Mask Up: The Best Face Masks for Kids
Most of us around the world are heading into some sort of eighth month of the coronavirus pandemic and one thing is pretty clear. Face masks are not going anywhere, especially face masks for children. Many of us have children in school who have to wear masks to attend. And, as the number of coronaviruses […]

The best masks for children

Most of us around the world are heading into some sort of eighth month of the coronavirus pandemic and one thing is pretty clear. Face masks are not going anywhere, especially face masks for children.

Many of us have children in school who have to wear masks to attend. And, as the number of coronaviruses continues to rise, it has become evident that we will carry them for a long time, if not every sick season in the future. Even if your kids come home from school, be it homeschool or virtual school, they usually need to wear a face mask when entering a store or public building.

The idea of ​​face masks has actually become so “normal” for many of us that we don't even think twice about grabbing them to go shopping anymore. For children, there are several types of face masks available to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible for them.

Different types of masks for children

There are several different options when it comes to children's face masks.

  1. Cotton face mask- This is the most traditional and widely available type of face mask. Major retailers now carry them in store with some of your child's favorite characters, which helps them stay motivated to wear it. They are also usually a bit smaller in order to better fit a child's face. Some children's masks have adjustable ear straps, making them more easily fit for small children like toddlers or young school-aged children.
  2. Face screens Face shields are transparent plastic shields that are worn like a headband that goes over your child's face. For many schools and businesses, a face shield alone is not enough and a cotton face mask or buff must be worn at the same time.
  3. Buff / Gaiter- A buff is a traditional accessory for those who live in extremely cold and extremely hot climates. They are traditionally worn around the neck and face, up to the eyes, to protect against the cold and the sun. They have, however, become more popular in recent months as face masks.

The best masks for children

Cotton masks

Cotton masks with your child's favorite characters seem to be fan favorites. These have adjustable earrings to make them easier and more comfortable throughout the day.

Kids love these superheroes as well as these unicorn and mermaid.

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Face screens

If your child really doesn't like traditional cotton masks on their face, a face shield is a good option. However, many schools do not accept a face shield for attendance, and children are often required to wear a traditional mask or buff with it.

We love these disposable face shields for kids because they come in many different characters which makes them fun to wear. Face shields will cover and protect your child's eyes a bit better, and without an additional mask, they are a great way for you to see your child's face when worn.

Buffs / Gaiters

Buffs, or neck warmers, are a great way to keep your child's face covered from their nose all the way up their neck. Many kids prefer buffs or neck warmers because they don't have anything curly around their ears. They are sometimes looser and more comfortable, and often made with a more breathable material. They don't get that hot either.

They come in a variety of colors so your child can have one that matches their daily outfit or personality.

How to keep a face mask clean

There is a saying that goes: "Treat your face mask like your underwear: change it every day, wash it after each use and don't share it with anyone."

It's a saying to remember for children. Face masks will retain a lot of its germs, especially after breathing all day. It is imperative that we wash them every day and / or use a new one every day to be sure that they are clean when they come into contact with our face and do not continue to harbor germs and harmful viruses.

Wash your face mask daily in hot, soapy water. If you have a face shield, you can either throw it away if it's disposable, or wash it in warm soapy water as well.

Another important thing to keep in mind with a face mask is that it can cause rashes on your skin. Direct contact with a dirty mask can irritate your skin, causing dirt and bacteria to seep into your pores. Wash your child's face regularly to avoid what is called "maskne". Using a clean face mask will also help.

Giving back in the wake of a global pandemic

Although face masks are readily available to those of us in industrialized countries, it is important to remember that not all countries have access to face masks.Dr Rajeev Fernando is an infectious disease specialist who gives back by giving masks to those in need around the world.

He has been recognized as one of the "Best American Doctors in New York" for the infectious disease specialty since 2014. He previously worked with Doctors Without Borders and runs a charity on behalf of his parents called CHIRAJ .

His #MaskUpEarth campaign has grown in popularity, and Dr. Fernando continues to provide safe masks for people who cannot afford them or are unavailable. So far, they have supplied face masks to 13 developed and underdeveloped countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, India, Lebanon, the 'England, France, Germany, New Zealand and Australia.

If you would like to donate to CHIRAJ to help them provide masks to more people around the world, you can visit their website at If you know of a community that needs masks, you can contact Dr Fernando and his team. here.

It looks like face masks won't go away for some time, so parents should consider giving their child a set of face masks that are comfortable, easy to wear, and easy to clean.

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