Learn About Guest Communication with Staycity and Tripadvisor
Strong customer communication has never been more crucial: Customers need access to up-to-date, factual and reliable information about your property. This information can be displayed on OTAs, your website or through proactive communication with customers. Either way, good communication is key to setting correct expectations and allaying any worries customers may have during their trip. […]

Strong customer communication has never been more crucial: Customers need access to up-to-date, factual and reliable information about your property. This information can be displayed on OTAs, your website or through proactive communication with customers. Either way, good communication is key to setting correct expectations and allaying any worries customers may have during their trip.

Communication with guests

So how do you get there? Below we have put together a collection of materials to guide you on communicating with customers today. How Staycity Group managed to communicate clearly and effectively throughout the challenges of how to nail your Tripadvisor SEO.

  • CASE STUDY: Staycity Group is a brand that operates a collection of diverse but complementary brands with properties in seven countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Skip to the blog post below to learn all about the brands' strategy and how they have maintained demand even in the most difficult times.
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Communication with guests

Staycity group brand strategy to survive

As an operator of independent apartments, Staycity Group is well positioned to meet the changing needs and expectations of travelers during the coronavirus era. In a recent ReviewPro webinar, Rhonda Meehan, Group Quality Manager, explained how his company uses multiple communication channels to reassure travelers about safety, attract bookings and set expectations.

The Dublin-based company operates two brands, Staycity Aparthotels, a collection of 21 properties in the UK, Ireland, France and Italy, and Wilde Aparthotels, an upscale brand with properties in prime locations in the city center, including Covenant Garden in London and Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin.

“Although we are independent apartments, we also function as a hotel,” Rhonda Meehan said.

Implement COVID-19 policies and procedures with Rhonda Meehan

How did the company fare during the pandemic? Rhonda described the three things Staycity Group has done to continue to thrive during a global pandemix.

"We're pretty lucky in that most of our properties have remained open because we have self-catering kitchens and lodges and access to washer-dryers." We took in a large number of key workers and people in need of emergency accommodation. Now our properties are fully open to guests again, although some services are reduced. "

1. Activation of multiple channels
In an age when people are hesitant to travel and worry about safety, effective communication is essential, as is the ability to reach travelers through the many channels they use to plan their trips. Meehan described the tools and channels that Staycity Group uses to communicate COVID-19 security protocols.

    • Website Information
    • Informative Videos
    • Email before arrival
    • Online registration
    • Keyless entry
    • Digital device manuals
    • WhatsApp QR Code
    • Company application

2. Leverage partnerships
The company also leverages partnerships to help educate travelers and build trust. COVID-19 security checklists have been completed on Tripadvisor listings for all properties.

The company sends a team to train Failte Ireland COVID-19 Safety Charter, an initiative supported by the government to strengthen the confidence of domestic and foreign visitors.

Participating companies can display their accreditation to reassure their customers that they are complying with the security protocols of the charter.

Communication with guests

3. Ask for feedback
How does the company know its initiatives are working?

"We are currently conducting both an during-stay survey and a post-stay survey fed by ReviewPro", Meehan explained. “We decided to change some of the survey questions and add new ones to ask for feedback on how customers think we are doing with anything COVID-19 related.”

The company is now asking the following questions in the survey:

    • “In this new era of travel, our top priority is ensuring the safety of customers. How did you find the level of security protocols we have in place? "
    • “Is there anything else you would have liked to see in operation in terms of COVID-19 security measures?”
    • “Would you like to tell us more?”

In addition, Staycity Group uses our Online reputation management platform for monitoring and analyzing online reviews.“I think it's really important to listen to customers and adapt if necessary”, Meehan said. "We have received very positive feedback so far, but obviously we have to keep listening because things change all the time."

Communication with guests

Best tips

  • First, for smaller and larger properties, it's important to promote your security measures across multiple sources. Post them on your website, in your newsletter, by video, on social media, etc. It is good that customers feel informed and it will give them the confidence to book your hotel.
  • Build guest confidence by consistently adhering to property security measures. Ask customers for feedback using surveys and QR codes, follow up on their concerns, and respond to your reviews. If you listen to customer feedback and adapt as needed, it will build trust and drive more bookings.

Learn more about communicating with customers

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