11 Simple Ways to Conquer Negativity in Your Business
A month after quarantine, I'm starting to see a disturbing new trend: nasty emails. Rude comments on Facebook. Accusatory emails. Sometimes downright nasty, this negativity has circulated my inboxes and Facebook groups in the wake of this pandemic. And it's not just me! An alarming number of my fellow business owners have reported seeing a […]

A month after quarantine, I'm starting to see a disturbing new trend: nasty emails. Rude comments on Facebook. Accusatory emails. Sometimes downright nasty, this negativity has circulated my inboxes and Facebook groups in the wake of this pandemic.

And it's not just me! An alarming number of my fellow business owners have reported seeing a huge increase in the number of people responding to emails with sarcasm and sarcasm or accusing them of being crooks.

Have you experienced this negativity in your own business? If so, this message is for you:

You don't need to bear the brunt of their hatred.

Because here's what haters don't know ... Building a business is A LOT OF JOB. It takes sacrifice and a lot of courage to start from nothing.

The haters don't know it because they are NOT the ones doing the 👏 * work * 👏🏾.

You are.

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our communities and are run by people like you and me who are in the trenches, dedicating their hearts and souls to their business. Your real fans know this, and they are the ones we continue to show for.

So how can we stay positive and productive when it feels like we're all living in a pressure cooker right now?

11 easy ways to beat negativity in your business

Tip # 1: Put on the blinders.

Facebook groups can often attract internet trolls like bees to honey.

Focus on your own business now, instead of wasting hours in Facebook groups playing the comparison game. I find myself in this trap all the time. If you leave them, these groups can be a big loss to your productivity and confidence!

So here is my bold suggestion for you.

Try taking a break from Facebook groups for ONE MONTH. No seriously!

I'm sure it won't surprise you that in December 2016 I had not yet crossed my revenue goal of $ 5,000 per month but after giving up Facebook and giving back those hours to move my business forward , I more than doubled my income in just a few months!

Since negativity is as contagious as this virus, maybe it's time for a little social quarantine. . .

Tip # 2: Address your fears head-on.

What's holding you back from taking the next big step, launching the course you've been dreaming of or creating your first product?

Do you feel crippled by an average review you received this week? Are you afraid of selling in this climate? Does a refund claim throw you totally out of your game by pushing your fear of failure?

Once we can identify our fears, we can distinguish the lies from the truth.

Truths: Now is the perfect time to sell. Refund requests usually mean that your product just wasn't the right fit for that person. And the nasty critics come from the haters. Remember what I said about haters ??

Tip # 3: Celebrate how far you've come.

Take 20 minutes to reflect on the moves (big and small) you've made over the past year. Maybe you've made the decision to start a business (woohoo!), Maybe you've created a new product, or grown your email list to a few hundred or a few thousand. You have taken one step closer to your dreams, and each step is a victory.

We all need to constantly remind ourselves of our victories. It helps us keep a healthy perspective on how far we've come when our instinct is to only look at how far we need to go.

Tip # 4: Unsubscribe from negative Nancys.

You don't have to serve everyone, you just need to serve YOUR people.

If you find that there are outliers that are emptying your bucket, you can let them go.

Tip # 5: Encourage your community.

I'm talking about your fellow small business owners!

Taking two minutes this week to write a friendly response to someone's newsletter or leave a review for a product you liked could be a much needed drop of kindness for someone.

Encouragement breeds trust, and we all have the power to give that to someone, just as we have the power to take it away.

Tip # 6: Create a "braces" folder.

I once had a boss who kept a folder of thanks and nice emails from clients in her filing cabinet. She claimed it was so she could take it off for quarterly exams and wave it in front of her supervisor's face to justify a raise, but I would sometimes catch her taking it off during a lunch break.

Sometimes we have to remember the impact we have had on people or the kindness we have received, and there is no shame in that! There is no shame in reminding the people that matter who you are.

Cheerful smiling female entrepreneur using headset to talk to colleague and take notes

Tip # 7: Pass email management.

One of our students asks his VA to monitor all of his emails. She then receives a weekly summary of positive emails that she can choose to respond to or not. The negative emails don't even cross her desk and she lets her VA (who is not emotionally attached to the business) handle them in a professional and helpful manner.

Managing emails is a great job for an assistant. Let someone else be on the front line, and fend off bullies who don't serve you or your vision.

As small business owners, we feel everything more personally. A mean email isn't just an email to a faceless executive, it's a mean email to ME, directed at all I stand for, laughing at my blood, sweat and tears ! Okay, I'm dramatic, but you understand. Negativity hits small business owners the hardest because our hands and hearts are in the business, making every interaction (good and bad) more personal.

Tip # 8: Anticipate negativity and prepare to deal with it.

If you can anticipate the negative responses you are likely to receive due to price changes, media changes, communication speed, etc. etc., you can plan in advance how you will react in certain situations and avoid a cold sweat while thinking about your inbox.

Tip # 9: Focus on areas of your business where you are making an impact.

A fellow business owner recently shared with me that he had felt frustrated and disappointed with growing his email list until he realized he had a really high open rate. ! The change of perspective has been a game-changer for them.

Once you have celebrated the victories, you will have the energy and motivation to face any problems or challenges.

Tip # 10: Do you see crazy people? Keep scrolling!

Clickbait. The ultimate waste of time. We've all had that Buzzfeed article experience where we click that click bait headline, and before we know it we wasted half of our lunch break just trying to get the juicy gossip that had been promised.

Facebook groups can work in a very similar way ...

I realize that for some, taking an FB break is just not a reality for your business or is just too drastic. Maybe instead, you can make the active decision to scroll the fools. Put those blinders on and ignore the plaintiffs, instigators and aggravators (the people, not the group).

Many of my business owner friends have shared that they focus their energy on Instagram because it is a much more positive social platform. Being more active on Instagram and less active on Facebook could make a big difference. I agree!

Tip # 11: Have compassion on haters.

I've shared lots of tips for avoiding hate, ignoring hate, and preparing for hate, but what thwarts hate?

This quarantine was an emotional challenge for everyone. People all over the world, on the streets and in our homes, suffer from anxiety, loss, grief, loneliness and depression.

Isolation studies have shown that connection is the most important thing for those who suffer. Perhaps the feeling behind our response to a nasty comment could be, "I'm here, how are you?"

These are hectic and trying times, and the reality is, we just don't know how this can affect our clients, our clients and, unfortunately, our trolls.

As the coordinator of the Redefining Mom project, Hayley likes to say: "Kill them with kindness!"

choose kindness

I hope these tips inspire and motivate you to eliminate the negativity you encounter in your own business. Don't let the enemies bring down your big and daring visions for your future! They are too good!

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In order to overcome negativity, you need to lean on the positive and focus on the productive.  I have 11 simple steps you can take to overcome the negativity that threatens your online business.

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Take charge. Children crave limits, which help them understand and manage an often confusing world. Show your love by setting boundaries so your kids can explore and discover their passions safely.

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