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Christmas is approaching and it's time to think about what your little elves will be wearing on the big day. If you are looking for children's Christmas outfits, you have come to the right place. We have selected party dresses and tops for girls and super stylish outfit ideas for boys. Used Christmas clothes are […]

Christmas is approaching and it's time to think about what your little elves will be wearing on the big day. If you are looking for children's Christmas outfits, you have come to the right place. We have selected party dresses and tops for girls and super stylish outfit ideas for boys. Used Christmas clothes are all about dark reds, greens and navy, with a little extra sparkle!

Baby and toddler

Romper Marit Red Rio, AlexandAlexa

Branded vest Baby grow up, AlexandAlexa

Alpaca blazer, Cashmirino

Daphne dress, Mini Fashion

Victor Stripes Jacket, Blue almonds

Piccolino Navy Boots, Blue almonds

Woven dress sparkly skirt, Selfridges

Baby dress and cardigan set, Children's lounge

Newborn leather boots, AlexandAlexa

Navy Hanibal Shorts, AlexandAlexa

Chasuble with small flowers, He Gufo

Suede Creeping Shoes, Cashmirino

Baby girl teal outfit, Children's lounge

Cable knit sweater, John Lewis

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Cashmere V-Neck Shrug, Cashmirino

Sparkling ballet flats, Cashmirino

Woolen sweater, AlexandAlexa

Silk smocked dress, Cashmirino

Flannel dress, AlexandAlexa

Jennifer Black Sweater, Face of angels

Blue and tartan balloon dress, He Gufo

Rosetta dress, Mini Fashion

Velvet flat shoes, He Gufo

Milan Stitch Red Dress, He Gufo

Black and gold blouse, Children's lounge

Faux fur jacket, The White Co.

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Cotton jeans, Cashmirino

Classic collar shirt, Cashmirino

Wool shorts with straps, Cashmirino

Patent leather derby shoes, AlexandAlexa

Preppy pants, John Lewis

Suede boat shoes, Cashmirino

Jerry Red Check Shirt, AlexandAlexa

Navy leather loafers, Children's lounge

Velvet skinny pants, AlexandAlexa

Argyle knit sweater, John Lewis

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If you thought that being pregnant was a one way ticket to frumpsville - think again ! It’s time to embrace those extra curves and rock'n'roll your bump. This is your opportunity to get creative with your clothes, and to create a look that will take you right through to the birth of your little one.

You may not remember the last time you saw your feet, but trust us, right now you look amazing, and it’s time to show the world !

Your changing body shape gives you free reign to try out a whole range of types that you would never have considered BP ( before pregnancy ). Of course, it’s important to balance feeling comfortable with looking totally awesome, but by getting the basics right you’ll be rocking your own pregnancy style before you know it.

In recent years many more retailers have started stocking maternity ranges, so you can still shop your favourite brands such as H

The great thing about dressing your bump is that you don’t have to spend a fortune, a few key pieces will provide the foundation of your pregnancy look, and you can then build it up from there.

A comfortable pair of maternity jeans - there are some great ones on the market right now, choose from types that go under your bump, or ones that go over it – these may make you feel like Simon Cowell, but you’ll be super comfortable, and no one else will know ! Darker coloured pantalons are great for both daytime, and for evenings out.

Maternity vest tops – these are worth grabbing in a few colours as you’re sure to wear them again and again throughout your pregnancy. As they keep your bump covered, they’re perfect for layering with favourite non-maternity items such as blazers and open shirts.

Put together an effortless weekend look by combining your maternity pantalons with a black vest top, and then accessorise, accessorise, accessorise ! Add pops of colour with accessories such as circle scarves and chunky necklaces to pull your look together. Pair this with a blazer and pumps if you fancy looking a bit smarter, or stay casual with an open shirt over the top and your favourite trainers.

If you’ve always run scared of stripes, now’s the time to embrace them, they’ll look amazing on your bump. This is the time to show off your bump, and a tight, striped top or dress will do just that.

So that’s your causal wardrobe sorted, but how about work ? If you’re starting to panic on a Monday morning as you try on every item in your wardrobe to find something to wear that not only fits, but is also suitable for work, we can help.

Pencil skirts are your new BFF, well at least for pregnancy anyway. These beauties will keep you covered up, vanter your bump, and you’ll look amazing wearing it. Simplify getting ready for work even more by opting for a pencil dress, that way you don’t even need to worry about matching it with a top – sorted !

Wearing wrap dresses, and jumper dresses is also a great way to combine looking smart at work, but staying comfortable.

Planning a night out, but have no clue what to wear ? If in doubt, keep it simple. In the photo above Giovanna Fletcher is off to meet Prince Charles, and looks amazing in a black dress and black pumps. As stunning as her outfit is we’re pretty sure it must be very comfortable too, and if that’s good enough to wear to meet royalty, it’s definitely acceptable to wear on a night out with our friends.

Of course, one of the most important parts of your pregnancy wardrobe is an item that won’t be on display, that’s right it’s the humble maternity bra. The importance of this essential bit of coffret is not to be underestimated, especially as it’s not just your bump that will be growing bigger !

A well fitted, comfortable maternity bra will keep you supported, without digging into you. During pregnancy underwired bras are not recommended, so having the right support is even more important. Don’t forget to get measured regularly, as your bra size is likely to increase a few times during your pregnancy. Whatever your maternity style, the main thing to consider is how you feel in what you’re wearing, if it makes you feel good, and it’s comfortable then go for it.


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