The Best Affordable Plus Size Maternity Lingerie
Think outside the box with this selection of affordable plus size maternity lingerie. There's a little something for everyone with included options that go up to 6X. The intimacy between you and your partner during a plus size pregnancy comes in many forms. Communicating with your partner about how your wants and needs are changing […]

Think outside the box with this selection of affordable plus size maternity lingerie. There's a little something for everyone with included options that go up to 6X.

The intimacy between you and your partner during a plus size pregnancy comes in many forms. Communicating with your partner about how your wants and needs are changing can make all the difference.

To stay connected, you need to feel good about your body when you and your partner physically connect. And for that, we say: a small lingerie goes a long way.

If you're looking to keep the sex appeal alive, or even spice it up, take a look at some of these sexy lingerie pieces.

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Best Plus Size Maternity Lingerie

What helps keep these items affordable is that they aren't really “maternity” lingerie. Below you will see plus size lingerie options that are carefully selected to fit your expanding belly during pregnancy. Plus, they will last for many years beyond!

1. Sleeveless nightgown Plus size lingerie

This babydoll meets almost all the criteria of a perfect pregnancy lingerie!

It is made of a silky smooth fabric that looks and feels great.

The cleavage neckline is perhaps the best part of all, as it is not only revealing but studded with cute little flowers.

Sizes range from XL to 6XL, giving you the fit you need as your body transforms. It also comes in pretty much any color of the rainbow, so you're sure to find something you like.

So what's the catch with this perfect piece of lingerie that fits perfectly with plus size maternity lingerie? Nothing… really.

At under $ 20, even the price is right. Do not be shy.

There is a little something extra in this lingerie that makes it even more undeniable.

It's a babydoll cut with an asymmetrical hem and V-bust. This design comes in various shades of reds and pinks, plus a purple, black, and blue.

The piece is easy to slip on and take off, but the adjustable straps ensure it fits exactly the way you like it.

The set is made with a matching thong and is available in XL to 5X.

Do you want to turn up the heat? The red and black versions come with a split cup for a tantalizing reveal.

3. Avidlove Babydoll lace nightie

There's no way you can't love this gorgeous babydoll. It makes for a stunning piece of plus size maternity lingerie with lace cups and an open front babydoll fit - perfect for letting your baby breathe!

The mug is wireless, which promises casual comfort. Even though it's comfortable, it's also ultra sexy!

The colors offered are unique, with options like lilac purple, burnt orange, and tried and true traditional ones like black, silver and white.

This beautiful babydoll has just been released in a range of plus sizes, offering sizes XL-4X.

The straps are adjustable and the material is both open and stretchy.

Between size and brand, you'll be a happy mom with this one!

4. JuicyRose Plus size Babydoll nightie

This gorgeous shirt gives you that cute doll dress with all the maternity space you need.

The comfortable babydoll design drapes the front but is open in the back. It has these infinitely sexy sheer lace cups in the front and adds adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

It's available in all the best classic colors like black, red, pink, blue, and aqua.

This plus size nightie goes from XL to 6X.

5. Babydoll nightie with press studs on the front Big size Lingerie

If you don't like the idea of ​​slipping something on your baby's tummy, this plus size babydoll is your answer.

It's easy to put on (and take off!) With the snap front closure. The best part is that it is practically designed for plus size pregnant moms.

This shirt has an open front that perfectly drapes either side of your growing belly.

The lace cups have beautiful white floral details that add a little extra to the design.

And, no matter what stage your belly is in, adjustable straps will help you keep your size whether you're buying XL or 4X.

6. Chiclover Plus size lace bodysuit

This bodysuit is all about kissing your bump and all your curves!

Reviews confirm that not only is it sexy, but also comfortable to wear. With options up to 4X, this plus size nylon and spandex bodysuit really stretches!

It comes in seven different colors, from black to neon green.

Speaking of things that might be a bit out of your comfort zone (but hopefully not), we'd be remiss if we didn't mention an accessory you might be interested in.

Your body is much more sensitive during pregnancy, so "massagers" are great for time alone or with a partner. When you are tall, and especially during pregnancy, it can be a bit more difficult to reach all areas of your body. We therefore recommend using a massager with a wand.

You can thank us later for this much appreciated product recommendation discreetly available on Amazon or keep scrolling if that's not your jam.

7. Allegrace Big size Round collar T-shirt

Lingerie doesn't have to be a lace negligee!

