Totally Gripping Podcasts You Won’t Be Able to Stop Listening To
Ok, so I understand that 2020 has been pretty shocking as it is on its own, without me going looking for more shocking stories to add to the mix. But, there is something about a compelling, almost unbelievable and utterly captivating true story told exceptionally well that kind of offers an escape to the real […]

Ok, so I understand that 2020 has been pretty shocking as it is on its own, without me going looking for more shocking stories to add to the mix. But, there is something about a compelling, almost unbelievable and utterly captivating true story told exceptionally well that kind of offers an escape to the real world. Catching our attention with their intriguing premise and sucking us in with a stellar mix of storytelling and expert journalism, these gripping podcasts will lead you to the edge of your seat as you cling to every word to find out what happened next. So if you're looking for a completely addicting new podcast to listen to, we've got a great lineup for you! Believe me. These are very true and totally captivating stories that you will not be able to stop listening to.

1. Dropout

Winner of the iHeartRadio Podcast of the Year award in 2019, The dropout tells the mind-boggling story of Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos scandal. Each episode features a different employee of Theranos, a medical company run by Holmes, with big ambitions to change the world. There was just one tiny problem… the technology they claimed to own, and on which they had built the business for 15 years, didn't work. This podcast is a prime example of investigative journalism at its best. It gives you all the facts, but it also sparks some introspective thinking about aspects like the human condition and what made a scam of this magnitude go on for so long. This podcast differs from others in the true crime genre because of its emphasis on straightforward reporting - rather than the host's interwoven narrative. But don't think it's without flair and flavor! The tale doesn't need any storytelling frills as it is so full of detail and interest on its own. The Dropout is about the outcome of a truly shocking scandal, but it also makes us think seriously about our own human condition and what it takes to get someone to perpetuate such a massive lie. If you haven't tried this one yet, line it up for your next listen.

2. Dr. Death

Our next incredibly true and utterly gripping story is Dr. Death. Christopher Duntsch was a neurosurgeon who radiated confidence. He claimed he was the best in Dallas. If your back was painful and you've tried everything, Dr. Duntsch may do spine surgery to relieve your pain. But all was certainly not what it seemed! Soon her patients began to experience complications and the system failed to protect them. Which begs the question: who - or what - is this system supposed to protect? This story is so incredible and so shocking that it's hard to believe it's true. I think what makes this podcast even more disturbing is the fact that doctors are supposed to be someone you can trust - you literally put your life in their hands - and hearing how these patients have been completely exploited is part of what makes this show. so captivating! It's revealing, utterly terrifying, and the podcast is so well executed and so rich in detail that it makes this gruesome story even more compelling.

3. The Shrink Next Door

What do we really know about our neighbors? The truth can be shocking! And that's exactly what happened in our next podcast, The Shrink Next Door. Journalist Joe Nocera discovers the strange relationship between his neighbor, therapist Ike Herschkopf, and Marty Markowitz. At first, Marty is supposed to be Ike's gardener, but he is quickly revealed as one of his patients. And then it gets stranger! From the discovery that the house Ike lived in lavishly like his own - with a wall full of pictures of Ike and his famous patients - was actually Marty's, to the unveiling of the true extent of his break-up. doctor-patient relationship, the story is wild, incredible and true. Throughout the podcast, you hear Marty himself, along with a number of other Ike's patients, all of whom have been betrayed by someone they turned to for help. It has definitely earned its stripes as one of the most compelling yet incredible podcasts. It really is a fascinating story very well told!

4.hunting warhead

How to eliminate a criminal network hidden in the shadows? How do you save abused children who could be anywhere in the world? All these questions and more are answered on Hunting warhead. Hosted by Daemon Fairless, this podcast follows journalists and law enforcement on a global mission to reveal the darkest corners of the internet. And as Daemon Fairless hunts down investigators, survivors and the criminals themselves, what he finds out will shock you! As a warning, this podcast covers an extremely difficult topic, but thanks to professional reporting and excellent writing and production, there is no sensationalism around the telling of the story, and the topic is covered. with great sensitivity. That being said, it's still really heartbreaking and difficult listening, but it's incredibly important for all of these reasons. It's the kind of story that goes with you, that breaks your heart, but also makes you so aware of all those heroes who are doing so much to protect our children from the devastating evil in the world. And so, while you have to be very careful if you decide to listen to Hunting Warhead, it's a truly captivating podcast that sheds light on one of the most terrifying issues in the world.

