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October 20, 2020Like most sports, muscle building is accessible to both men and womens. However, nature has caused the organism to work differently for both sexes. But whatever! Whether you are a man or a woman, I offer a support program specifically designed for you if you want to build muscle.The man's body is better […]

Like most sports, muscle building is accessible to both men and womens. However, nature has caused the organism to work differently for both sexes. But whatever! Whether you are a man or a woman, I offer a support program specifically designed for you if you want to build muscle.

The man's body is better disposed to weight training

From a purely scientific point of view, man seems to have been designed to be all muscular. Its muscle mass constitutes 35% of its total weight, and body fat is around 13%.

And physically speaking, the muscles on the upper part of his body are much more developed (bust and arms), an undeniable asset for athletic ability.

In addition, his hemoglobin level, the higher performance of his lungs and heart allow him tobe more effective in strength or resistance exercises required in disciplines such as bodybuilding.

If you want to build muscle, together we will study your strengths and weaknesses before creating a program tailored to your goals.

Women shed more fat than muscle

If you are a woman, do not be offended by what will follow. The female body is more inclined to store fat than to build muscle naturally.

Know that the fat mass constitutes 20% of the total weight and the muscle mass about 28%. In addition, even the muscles store fat, mainly in the thighs and buttocks, but also on the stomach and on the upper arms.

You should note that the caloric needs of women are lower than that of men (1,800 kcal against 1,150 kcal to 1,200 kcal for an individual of 1.60 m and 60 kg).

If in men the surplus to build muscle and can be burned, in women it will be transformed into fat and stored.

But hey, no need to let this information take your head if you want to slim down and build muscle. I will help you achieve the desired results by designing a specific course which not only allows you to get rid of your extra pounds and your love handles, but also to sculpt your body by strengthening it.

Brief comparison of sports performance of men and women

Overall, women are more enduring, while men are more "impulsive" and tend to exercise more quickly.

Moreover, if men are more interested and more efficient in very active, intense or violent sports - because of the high dopamine + catecholamine level -, women are more careful and are effective in strategic disciplines.

They are more flexible than men (muscles, joints, tendons) and bless himself much less in sport.

Hormones play an essential role in building muscles. In humans, muscle building is promoted by high testosterone levels, the anabolic hormone 8.2-34.6 nmol / L versus 0.3–3.0 nmol / L in women.

Anyway, whether you are a man or a woman, I will help you use your natural abilities to achieve your athletic goals.

Tonne training program will be designed according to your needs, but also and especially according to your profile, your state of health, your morphology… among others.

It will be completed by an adapted diet plan. Moreover, we will proceed to an initial assessment so as not to move forward blindly.

Our collaboration will last a whole quarter. Three months during which I will be at your disposal to advise you, support you and motivate you.

Depending on the progress you have made, we can review and correct the content of your course.

Otherwise, if you want to work alone while benefiting from my advice, my e-books for " Have visible abs in 30 days »Will be of great help to you.

For some people, crunches and other abdominal muscle workouts are the last thing they’d want to do — so they don’t. ' Part of the perception is that it’s difficult. We tend to want to avoid doing things that require effort, especially as we get older, when that’s harder for us, ' says Lorna Brown, a physical therapist who specializes in geriatrics at Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital.

But skipping abdominal strengtheners can have a big effect on your mobility and independence — and not for the better.

The abdominal groupes musculaires ( often called the abs ) include not just the visible ' six-pack ' or rectus abdominis zones musculaires in the front of your abdomen, but also the obliques in the front and side of your abdomen and the transverse abdominis across your lower abdomen. ' The transverse abdominis is the inner muscle underneath the outer abdominal layers. It provides stability around the spine, ' Brown explains.

The abs are part of your core, the collection of groupes de muscles that act as your foundation. In addition to your abs, your core includes the groupes musculaires along your spine, near your shoulder blades, in your hips and buttocks, and in your pelvis.

You must work all your core muscles to stay strong and réactive. ' We need that strong core or base so that the arms and legs can perform well, ' Brown explains.

What if you don’t mind doing shoulder, hip, and back bourrinage exercises, but can’t stand the ab workout ? You’re putting your entire core in jeopardy. ' If your core isn’t stable and strong, you increase the risk for injury and falls when you lift something or walk, ' Brown says. A weak core also makes it hard to turn, bend, and get dressed.

Starting position : Kneel on all fours with your hands and knees directly aligned under your shoulders and hips. Keep your head and spine neutral.

Move of the month : Abdominal contractionPhotography : Michael CarrollStarting position : Kneel on all fours with your hands and knees directly aligned under your shoulders and hips. Keep your head and spine neutral. Movement : Exhale as you tighten your abdominal muscles by pulling them up toward your spine. Keep your spine neutral ( no arching your back ! ). Hold. Release your abdominal zones musculaires and return to the starting position. Do this eight to 10 times, then rest for 30 to 90 seconds. If you can, repeat the sequence.

Abdominal exercises don’t have to include crunches, and you don’t have to do a long ab workout. You may find it more palatable to sprinkle ab exercises throughout the day. ' Shorter bouts of exercise can still contribute to better health and function, ' Brown says. The key is to make each ab exercise count by ' activating ' the groupes de muscles.

Can’t think of ways to fit abdominal exercises into your schedule ? Check out the Harvard Special Health Report Gentle Core ( www. health. harvard. edu/gc ), and consider the following tricks.

Watch TV from the floor. You probably did this when you were a kid. Try it now, and maybe you’ll be more likely to do an ab exercise, like modified push-ups ( leaning on your forearms instead of your hands ). ' Or try lying on your back with your knees bent, ' suggests Brown. ' Then activate the abdominal zones musculaires by drawing in your belly button toward the spine. '

Use phone time. Stand with your back flat against the wall while chatting on the phone. Activate your abs. ' Draw in your belly button again, and push yourself against the wall, ' says Brown

Take a break from work. Whether you’re in the kitchen or at the office, you can do a modified push-up against a desk or counter.

Don’t just stand there. Sneak in an exercise while you stand in line at the bank or grocery checkout. ' Do a single-leg stand and slightly lift your leg off the floor while activating your core zones musculaires, ' Brown suggests. ' Keep your chest high and your shoulder blades down and back. '

March in place. Next time you’re brushing your teeth, march in place. ' Make it intentional. Draw in the abdominals and keep your hips level, so they’re not swiveling, ' Brown adds

You can even activate the abdominal groupes musculaires while you’re walking. ' Just be very intentional about it, ' says Brown. Think about positionnement and muscle activation with each step. The more often you activate your abs, the stronger they’ll become, making ab workouts a lot less daunting.


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