10 Powerful Standing Ab Exercises You Can Do Anywhere
Let others know!Until recently, I didn't realize that something like standing abdominals existed. In addition, they are effective and offer many unique benefits. Benefits such as (1) maximum calorie burning, (2) less or no strain on neck and lower back, (3) functionality and (4) improved physical capabilities Just to name a few - a few. […]

Let others know!

Until recently, I didn't realize that something like standing abdominals existed.

In addition, they are effective and offer many unique benefits.

Benefits such as (1) maximum calorie burning, (2) less or no strain on neck and lower back, (3) functionality and (4) improved physical capabilities Just to name a few - a few.

After making the list of the 45 most loved standing abdominal workout routinesI was inspired to try out the most interesting standing ab exercises on myself and my personal training clients.

Since I had amazing experience and feedback, I decided to add the most effective standing ab exercises to the ab exercise database here on Abs Experiment.

Now, here are these 10 standing abs exercises ...

Depending on your level of fitness, include the standing abdominal exercises listed below in your training program or use them for a dynamic warm-up.

1. Static Ab Twist Lunge

Lunge ab twist - # 1 of 10 standing ab exercises

The static abdominal twist is one of the most exciting standing abdominal exercises. This dynamic exercise is a more functional alternative to the regular abdominal twist exercise typically performed while seated with a stick on the shoulders.

With this exercise, you not only work the obliques, but you engage the legs, shoulders and the various stabilizing muscles of the whole trunk enormously. There is no part of the body that does not participate in the movement. As a result, this full body standing abdominal exercise helps burn an impressive amount of calories.

This abdominal exercise will improve your power, strength and stability.

Click here for instructions Static Ab Twist Lunge.

2. One-step sprint

One-leg sprint - # 2 of 10 standing ab exercises

Sprinting involves all the muscles in your body. It's intense. It burns a lot of calories. And sprinters generally look well built and ripped apart.

Single Leg Sprint is one of the most intensive standing ab exercises. With this exercise, you can enjoy all the benefits of sprinting without setting foot on a track. Plus, you can build your lower abs.

As a unilateral exercise, the oblique muscles also act as stabilizers. This standing ab exercise will help you improve speed, stability, agility and power as well.

Click here for instructions One-step sprint.

3. Bodyweight wood chops

Bodyweight Wood Chop - # 3 of 10 Standing Abs Workouts

Bodyweight Wood Chop is a serious functional maneuver. This standing ab exercise will help you make the connection between your upper and lower body. And create a strong core for sports and life's adventures.

This compound movement like other standing abdominal exercises requires the engagement of many other key muscles beyond the obliques. Which is great because it increases the amount of calories burned throughout the workout.

With this exercise, you will improve your explosive power, mobility and stability of the hips and shoulders.

Click here for instructions Bodyweight wood chop.

4. Prayer squat twist

Prayer Squat Twist - # 4 of 10 standing ab exercises

Prayer Squat Twists is a vigorous abdominal exercise for torturing the obliques. This compound bodyweight exercise helps bond the upper and lower body. It improves sports performance and daily tasks. Especially if you use your heart a lot for rotational movements.

Not only will your heart get stronger, your whole body will. This exercise will help develop a functional core, improve postural support and hip mobility. To name just a few advantages.

Click here for instructions Prayer squat twists.

5. Standing One-Leg V-Ups

Standing One-Leg V-Ups - # 5 of 10 Standing Abdominal Exercises

Standing Single Leg V-Ups is an amazing standing ab exercise that targets the upper and lower abs in one movement. This is a much more functional alternative to regular one-legged v-ups performed on the floor.

Like all standing abdominals, this one also involves more muscles in the movement. This translates into more calories burned throughout the abdominal workout.

This bodyweight standing abs exercise is beneficial for anyone trying to lose weight and develop a toned and functional waistline. This exercise will not make your abs bulky as long as you use your bodyweight resistance. If you play sports or have an active hobby, this exercise is worth trying as it can improve your performance.

Click here for instructions Single leg standing v-ups.

6. High knee twists

High Knees Twists - # 6 of 10 standing abdominals

Be ready. High Knees Twists is one of the most intensive cardio-type standing ab exercises. While similar to regular high-knee exercise, this variation is designed to work your core muscles more. Especially the obliques by twisting the torso from side to side.

This exercise will not only attack your abdominal muscles, but it will also destroy an insane amount of calories. Use this exercise to reduce the size without bulking up. Invest in building basic functional strength for sport and daily tasks.

You will notice improvements in speed, stability, agility and power. As well as in strength and cardiovascular endurance.

Click here for instructions High knee twists.

7. Standing side crunches

Standing Side Crunches - # 7 of 10 standing abdominal exercises

Standing side crunches are a more functional alternative to regular side crunches performed on the floor.

Similar to other standing abdominal exercises, this one also recruits a lot of other muscles into the movement. Respectively, this exercise will help you burn more calories, build core strength, and improve your balance at the same time.

Standing side crunches are more subtle on the lower back and neck. There is simply no need to pull your neck or lie on your back. This variation of the exercise will certainly be appreciated by those who find regular recumbent abdominal exercises tedious or impossible to perform.

Click here for instructions Standing side crunches.

8. Standing bike crunch

Standing Bicycle Crunch - # 8 of 10 standing abdominal exercises

Standing Bicycle Crunch is a more functional variant of the Bicycle squeaks. One of the most valuable things is that this exercise works all the abdominal muscles at once with special emphasis on the obliques.