5. In the dark

Those who enjoy a good real crime podcast are probably very familiar with In the dark from APM Reports. But just in case you're still 'in the dark', this podcast, hosted by Madeleine Baran with the support of a team of excellent reporting, focuses on a murder case, but looks at it from the perspective of the justice rather than crime. The first season examined the serious mismanagement of the police during the kidnapping of Jacob Wetterling and the ripple effect it had across America. Season two is even more gripping as it examines the heartbreaking case of Curtis Flowers, a man who has been tried six times for the same crime. Shocking stories come to life with excellent writing and reporting as well as excellent editing. Particularly in Season 2, this podcast will take you through a whole range of emotions, from intrigue and anger to frustration and fascination. It has all the suspense of a great thriller, while retaining the integrity of the story through in-depth research and exceptional delivery. You will be addicted for sure!

6. The assassination

Murder is the award-winning internal story exploring the investigation into the death of former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. This is another example of a gripping tale that has been painstakingly researched and expertly presented. It's a well-rounded piece of excellent journalism, even including interviews with people accused of the murder of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Layer by layer, the truth begins to unfold and what it reveals is a very tangled web, woven by threads of corruption, greed, revenge and abuse of power that is both shocking and sadly too familiar. . The care and thoroughness that has gone into bringing this story to light by journalist and podcast host Owen Bennet Jones deserves great recognition and makes for a truly captivating podcast experience.

7. Who the hell is Hamish?

Who the hell is Hamish? is a very fascinating listening! It follows the extraordinary life of a man born Hamish Watson, a surfer from Sydney - but who could turn into anything you needed. Hamish was sentenced to prison in early 2019 for defrauding a handful of victims over $ 7 million. But these crimes are just the last pages of an awe-inspiring summary of wrongdoing. For decades Hamish has duped victims in the United States, Canada, Britain, Hong Kong and Australia, stealing tens of millions of dollars, and this utterly fascinating podcast seeks to understand how he l 'did. How could he have eluded authorities around the world for so long and what happened to all that money he stole? The story is well documented, balanced, and the result is an interesting example of great journalism. A completely captivating story.

8. The missing Cryptoqueen

Another scandalous podcast of 2019 was The missing Cryptoqueen. Hosted by Jamie Bartlett and Georgia Cat, this podcast details the meteoric rise of Dr. Ruja Ignatova and the pseudo-cryptocurrency OneCoin. Dr Ruja has taken the world by storm, hosting huge events around the world and promoting his new cryptocurrency dubbed 'The Bitcoin Killer'. With her intelligence and charm, decked out in dresses of silk, diamonds and lipstick, Dr Ruja has convinced thousands of people around the world to invest huge sums of money in OneCoin, with the promise of make them millionaires, if not billionaires. ! And then Dr Ruja disappeared… never to be seen again! The podcast covers the twists and turns of trying to unravel the hype behind OneCoin. Jamie and Georgia talk to people who worked for Dr Ruja, private investigators, as well as people who parted with their money to buy OneCoin. It was fascinating to hear how she cheated so many people, but also heartbreaking to realize how much some people have lost. While the first eight episodes were all released last year, there's a brand new August 2020 episode that adds even more intrigue to an already gripping story.

9. Bed of Lies

What happens when you find out that the person you love most in the world has lied to you? That they've been lying from the very beginning? What if this lie had to do with something much bigger? Something so big, in fact, would become one of the biggest scandals in recent British history. This is the premise of our last gripping story, Bed of lies. This podcast follows Cara McGoogan as she uncovers the mysteries surrounding a group of women who all seemed to have had the perfect relationship, until one day their partner goes missing. What starts out as love stories quickly turns into such a gripping, shocking, and brilliantly told story that you'll desperately need to know what's going on on earth! And what's wrong with this van !? This podcast is different from the others on the list in that it is brand new! Currently, there are only two episodes available, and they're so full of shocking revelations that you'll be nibbling a bit to find out more! Can't wait to see how this one plays out! And if the trailer has something to do with it, it'll be great!

And There you go. 9 truly addicting and totally captivating tales, unbelievably true and unbelievably real! These shows can all cover very different stories, but what they have in common is that they are all very well told through podcasting and make great choices when looking for your next show. to listen excessively. These podcasts will take you on a whirlwind of emotions as you get sucked into some of the craziest, yet unbelievably true stories the world has ever heard! There is no doubt about it! Once you've launched one of these totally captivating podcasts, you won't be able to stop listening!

According to recent research from The Infinite Dial report, conducted by Edison Research, 67 million Americans listen to podcasts monthly ( more than practice Catholicism ) and 42 million listen weekly ( more than a precious trip to the movies ).

I don’t think anyone truly predicted the insane rise in popularity of podcasts, but I love podcasts, so I’m certainly not complaining !

The beauty of podcasts is that you can listen to them while you’re doing other things, like course, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and driving to work. They’re a passive form of media, and they allow you to get lost in a story.

I host my own podcast, and my team produces many, many popular podcasts, so we’ve seen our fair share of successes and failures in podcast preparation, both from the hosts and the guests. I wanted to share a few best practices to make your podcasting life easier, whether you’re an ongoing host or a frequent guest.

