The Top 5 Takeaways From Interviewing Glennon Doyle
Activate your JavaScript to view the content Glennon Doyle is a role model for so many women. She is bold, confident and shameless herself. The first book I read was Warrior of love. She shares her struggle against bulimia, alcoholism and the discovery of her husband's infidelities. Then i read Wild, the bestseller you've probably […]

Glennon Doyle is a role model for so many women. She is bold, confident and shameless herself.

The first book I read was Warrior of love. She shares her struggle against bulimia, alcoholism and the discovery of her husband's infidelities. Then i read Wild, the bestseller you've probably heard of. Then to come full circle (and because I just needed more Glennon) I read Carry on, warrior.

Via Instagram, I reached out to her and offered to fly to Naples, Florida to interview her for The confidential skinny him and her Podcast. We booked the trip and it was totally worth the interview in person. It's one of my FAVORITE EPISODES, so much so that I listened to my own podcast. Definitely not to hear the sound of my own voice, but to soak up more Glennon.

There are so many takeaways in this episode but I wanted to share my top 5 with you. After reading this article, you'll want to go listen, and you'll love it. I promise.

Not only is Glennon Doyle a bestselling author, but she is an activist and thought leader who has raised over $ 25 million for women, children and families in crisis.

With that, let's move on to Glennon's words of wisdom.

The Skinny Confidential Podcast Glennon Doyle

Top 5 takeaways from Glennon Doyle's interview:

♡ We are conditioned to internalized misogyny.

The more powerful, happy and successful a man becomes, the more people love and trust him. The more powerful, happy and successful a woman becomes, the less people love and trust her.

Glennon began to notice people telling her at lectures that they had trouble identifying with her when she stopped talking about addiction, bulimia and her struggles. When she focused on Wild, being in a happy and successful marriage, people openly told her that they could not relate to her.

Society is conditioned to want a woman to be uncertain, humble and calm. When a woman comes out of these characteristics, it makes us uncomfortable. When we see these traits in a man, it also makes us uncomfortable because we are conditioned to think that a man should be a "man."

Glennon even talks about how she falls into this subconscious, reflex reaction.

♡ Social media is a great way to watch and change your thoughts.

It is so much easier to reject or spit hate on social media than in real life. Glennon says social media can be a great tool for watching your thoughts. I think this is such a great tip to help change our thought process, especially when it comes to a woman you "just don't like, but don't know why." Because no?

Have you ever seen a super hot girl, or super confident woman and before you can even think about it you notice that you don't like her but you don't know why ??? “There's just something about her. It's our internalized misogyny - the "gut" reaction Glennon talks about. But the best thing about it is that we can change it.

So the next time you scroll down your feed and think of a thought like this, STOP, ask yourself WHY ??? Why is it bothering or bothering me that this woman is great in her nails / hair / body / bikini / outfit so wanted to take a pic and share it?

♡ Our lives are in constant response mode.

This is one of my favorite parts because you might have heard me say before that it is so important (for me) to make room to create. If I spent my whole day responding to emails and messages, I would be constantly working on other people's to-do lists.

Personally, I am so connected to this. This is the first time in history that people can contact other people all the time. Glennon describes what it looks like so perfectly in the podcast. Anytime, no matter what you're doing, someone can basically text you, call you, email you, text you, and ask you something. And just like that, someone gave you an IOU.

We all need to think more about what WE want to do and create these days. Sometimes you have to disappoint others so as not to disappoint yourself, which we cover a lot more in the episode.


The ability to listen is so important, especially right now in 2020. As a former schoolteacher, Glennon says she can't think of a human characteristic more important than listening.

People don't want to be fixed, they don't want advice, they don't want people reporting to them, they just need a witness. It is difficult to bite your tongue and listen.

Our opportunity to actually listen to someone comes EVERY TIME someone speaks to us. Stop waiting for your turn to speak, be comfortable with pauses and silence, stop planning what to say when the other person stops speaking. Allow that to happen.

♡ Social constructions become cages.

These constructions can be so many things: sex, religion, sexuality, politics, nationality, etc. An example of this would be a little boy playing on the playground at school starts to cry, then the others start to attack because he takes out his "cage".

Most people who identify with these social constructs sacrifice a lot to protect themselves from other members of their group. It is essentially about letting go so as not to let go of your sense of belonging, be it in your family, your religion, your group of friends - you get it.

♡ If you imagine more for yourself, then maybe you are meant for more.

We have a life and it's so short. Glennon explains what her relationship was like with her husband after cheating, but this advice doesn't just apply to relationships. It could be your job, your community, whatever.

If you have a desire or need for more from any aspect of your life, that's okay. This does not mean that you are ungrateful (which women are especially conditioned to feel if this is the case). But you don't get what you want or need without SHARING it. You have to talk and say whatever you want, otherwise how does your spouse or employer know?

Often times we are so afraid of the answer, and it will be the “catalyst of the end” (as Glennon puts it), that we don't speak up to live the life we ​​want.

The Skinny Confidential Podcast Glennon Doyle

Make sure to follow @glennondoyle on Instagram. She and his wife Abby Wambach (Olympic medalist) are really the cutest. Make sure to listen until the end as Glennon has some awesome book recs, which I already read and love.

Have you read Glennon's books?

x, lauryn

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