Client of the Month: Roy
Turning 51 was a big wake-up call for Roy. He was overweight, unfit and his health suffered. Doctors warned him that his cholesterol levels were also worrying. Roy knew he needed a big change to make a difference, and that when it came to his health, it was now or never. When a friend recommended […]

Turning 51 was a big wake-up call for Roy.

He was overweight, unfit and his health suffered. Doctors warned him that his cholesterol levels were also worrying.

Roy knew he needed a big change to make a difference, and that when it came to his health, it was now or never.

When a friend recommended Ultimate Performance, Roy knew that putting his health in the hands of the experts was his fastest way to get healthy.

What Roy has achieved in 18 short weeks with UP is simply amazing.

He has lost 25kg, dropped 30cm from his waistline and he's been the fittest in years.

His friends and family can't believe it either. They say he's half the man he was - and standing next to a cardboard cutout of his old self, you can see why.

“It has been absolutely fantastic. I think it was the best part of my life.

“People tell me I look 10 years younger. I took 10 years of my life and stepped back.

"I can fit into all my old clothes."

Going back 10 years wasn't even something Roy thought possible.

He just wanted to lose weight and a few inches from his waist.



“I turned 51 this year and said 'I'm not in good shape'. I could feel it for the past two years.

“I said, 'I have to do something - one, feel good; second, to stay healthy and improve my confidence.

“I wanted a transformation and an experience that would not only change my appearance, but challenge me to take it to the next level. I knew I couldn't have done it on my own, I needed a real professional and a company that stood out from the pack.

This is exactly what Roy got when he started his transformation journey at UP.

Roy with his life-size cutout of himself before his transformation, highlighting the incredible change.

When he started, Roy honestly didn't believe he could do it.

He saw the results on the wall and was skeptical of the possibility of making it.

But his trainer, Owen, helped him believe it was possible and put together a tailored training and nutrition plan to make it happen.

It only remained for Roy to execute the plan and give it 100% every time he was in the gym.


“Even though I was not sure of the results, my trainer's training methods, dedication, rigorous diet control, frequent reviews and honest and sincere discussions made me believe I could do it. .

“Owen pushed me to train hard and, more importantly, guided me through a diet program that helped me achieve incredible results and exceeded my expectations.

Roy still can't believe the results he got in 18 weeks.


“My weight was down 25 kg and my height was 11 inches. I have exceeded all the goals set and have confidence in life. "

But maybe that is the impact that getting in shape has had on life outside of the gym.

It's simple things that have made a big difference.

Have the strength and flexibility to tie up shoes or put a golf ball on a tee without having to kneel down, and be able to move heavy boxes with ease during a recent move.



“I am much more flexible. My stomach is gone and I look a lot better.

“I am able to play better golf - the swing is much better.

“I can move and breathe easily. I sleep well and my energy level has increased.

Roy is also in much better health - and his blood tests have proven it.


“One big difference that I have made in my life is my blood results.

“I have always had high cholesterol. It was between 225 and 240.

“But recently when I went for a checkup my blood cholesterol went down to 190 so I'm in the normal range.

Roy with his trainer, feeling like a new man.

“My blood sugar has also gone down. I am very happy with it. "

Roy says working with UP has completely changed his life.

If “life begins at 50” as the saying goes, Roy is back in his prime.

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