CBD product.However, not all products deliver on their promises.What to watch out for when buying CBD oil and what other forms of CBD are you will […]

What are the benefits of CBD

Are you a high achiever and a biohacker?

Do you still want to evolve and get everything out of you?

Surely you have come across one or the other hemp or CBD product.

However, not all products deliver on their promises.

What to watch out for when buying CBD oil and what other forms of CBD are you will find out here.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol.

Unlike THC, this cannabinoid from the female hemp plant has little psychoactive effect.

This means that it doesn't make you stoned and you don't have the mind expanding effect like in using marijuana.

However, this CBD has certain qualities that you can use as a biohacker.

CBD is now legalized in many countries, although marijuana continues to be banned as a drug.

However, the benefits of cannabidiol are now recognized as the drug is used for medical purposes.

Medicinal cannabis is a health trend that spreads regularly.

In addition, the selection of forms of CBD as a dietary supplement is now very wide, which is especially used by athletes.

Legal hemp protein, hemp oil and CBD are finding their way into the food industry more and more in the form of food and drink and supplements.

Effect of CBD

But why is CBD so addition in terms of self-optimization?

To get in-depth general statements about the health benefits of CBD, many more clinical studies are needed.

So far, one thing is certain: CBD is definitely an ingredient that is currently very popular in the interest of research.

A number of studies have focused on the effects of cannabidiol and many have been confirmed. So far, CBD is attributed, among others, the following properties:

  • It can promote relaxation and sleep.
  • It can have a calming effect on the nervous system.
  • It can be antispasmodic.
  • It can promote regeneration.

CBD and the nervous system

The effect on our nervous system, for example, researchers at the New York University School of Medicine. The team reviewed numerous human clinical studies and found confirmation that CBD exerts its influence on neural communication and may be able to develop other applications.

Low blood pressure

Scientists at the University of Nottingham also studied how CBD May Lower Blood Pressure During Stress.

The good news: In the test subjects, taking 600 mg of CBD reduced the heart rate and promoted the calming phase.

But for the pharmacological use of CBD in cardiovascular disorders, more detailed investigation is needed.

Minor inflammation

At the same university, other studies were carried out to show the first indications of positive properties of CBD.

Among other things, scientists discovered that cannabidiol has a positive effect on small inflammations in the body.

The research team achieved significantly lower levels of so-called inflammatory markers in the body after the CBD treatment than before.

Pain relief

In contrast, patients had a analgesic effect after kidney transplantation in experiments in Uruguay. The researchers administered a dose of between 50 and 150 mg of CBD twice a day for a period of three weeks. Participants tolerated the CBD preparations well and struggled less with pain. But even for the clear analgesic effects of CBD, the focus of CBD in clinical research needs to be dramatically increased in order to make a general statement.

Common Uitself

Since CBD was legalized in Germany, Jamie Corroon and Joy A. Phillips from the Center for Medical Cannabis Education have looked at who the consumers are and what they use CBD for.

Thus, they conducted an online survey with many subjects. The result showed that most participants used CBD for pain and trouble sleeping.

Incidentally, since January 1, 2018, even competitive athletes can legally use CBD oil for better post-sport regeneration.

The WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) has now removed pure CBD from the list of unauthorized drugs.

Take-out message # 1: CBD is a cannabinoid used in medicine and as a nutritional supplement due to its beneficial health properties.

Difference between CBD and hemp oil

The valuable active substance CBD is extracted from the flowers and other parts of the plants of the hemp plant.

For production, only hemp species are taken into account, which have a THC content of less than 0.2%.

In order to extract CBD, there are several methods:

  • Distillation
  • CO2 extraction
  • Extraction by heating in a base oil

In industry, molecular separation is usually done to obtain pure CBD.

Difference between hemp oil and CBD

How is CBD oil produced?

For the production of hemp oil, the seeds of the hemp plant are used.

As with other edible oils, hemp seeds are pressed and used to extract the oil.

Hemp The seed oil contains essential nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins B1, B2 and E and is also an enrichment for your meal in terms of taste.

Hemp oil does not provide the desired additional effect of CBD oil, however, it is often used as the base oil for CBD extract.

Take-home message # 2: THC is better known as CBD because it is responsible for high drug use of cannabis.

On the other hand, CBD has no psychoactive effects, but biohackers can benefit from it in other areas.

Different types of CBD on the market

CBD supplements and foods are conquering markets around the world.

According to the current legal situation, the use of CBD oil is permitted.

This is why athletes already use it for muscle regeneration.

Many consumers also report positive characteristics on cognitive performance.

Just as versatile CBD is used, so too are the various forms of administration.

Depending on the manufacturing process, there is CBD in the form of oil, as isolate or as wax.

These CBD forms can be found in a wide variety of variations:

CBD Oil: The most popular is CBD oil in the form of drops. You can melt your dose of cannabidiol directly in your mouth for a quick effect through absorption through the mucous membranes.

CBD capsules: CBD capsules have the advantage of being tasteless, unlike rather intense CBD oil, as they are swallowed whole. If you don't like the hay aroma of CBD, you can fall back on an alternative in capsule form.

CBD paste: In paste or wax form, you get highly concentrated CBD for external application. CBD pastes, ointments and creams are applied to the skin to treat wounds. A positive effect on wound healing in rare epidermolysis bullosa skin disease was noted by researchers at the California Department of Dermatology. Otherwise stubborn blisters healed much faster with CBD. You should only use CBD paste very with parsimony, because the concentration of CBD is very high.

CBD crystals: Cannabidiol crystals can be used in many ways, for example for the own production of CBD oil, liquids or pastes. You can also eat them straight and melt them under the tongue. Be careful with the dosage here too, as the crystals contain CBD in a highly concentrated form.

CBD Flowers: CBD flowers are also more and more commercially available, for example to brew tea.

CBD drink: Drinks made with lemonade and hemp or with CBD as an additive are still more popular and more common in this country.

CBD-Liquid: In addition, there are different strong liquids that evaporate in electronic cigarettes.

Depending on the mode of administration, CBD has different bioavailability.

Forms of CBD that are absorbed directly into the mouth via the mucous membranes deploy their effect faster than CBD capsules, which must first pass through the digestive tract before their active ingredients enter the bloodstream.

It is better to try it individually for your high performance and tailor it to your needs.

Final thought: what is CBD and benefits for your performance

The trend towards hemp products of all kinds continues unabated and will become even more established as a dietary supplement and high performance food in the near future.

For better sleep and faster recovery, CBD oil is now even allowed to be used as a competitive athlete.

There are different forms of administration of CBD on the market.

Therefore, pay attention to the quality of the CBD product when purchasing, in order to get the benefit you expect.

Have you ever tried any of the CBD products mentioned above?

What is your opinion on this fascinating subject?

Share your experiences and ideas for the benefit of all in the comments section below!



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First of all, commitment is defined as the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause ( your team ) or activity ( your sport ). Although, commitment isn’t tangible and you can’t quantify it, the levels of commitment are ever changing. So, thats the task, understand what level you need to reach and smash it !

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