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If there is a design style that has stood its ground throughout the ages, it’s traditional design. And the main reason for its popularity is its two main features – comfort and sophistication. Traditional interiors can be as grand as you can possibly imagine! But at the same time, this style can also be elegant, […]

If there is a design style that has stood its ground throughout the ages, it’s traditional design. And the main reason for its popularity is its two main features – comfort and sophistication. Traditional interiors can be as grand as you can possibly imagine! But at the same time, this style can also be elegant, demure, and subtly sophisticated. But no matter if it’s grand or subtle, traditional decor is always comfortable! A well-decorated traditional living room design can easily make you the talk of the town.

Traditional design is not just about classically designed furniture and luxurious textures. There’s so much more to this décor style. The main features of any traditional décor is comfortable spaces and harmony and order in the design. Dark, warm tones and rich, luxurious fabrics are a trademark of this style. Traditional décor is also known for its heavy, ornate furnishings and attention to detail. Designing a living room in this style can give you elegant, warm, and cozy interiors. Here we have collected some of the most noteworthy and amazing traditional living room designs to inspire you.

1 Traditional Fireplace in Living Room

Traditional Fireplace in Living Room
Beautiful Stone Fireplace In Traditional Decor By The Chimney Doctors
A serene fireplace in the living room is one of the most luxurious comforts of life. And having one in a traditional setting is an added plus. Traditional decor is all about elegance and comfort. And this particular living room is the perfect example of both. From the polished wooden floors and plush area rug to the elegantly designed fireplace mantel and heavy traditional furnishings, everything in the room is a mix of luxury and comfort.

2 Blue Accents in Traditional Decor

Blue Accents in Traditional Decor
If you can have the simple elegance and grandeur of traditional design, why settle for anything less? This beautiful living room is as traditional as it can possibly get. The bay windows and lavish drapery, the heavy, ornate furnishings with a traditional look, and the stunning vintage chandelier bring an old-world charm to the room. However, the blue accents in the armchair, coffee table, pillows, and table lamps adds a distinctly modern and soothing feel to the décor.

3 Gothic Feel in Black Living Room

Gothic Feel In Black Living Room
Simply Elegant Dark Living Room Design In Formal Round Hill Compound By SB Long Interiors | Photo By Don Freeman
While traditional décor is mostly known for its grandeur, there is a type of traditional design that is much heavier yet simpler in its elegance. The gothic design is detailed, ornate, and yet more aloof in than the traditional design. Take this black living room for example, the intricate details in the architecture, the millwork, the arches, and even the nail head trim on the black armchairs is typical of gothic design. But the classic black and white theme of the living room also gives a mysterious and silent vibe that adds a touch of old-world elegance to the décor.

4 Coastal Touch in Traditional Design

Coastal Touch in Traditional Design
Traditional Decor With Coastal Colors  In Duvall Creek By Purple Cherry Interiors
Soothing blue tones and open airy layout makes this traditional room a coastal delight! Full length glass doors, millwork on walls, and heavy furniture are quite typical of the traditional style. However, the soft coastal green and blue in the upholstery and the sandy brown rug and accent tables give the living room a distinctly coastal vibe.

5 Traditional Living Room in Neutral Colors

Traditional Living Room In Neutral Colors
Timeless Open Concept Living Room Design In New West Classic By Clay Construction Inc
Traditionally, bright colors have always been a part of authentic traditional design. But with time, these color trends kept changing from neutrals and pastels to bright tones. Today, traditional designs mostly feature neutral or pastel tones with some bright colorful accents to add interest to the decor. This neutral living room with high ceilings, full-length glass windows, and ceiling trim is as modern as it is traditional. The wooden floors and fireplace mantel, the stone fireplace, and traditional furniture like the wooden coffee table give the room a rustic feel. But the neutral colors, modern chandelier, and play on patterns in the area rug and pillows gives the room a modern feel.

6 Glamorous Look in Traditional Design

Glamorous Look In Traditional Design
Classic Design In Formal Living Room In St. Charles By Nelson Wilson Interiors
Traditional decor is all about grandeur and comfort. So, it’s no surprise to see a traditional living room all decked out in flair. However, creating this look takes careful consideration and a keen sense of traditional charm. The rich silk curtains layered with sheer curtains that adorn the full-length windows make the room feel bright yet intimate. Plush furniture and cozy textures give the room a rich look. But it’s the ornate mirror, coffee table, and crystal chandelier that give the room a traditional look.

