How to Have a Healthy Halloween
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This post was originally posted in October 2016. We are currently in 2020 and we are not heading for a ride or treatment this year. Stay safe with your friends.

We are getting ready for a healthy Halloween this year. With children aged 6 and 8, they are very good at begging for candy. We've got some fun activities planned for them and a few ways to make sure this Halloween is as healthy as it is fun. If you're trying to keep a healthy home or have some fitness goals for yourself, these tips can help:


Going door to door for a ride or treatment is the perfect opportunity for mom to do some cardio as the kids sprint door to door. Walking in place while your little one is collecting candy is awesome, and they'll be moving from house to house, so they'll definitely get their heart rate up. If you're like us and run a Halloween festival or local event like "Trunk or Treat", you can use your phone or fitbit device to make sure you take your steps. Make it a family affair by choosing together how many steps to aim for, or how far to aim during the event and challenge yourself to reach it.

Healthy Halloween Treats

Candy is almost synonymous with halloween these days, but there are healthy options you can enjoy without sacrificing the delicious. Try mini dark chocolate bars or chocolate coated almonds. Fruit snacks are another kid-friendly option that comes in small packages to give to kids instead of other gummy candies. (Don't forget to give away any leftover candy or candy as soon as possible after Halloween! Save a few of the kids' favorites and take the rest of the house out.)


Brush after the candy!

It is inevitable that our little ones will munch on candy for Halloween and the days to come. Getting into the habit of brushing your teeth after eating is essential to keep their little smiles bright and healthy. We have toothpaste and brushes on hand in the children's bathroom to encourage them to brush their teeth after eating. Seeing their favorite characters on them only makes brushing more fun for the little ones.

Orchestrate a swap

If you want to dodge candy all together, try orchestrating a trade. I am not talking about the traditional candy exchange in which children participate. Instead, you can trick your kids into swapping out their Halloween candy for another treat they like best. Having a candy-free item or activity to exchange for their candy loot will be even better for their health and teeth! Try redeeming for a movie night, book, or small toy of their choice.

How are you going to make your Halloween healthier?

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