MarcyFitness BlogWhat is a Stack Home Gym? How is Each Model Different?
We recently wrote a blog very similar to this one: What is a Smith machine and how is each model different? It was an incredibly popular blog because it answers many important basic questions. Accordingly, we would like to continue to give the public what they want with this blog. Too long, don't you want […]

We recently wrote a blog very similar to this one: What is a Smith machine and how is each model different? It was an incredibly popular blog because it answers many important basic questions. Accordingly, we would like to continue to give the public what they want with this blog.

Too long, don't you want to read? Scroll to the bottom of the blog for a feature comparison table

You've probably seen battery-powered gyms in club gyms, but never bothered to DIY them. Like Smith machines, gyms can be a bit intimidating and confusing. These units are fairly straightforward; Stack gyms are multi-station home gyms that have resistance coming from their weight stack and pulley system.

Stack gyms vary widely by brand or style. As a result, we will mainly focus on Marcy Stack home gyms which are all similar but have their interesting differences.

As for the similarities, they are numerous. The most frequently asked question for Marcy Stack Home Gyms is: can I add more weight to the stack? Unfortunately, we haven't created a home gym that you can add weight to yet. Marcy currently offers 150lb home gyms and 200lb home gym starting January 2020. While that may change in the future, there are currently no plans to change the maximum weights.

Stack-Machine-Leg Developer

All Marcy Stack home gyms have a similar layout where the seat can only be vertical. The stack system connects to the lower pulley to allow a wide variety of exercises. In use with the leg developer, the lower pulley allows for leg extensions. In use with the ankle strap / grip / or bar (depending on which model you get), you can do a variety of leg curls, bicep curls, etc.

Additionally, the lower pulley can be used with a bar (included with most models) and the footrest for seating rows.

The top pulley can be used with the side bar for various side pull versions. Use the top pulley with handle (included with some models) for cable cross type exercises and more. Finally, buy a triceps rope separately for the pull down triceps.

The final similarity between all models would be the double action butterfly / press arm. Easily change the angle of the arms to complement chest presses with the press arms. You can also change the angle again to complete the butterfly presses.


Before the differences, we have to answer the most frequently asked question among those of - What is the difference between MWM-990 and MWM-988. The answer may not be satisfactory, but it is finally here on the Internet. The only difference between the MWM-988 and the MWM-990 is the appearance. Otherwise, the models are virtually the same.

Phew, happy to say it's finally settled! Othwesie, the MWM-990 and the MWM-988 have all of the features described above. Now the other two stack home gyms: MWM-4965 and MKM-81010.

The MWM-4965 is very similar to the MWM-990 and MWM-988, except for one key feature: the center pulley. The center pulley can be used for a wide variety of exercises while using the handle. However, the main purpose of the center pulley is to use the ab attachment.

The MWM-4965 Stack home Gym includes an abdominal attachment (it's a kind of pair of handles that rest on your shoulders.) The abdominal attachment connects to the center pulley; full sit crunches with the abdominal attachment to easily add weight to your crunches.


The MKM-81010 is a monster of a home gym that includes a 200 lb stack. Besides the bigger battery, the other key difference is the amount of space you have available when you sit on this device. Due to the extra space and the ability of the press arms to move far back, you can sit on this device upside down (with your chest facing the stack) and do seated rows!

The most important reason to own a Marcy stack home gym besides effectiveness is the type of exercises you can do at home. Once considered accessible only with a gym membership, battery-powered gyms bring home side draws, lower pulley drives, top pulley drives, and butterfly presses.

And we like to let go of the fun fact that Bruce Lee owned a Marcy multi-station home gym. Although it is different from the home gyms we manufacture today, it has adopted the same concept. The Marcy Gym that Bruce Lee owned was compact and efficient so he could take out strict weight training and focus on the rest of his workout.

No matter what type of gym equipment you need, Marcy has what will work best for you!

Marcy Stack Home Gym Comparison Table

Going to the gym is a great habit. But when life gets in the way, sometimes you just can’t make it there. That’s why it’s important to have a home fitness room. A must-have for anyone serious about staying fit, a home gym lets you get your workout in without ever needing to leave the house.



According to the states Department of Health and Human Services, every week, adults should get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise, or 1 hour and 15 minutes a week of vigorous exercise—or a blend of the two. The HHS also recommends that you spread your workouts throughout the week and include muscle-building workouts at least twice a week.

Sticking to an exercise routine is easier said than done. But with a home fitness room, you can get the workouts you need all from the convenience of your own home. Using private equipment, you get to avoid the traffic that comes with the gym commute, skip the lines for workout equipment, and exercise on your own time. With your home gym, if you exercise any time you have 30 minutes to kill, you’ll get your 2. 5 hours in before the weekend with time to spare.


Bad weather is one of the most common reasons that people break their workout routines. Although it might seem like an excuse, oftentimes it’s a legitimate safety concern. There are almost 6 million car crashes annually, and 21 percent are weather-related. About 70 percent of weather-related car incidents happen on wet pavement, and another 18 percent occur during snow and sleet storms. Every year, almost 5, 000 people die in these crashes.

When you have a home sport room, you don’t need to worry about the commute to the gym and can exercise from the comfort and safety of your own home. Having a home gym doesn’t just help you stay fit; it can also save your life.


We know that exercise helps to relieve stress and anxiety. But what if going to the gym makes you feel so nervous and intimidated that you don’t get the exercise you need ? You can end up in a vicious cycle of anxiety because you’re worried about people judging you. If this sounds like your experience, you’re not alone. Almost 65 percent of women and 36 percent of men avoid going to the gym because they’re afraid of what other people might think. People mostly fear judgment about their weight, but there are many other reported fears, such as :

Using equipment incorrectlyDoing exercises wrongWearing the “wrong” clothesNot looking or being athletic enoughLooking awkward while exercising

But when exercising in your home gym, you won’t have to worry about any of these things. You can wear whatever you please, huff and puff as loud as you want, and watch the dorkiest Netflix shows while you work out and no one will judge you … except maybe your family.


Speaking of your family, when was the last time they worked out ? All members of your household – kids, teens, adults, retraités – need an age-appropriate amount of exercise. We’ve already talked about exercise for the average adult, but what about exercise for younger or older family members ?

The World Health Organization says that young people ages 5 to 17 should engage in at least 60 minutes of physical activity at moderate to vigorous intensity. The majority of their workouts should be aerobic, with bone-loading and muscle-strengthening exercises added several times per week. Ideally, older adults should get the same amount of exercise as their younger counterparts. Folks who aren’t able to reach those minimums—150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 60 minutes of high-intensity exercise – should progressively do as much as they can. Even older adults with limited mobility should be active at least three days per week to prevent falls.

As difficult as it is to get yourself to the gym, it’s even harder to get your kids or older relatives there. With a home fitness room, you can be sure that the people under your care are exercising as much as they should.


At the gym, your workout is limited by the gym owner’s equipment. Maybe that equipment works for you, but maybe it doesn’t.

Luckily, you can design your home fitness room any way you want. Do you want a rower ? Get one. Do you like a particular kind of treadmill or brand of elliptical ? Done. Do you have a spouse or friend you would like to work out with ? Get two of something. When the gym is in your home, you get to decide what goes in the space.

The possibilities are endless ! But don’t feel intimidated by your alternatives. If you aren’t sure how to start building your home sport room, there are professional sport consultants who can look at your home space, listen to your workout needs, and help you design a personalized home gym. And, the best part ? Home consultations are free at G

Ready to Get Started ? At G


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