Life with a Newborn–> Andrew’s 14 Insights of a Newborn Life
MORNING!! Today's post is from Andrew and I hope you like it! me too posted yesterday (not posted Sunday in a while!) also in case you want to catch up. —————————————————————————————— Happy Monday everyone !! One of the only reasons I know what day it is right now is because it says it at the […]

MORNING!! Today's post is from Andrew and I hope you like it! me too posted yesterday (not posted Sunday in a while!) also in case you want to catch up.


Happy Monday everyone !! One of the only reasons I know what day it is right now is because it says it at the top of my computer screen. Janae requested that I let you know what my experience of having a new baby was like in our lifetime, so I thought there was no better way than to write a list for all of you.

Here are 14 glimpses into the life of the newborn !!

1- I would have liked to do arm measurements before and after Beck. I think I hold it 90% of the time in my left arm and I'm starting to think it's bigger than my right.

IMG 3622

2 - No matter how prepared you THINK you are, you are not. Just roll with the punches and plan a few sporadic targeted runs and not come home unless you have the right thing….

3 - Choosing a name is a very stressful situation. You have to get two people to agree on the baby's name for the rest of his life, the family has to approve or not and / or you change the name two days before his arrival. So beyond Beck's name, it suits him well.

4- Sometimes, it is important to run errands in little adventures to get the other little ones out of the house to give mom and baby time to rest.

IMG 3610

5- This is my designated chair Beck and Dad. This is where the magic happens. What magic you say ... When I hold him like that, he actually sleeps without trying to find, and cries disapprovingly when he can't find a food source on my body.

IMG 3685

6- This one is very related to n ° 5, with all the time spent between dad and son in the magic chair, I need to indoctrinate him with the most important things in life. #harrypottermoviemarathonsforlife

IMG 3435

7- Sneak into workouts when you can, even if it's time to put the kids to sleep. It's bedtime, but everyone's happier being in a cold garage and watching dad workout than being in bed having to sleep.

IMG 3664

8 - It was supposed to be a photo of all of us shopping together. I only had 3 of the 4 kids, but found myself trying to keep everyone alive at Costco more important than thinking about the picture and sure enough I forgot two important things on the list that I wrote. Yes - I actually wrote my list by hand and forgot again. Does anyone still make the paper shopping list ??

IMG 3667

9- Covid has definitely put a damper on the number of people who can visit, so FaceTime has been a lifeline. But it's also been nice that people call first to speak to Skye / Brooke / Knox to let them know that they miss them first and that they are not left behind with all the new changes. Cover Note - I need to find a giant unicorn for Skye's birthday now… please let me know where to get one.

10- When the two-year-old asks for calm, you know that there have been noisy changes in the house. Skye reminds us every day that we all need to take a break and have some quiet time.

11- The subject of our texts has become 98% Beck and children. Yes, my battery level represents my energy level at the moment.

12- We really need a bigger bed… I think I'm leaning on the bedside table.

13- I can't imagine being pregnant, especially in the 9th month of everything. The closest thing I can relate to is Thanksgiving night after my 5th X 100 dinner. We all survived by giving mom space and comfort - no touch hahah. Now that the baby is out, I was reminded that I can hold my wife's hand again.

14- Joking aside, I'm so happy to add another little guy to our family. I am delighted to have Beck in our life. I'm already anticipating the problems we're all going to have with all the crazy things we're going to do.

Thank you for letting me wander a bit !! Hope you all have a fantastic day. Stay safe and do something for yourself and someone else today !!!


Would you like to add information about adding a new member to the family?

What's the funniest thing you've done because you didn't get enough sleep?

-I pretend I fell asleep while walking. It was when I was in high school: I got up early to train, I went to school, I trained football, I worked 6 hours, I did my homework and I stayed late with my cousin and the last thing I remember was walking to my room. My dad found me lying in the hallway asleep in the middle of the night and told me to go to bed. I don't know if it's possible but it seemed to me that I had done it.

What have you done or are doing today for someone else?

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