bitchy | Jessica Mulroney went on antidepressants after being racist to Sasha Exeter
I don't have the energy to recap everything that has happened with Jessica Mulroney this year. I went back and read my cover of racist jessica shit against Sasha Exeter, and it drove me really mad once again. Key Features: Jessica is a total Karen, she launched the Exeter BLM's calls to action on her […]

Jessica Mulroney looks stylish in New York

I don't have the energy to recap everything that has happened with Jessica Mulroney this year. I went back and read my cover of racist jessica shit against Sasha Exeter, and it drove me really mad once again. Key Features: Jessica is a total Karen, she launched the Exeter BLM's calls to action on her white woman tears, Jessica threatened Sasha's livelihood, then when Sasha called her, Jessica threatened to sue her, then Jessica mourned the white woman. tears and tells Sasha that they both have a responsibility to make things better. Jessica lost all of her jobs and spent months cooking and make a list of enemies and try to make weak attempts at return, which all fell flat. Basically, Jessica Mulroney has everything mismanaged from the start from a public relations perspective, and she's spent months reinforcing the idea in the public mind that she's a helpless, racist, and privileged kid who refuses to really own her mistakes and really apologize for anything.

Either way, Page Six had some coverage on the Mulroneyes and there was new information, including a new interview they did with the National Post. These are probably the friendliest articles I've read on Jessica this year, but even then ... well, just read these highlights:

Jessica remained suicidal: Breaking his silence on the situation, Mulroney told The Post, “I still feel a lot of shame. I have the feeling that people believe the worst in me. Friends have revealed that Mulroney, who works with stars such as Mindy Kaling, was put on heavy antidepressants. “Jessica has always been very open about anxiety since she was 12,” a source close to Mulroney said. "But the anxiety turned into severe depression and thoughts of suicide."

Her mother had to come and take care of her: The source said: 'Jess couldn't speak without crying. She didn't feel like herself on the meds and she didn't want to talk to anyone. She could barely respond to a text. Her husband, Ben, who quit his job as a TV presenter, told a friend, 'I would wake up and Jess would not be in bed, and my mind would be for the worse.

The story of Jessica's attack on Sasha Exeter: Jessica told the Post that she spoke privately to Exeter for two weeks before the latter posted her video. “Sasha wrote to me directly and said 'shaking your head' and I said 'Why are you shaking your head?' Mulroney recalled. "She accused me of ignoring what was going on in the world [by posting non-BLM content]. Mulroney said she told Exeter she was contractually obligated to post for the "I Do, Redo" season finale. “It's not like I've never talked about racism before, especially when it comes to Meghan,” she added.

Jessica was so upset that her actions and words had consequences: Days later, Exeter posted her video and all hell broke loose. Every company Mulroney worked with abandoned her - without launching an investigation, she told the Post. “I found it hard to accept that a network like CTV [and] the companies I have worked with for many years - and the journalists, some of whom were my friends - spoke with incredible authority about what they believed had happened without even contacting me. I think that's what hurts the most.

Jessica's Super Power: As Mulroney's life crumbled, her husband's on-air co-worker, Elaine Lui, accused her of using Markle as her "superpower." Mulroney disagrees. “CTV would ask me to go on shows and talk about Meghan; I refused, ”she told the Post. “I don't call it a superpower. I call it protecting my friend. Sources confirm Mulroney has made contracts that she will not talk about Markle.

If Meghan is still close to Jessica: A source in Markle's social crowd told The Post that prior to the Exeter incident, friends had become "concerned" about Mulroney's easy-going social media image. The source added that "Markle and Mulroney's friendship isn't what it once was, but it's not because of [Exeter]. They have just separated. Of course, Meghan was worried about Jess. She will always have love for her.

Jessica on Meghan: When asked if Markle had been in contact, Mulroney replied, "She's constantly facetimes and watching me."

Jessica is reducing her medication: Now Mulroney is cutting back on medication, friends said, and is focusing on charity work. “I know I have a lovely life,” Mulroney said. “I have to learn from all of this - but I'm not a racist. I just want to try to move on. "

[From Page Six]

Phew. A Few Little Things - Jessica is so stupidly shy about what Lainey has said about her “superpower” being Meghan. Jessica absolutely used her friendship with Meghan to her advantage, but of course Jessica had in her contracts that she didn't want to talk about Meghan. Jessica does not have to have flattering - she had already rumored for years that she was Meghan's stylist and best friend. And Jessica ALWAYS uses Meghan's name as a sort of deflection shield in this interview! Even when the sources are like 'Meghan and Jessica are no longer best friends', Jessica still uses Meghan and their friendship.

As for the “suicidal thoughts” and the antidepressants… on that, I'm sorry for Jessica. It must be horrible to be in the middle of this kind of great international history and to feel your career and your social circle falling off a cliff. But… it all happened because Jessica was a racist for a black influencer. It happened because of Jessica's words and actions. And she is again trying to convince us that she is the victim, not Sasha.

Meghan's best friend Markle Jessica Mulroney arrives at Polo Bar for dinner in New York

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