If you're not quite ready for lingerie but want something new in the bedroom, this crew neck shirt is for you.

The cotton blend material is gentle on your skin and the loose fit will accommodate your growing bump.

Believe it or not, this shirt comes in 27 colors, goes up to size 4x and is so affordable.

Buy one for the bedroom and grab a few more to wear!

8. Plus size satin dress for women

When it comes to our list of the best plus size maternity lingerie, a soft satin robe that feels luxurious on your skin is a must have!

Whether you plan on wearing lingerie underneath or rocking your birthday costume, you'll love the color and pattern options available for this dress.
It goes up to a size 4X for under $ 20 (be warned - some reviews say the dress's drawstring is a bit short).

9. Low Kix`ies Plus size thigh stockings

For many of us, there is something so sexy about wearing stockings.

But once you put them on, you often have to continually pull them out or they just keep rolling. Talk about a buzz kill!

Here are the Kix'ies to the rescue! Their silicone uppers stay put and rave reviews back up their claims.

These plus size stockings come in a multitude of colors, patterns and materials - from fishing nets to polka dots.

Now, depending on your progress, you may not be able to move them forward without help. No worries - involving your partner can be incredibly intimate.

Yes, asking for help can be absolutely sexy!

Also, if you are looking for plus size maternity tights we have a great resource for you.

We've reached the end of our top picks for the best affordable plus size maternity lingerie.

We hope you are happy to try some of the options above.

Remember, you decide what makes you feel sexy!

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You may not remember the last time you saw your feet, but trust us, right now you look amazing, and it’s time to show the world !

Your changing body shape gives you free reign to try out a whole range of genres that you would never have considered BP ( before pregnancy ). Of course, it’s important to balance feeling comfortable with looking totally awesome, but by getting the basics right you’ll be rocking your own pregnancy style before you know it.

In recent years many more retailers have started stocking maternity ranges, so you can still site your favourite brands such as H

The great thing about your bump is that you don’t have to spend a fortune, a few key pieces will provide the foundation of your pregnancy look, and you can then build it up from there.

A comfortable pair of maternity jeans - there are some great ones on the market right now, choose from genres that go under your bump, or ones that go over it – these may make you feel like Simon Cowell, but you’ll be super comfortable, and no one else will know ! Darker coloured jeans are great for both daytime, and for evenings out.

Maternity vest tops – these are worth grabbing in a few colours as you’re sure to wear them again and again throughout your pregnancy. As they keep your bump covered, they’re perfect for layering with favourite non-maternity items such as blazers and open shirts.

Put together an effortless weekend look by combining your maternity pantalons with a black vest top, and then accessorise, accessorise, accessorise ! Add pops of colour with accessories such as circle scarves and chunky necklaces to pull your look together. Pair this with a blazer and pumps if you fancy looking a bit smarter, or stay casual with an open shirt over the top and your favourite trainers.

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So that’s your causal wardrobe sorted, but how about work ? If you’re starting to panic on a Monday morning as you try on every item in your wardrobe to find something to wear that not only fits, but is also suitable for work, we can help.

Pencil skirts are your new BFF, well at least for pregnancy anyway. These beauties will keep you covered up, vanter your bump, and you’ll look amazing wearing it. Simplify getting ready for work even more by opting for a pencil dress, that way you don’t even need to worry about matching it with a top – sorted !

Wearing wrap dresses, and jumper dresses is also a great way to combine looking smart at work, but staying comfortable.

Planning a night out, but have no clue what to wear ? If in doubt, keep it simple. In the photo above Giovanna Fletcher is off to meet Prince Charles, and styles amazing in a black dress and black pumps. As stunning as her outfit is we’re pretty sure it must be very comfortable too, and if that’s good enough to wear to meet royalty, it’s definitely acceptable to wear on a night out with our friends.

Of course, one of the most important parts of your pregnancy wardrobe is an item that won’t be on display, that’s right it’s the humble maternity bra. The importance of this essential bit of kit is not to be underestimated, especially as it’s not just your bump that will be growing bigger !

A well fitted, comfortable maternity bra will keep you supported, without digging into you. During pregnancy underwired bras are not recommended, so having the right support is even more important. Don’t forget to get measured regularly, as your bra size is likely to increase a few times during your pregnancy. Whatever your maternity style, the main thing to consider is how you feel in what you’re wearing, if it makes you feel good, and it’s comfortable then go for it.


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