This exercise will also help burn more calories due to a standing position and a bunch of extra muscles involved in the movement. Like all other standing abdominal exercises, this exercise reduces the risk of straining your neck or injuring your lower back. These types of injuries are common for abdominal exercises performed on the floor with poor technique.

Use this exercise to build functional core strength and improve balance.

Click here for instructions Standing bike crunch.

9. Crossed toes standing

Standing Toe Cross Keys - # 9 of 10 Standing Ab exercises

Standing Crossover Toe Touches is a functional standing abdominal exercise targeting the obliques. This compound bodyweight exercise helps strengthen the connection between the upper and lower body. It also benefits from the development of a connection between the muscles of the mind.

As one of the standing abdominals exercises, it requires the activity of many more muscles than the abdominals to perform the movement. Especially the lower back.

A strong and healthy lower back is the key to any sport and activity. As a part of the trunk, it optimizes both power and strength while protecting you from lower back injuries.

This exercise will help you lift more, respond faster, adapt faster, and stabilize yourself better.

Click here for instructions Standing crossed toe touches.

10. Circles above the head

Above Head Circles - # 10 of 10 Standing Ab Workouts

Standing Overhead Circles is a low impact full body standing abs exercise. It mobilizes and strengthens all the muscles around the waist.

To perform this exercise with maximum amplitude, you need to activate many other muscles in your body from top to bottom. Even your feet will kick in to keep you from stepping back.

This exercise is great for developing a mind-muscle connection. Better control of your trunk facilitates various tasks and physical activities and protects you from everyday lower back injuries.

You can also expect improvements in balance and spinal support.

Click here for instructions Circles above the head.

For some people, crunches and other abdominal bourrinage workouts are the last thing they’d want to do — so they don’t. ' Part of the perception is that it’s difficult. We tend to want to avoid doing things that require effort, especially as we get older, when that’s harder for us, ' says Lorna Brown, a physical therapist who specializes in geriatrics at Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

But skipping abdominal strengtheners can have a big effect on your mobility and independence — and not for the better.

The abdominal zones musculaires ( often called the abs ) include not just the visible ' six-pack ' or rectus abdominis groupes de muscles in the front of your abdomen, but also the obliques in the front and side of your abdomen and the transverse abdominis across your lower abdomen. ' The transverse abdominis is the inner muscle underneath the outer abdominal layers. It provides stability around the spine, ' Brown explains.

The abs are part of your core, the gamme of groupes musculaires that act as your foundation. In addition to your abs, your core includes the groupes de muscles along your spine, near your shoulder blades, in your hips and buttocks, and in your pelvis.

You must work all your core zones musculaires to stay strong and active. ' We need that strong core or base so that the arms and legs can perform well, ' Brown explains.

What if you don’t mind doing shoulder, hip, and back bourrinage exercises, but can’t stand the ab workout ? You’re putting your entire core in jeopardy. ' If your core isn’t durable and strong, you increase the risk for injury and falls when you lift something or walk, ' Brown says. A weak core also makes it hard to turn, bend, and get dressed.

Starting place : Kneel on all fours with your hands and knees directly aligned under your shoulders and hips. Keep your head and spine neutral.

Move of the month : Abdominal contractionPhotography : Michael CarrollStarting position : Kneel on all fours with your hands and knees directly aligned under your shoulders and hips. Keep your head and spine neutral. Movement : Exhale as you tighten your abdominal zones musculaires by pulling them up toward your spine. Keep your spine neutral ( no arching your back ! ). Hold. Release your abdominal groupes de muscles and return to the starting position. Do this eight to 10 times, then rest for 30 to seconds. If you can, repeat the sequence.

Abdominal exercises don’t have to include crunches, and you don’t have to do a long ab workout. You may find it more palatable to sprinkle ab exercises throughout the day. ' Shorter morceaux of exercise can still contribute to better health and function, ' Brown says. The key is to make each ab exercise count by ' activating ' the groupes de muscles.

Can’t think of ways to fit abdominal exercises into your schedule ? Check out the Harvard Special Health Report Gentle Core ( www. health. harvard. edu/gc ), and consider the following tricks.

Watch TV from the floor. You probably did this when you were a kid. Try it now, and maybe you’ll be more likely to do an ab exercise, like modified push-ups ( leaning on your forearms instead of your hands ). ' Or try lying on your back with your knees bent, ' suggests Brown. ' Then activate the abdominal zones musculaires by drawing in your belly button toward the spine. '

Use phone time. Stand with your back flat against the wall while chatting on the phone. Activate your abs. ' Draw in your belly button again, and push yourself against the wall, ' says Brown

Take a break from work. Whether you’re in the kitchen or at the office, you can do a modified push-up against a desk or counter.

Don’t just stand there. Sneak in an exercise while you stand in line at the bank or grocery checkout. ' Do a single-leg stand and slightly lift your leg off the floor while activating your core groupes de muscles, ' Brown suggests. ' Keep your chest high and your shoulder blades down and back. '

March in place. Next time you’re brushing your teeth, march in place. ' Make it intentional. Draw in the abdominals and keep your hips level, so they’re not swiveling, ' Brown adds

You can even activate the abdominal groupes musculaires while you’re walking. ' Just be very intentional about it, ' says Brown. Think about forme and bourrinage activation with each step. The more often you activate your abs, the stronger they’ll become, making ab workouts a lot less daunting.


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