You can’t host a successful interview without being clear about how you want the interview to run. And look, I’m not saying you have to run the same kind of show or host the same variétés of adequately as everyone else out there.

But when you’re clear about the genres of questions you’re going to ask, the cadence and length of the show, and perhaps one or two questions that you’ll ask every guest, it helps you be more prepared and also gives your listeners an easier time binging because they’ll know what to expect.

Decide what kind of show you want to have, make sure you’re consistent, and if you do want to make changes, that’s okay. Just make sure you’re communicating them with your guests and your audience.

Even if you think you know your guest really well, sending over a pre-show form for your guests to fill out is helpful for everyone. It allows your guest to get a feel for the types of questions you like to ask, and it helps you gather the information that directly relates to your show, as opposed to public information you can find on the web or through casual conversations.

In addition to requiring the pre-show form, do some research of your own. Google is your friend here. If it’s a professional podcast, LinkedIn can also provide a lot of interesting work information. But don’t overlook old blog posts, other podcast interviews, social media updates, and personal news that you can connect upon ( new babies, puppies, or houses are common ! ).

Many podcast guests are looking to get their message out there because they’ve released something new, like a book. And especially in the world, having penned your very own book boosts your credibility in the industry, which is why so many people are turning to book-writing these days. But remember, if a guest is coming on your show with the goal of promoting the book and its message, you’ve got to read, or at least skim, their book. You’ll be able to ask more interesting questions, and your guest will feel welcome and appreciate your attention to their efforts.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of noise I’ve had to edit out of podcast recordings… or at least I’ve attempted to. Some can’t be saved. But distractions don’t just come in the form of courier notifications and phone calls. They’re social media messages, dogs barking, tchat men and women… the list goes on. If you’re scheduling recordings, try to do them when your baby is usually sleeping, or the mail has already arrived, or people aren’t popping into the kitchen next to you to microwave their leftovers.

Also, be sure to put your phone on airplane mode, close your courier programs and Facebook, put the dog in the other room, and wait to eat your lunch until after your recording wraps. No one wants a post-lunch belch to show up in their interview.

This seems self-explanatory, but I’m always surprised to hear the number of guests who ask me what the format of the podcast is, or what kind of show it is, etc. If you’re being invited to join the show as a guest, you’re being promoted by the podcast and you’re being put in front of new audiences. That’s an honor ! Do yourself a favor, and prepare by listening to the other kinds of guests the host has had on the show, what kinds of questions the host normally asks, and how you might be able to differentiate yourself.

Consider your pitch. What’s your unique value proposition ? Why does this host even want to have you on their show, using a precious 30 minutes to an hour of their life talking to you ?

Sometimes, if you’re lucky, the host will have asked YOU to join their show. What an honor ! In that case, the host will likely have an idea of what they want you to cover and how it will affect their audience.

If, on the other hand, you’re out there hustlin’ and bustlin’, pitching yourself for podcast appearances ( as most professionals are ), you’ll need to make that thing that you are uniquely qualified to do very clear.

I am looking forward to explaining the power that virtual assistants can have on growing a and getting out of your own way. I’m excited to share some ideas about how your audience can find, hire, and train a VA quickly and efficiently… without losing their minds. Not only will this impress your host, but it will help them develop questions that you can effectively answer. No one wants to be stumped on a podcast interview !

Whether we like it or not, not all podcast hosts will have read this blog post ( hehe ) and be completely prepared to have you on their show. Or, they won’t have stellar research skills and won’t be able to find your latest headshot and . to avoid any confusion or any outdated information, do your host a favor and offer up your latest headshot and a short . It will help them introduce you, can be included in show notes, and will save everyone any embarrassment of sharing information that’s no longer accurate.

You’d think this one would be a no-brainer, but again, you’d be surprised at how many people are like, “I want to be on your podcast ! ” And then are like, “Wait, how does the internet work ? ”Look, podcasting is generally all done with VOIP tools like Skype or Zencastr, which require a stable internet connection ( wired if possible ) and a good quality input. Producers like me can only do so much if you sound muffled, staticky, or if you’re blowing out your microphone.

Your best way to be an amazingly prepared podcast guest might just be to ask what your host needs. Maybe there are some special recording instructions or tools, or perhaps there are a few questions that they always like to ask ( which, frankly, you should know about if you’ve listened to a few episodes of the podcast ), or maybe the host needs you to prepare a bermuda blog post to go in the show notes. As a guest, it’s your emploi to make the host’s life easier. It’s your travail to do everything you can to make the interview freakin’ awesome. You can’t help a bad host—that’s just sad and always to listen to—but you can do your part to make sure you’re not to blame for a dramatiques podcast episode.


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