7 Stunning Views in Traditional Living Room

Stunning Views in Traditional Living Room
Stunning Views In Open Concept Living Room Design By SB Long Interiors | Photo By Don Freeman
If you think traditional décor is stuffy and drab, you’ll change your mind after seeing this beautiful living room. Fresh, bright, and open, this traditional living room has a very modern appeal. While the decor and furnishings are very much traditional, the full length glass windows that open the room up to stunning outside views are a very contemporary touch.

8 Warm Colors in Traditional Decor

Warm Colors in Traditional Decor
Warm and Welcoming Traditional Living Room Design By Witt Construction
This traditional living room design has a very southern feel. The sunny color scheme and the dark accents further add to the southern appeal of the room. High ceilings, traditional stone fireplace and mantel, wooden floors, ornate furniture, and plush area rug make this living room a traditional design. The yellow and brown color scheme also gives it an old-world charm.

9 Earthy Colors in Living Room

Earthy Colors in Living Room
Refined and Lovely Living Room Design By J Korsbon Designs | Photo By Karen Melvin
A living room so full of wooden elements is bound to have an old-world feel to it. But in this living room, it’s not just the wooden floors, shiplap ceilings, wooden millwork walls and fireplace mantel that give the room a vintage appeal. The traditional style furniture, ornate chandelier and wall sconces, and wrought iron fireplace covers also give the room a rich traditional look.

10 Gallery Wall in Living Room Decor

Gallery Wall In Living Room Decor
Classic Patterns in Traditional Living Room Design By JKA Design | Photo By Aaron Leitz
Nothing says traditional like a really old artwork in a vintage looking frame! This particular living room already has many features of a traditional decor. The light color scheme, millwork, ceiling and wall trim, hardwood floors, vintage table lamp, and traditional furniture are all part of traditional design. Even the various patterns in the restoration hardware area rug, ottoman, pillows, and chair upholstery bring a traditional feel to the decor. However, it’s the wall gallery with golden framed artwork pieces that gives the room a rich traditional look.

11 Natural Materials in Brown Living Room

Natural Materials In Brown Living Room
Rustic Touch In Traditional Living Room Design By Piper-Wind Architects
The use of natural materials like wood and stone in the floors, walls, and ceiling give this living room a rustic charm. Heavy traditional furniture just adds to the rustic appeal of the living room. Wooden tones in the decor highlight its rich traditional look. A tufted armchair, bookshelf in the living room and wall art further enhance the traditional feel.

12 Purple Accents in Traditional Design

Purple Accents in Traditional Design
Soft and Bright Living Room Design By Molly Ray Young | Photo By Rett Peek
A soft and bright traditional living room with gold and purple accents. The wooden floors, wall and ceiling trim and shuttered windows set the tone for a traditional design. And the traditional style furniture with nail head trim further enhances the traditional look. The lush purple curtains, golden framed wall art, and the stunning gold mirror also add a touch of glamour to the décor.

13 Classic Black and White Living Room

Classic Black and White Living Room
This living room is a standard traditional design with a classic black-and-white color scheme. Whether it is the hardwood floors, antique fireplace mantel, old style window design or rococo ceiling trim, this living room has all the features of a traditional design. Even the furniture, oriental area rug, and colorful printed pillows enhance the elegant traditional feel of the room.

14 Luxurious Traditional Living Room Design

Luxurious Traditional Living Room Design
Grand and Sumptuous Living Room Design By Sophia Home Accents & Design
The grandeur of this traditional living room can easily transport you back to that golden era. Everything in this living room design is grand and luxurious. The traditional arched windows, wall trim, and fireplace mantel give the room a period look. The luxurious area rug, upholstery, and layered curtains further enhance the rich feel of the room. However, the grand chandelier, wall sconces, candelabras, and floor lamps add a sophisticated finishing touch to the rich design.

15 Neutral Colors in Traditional Decor

Neutral Colors in Traditional Decor
Elegant Formal Living Room Design By Custom Home Group | Photo By Angel Eye Photography
This living room design is a perfect balance of soft colors and dark accents. The high ceiling room is bright and airy. The soft wall colors give it a fresh look. But the dark accents in the mirror frame, chandelier, and wall art add a nice contrast to the bright colors. Plus, the neutral color scheme in the furniture also makes the area rug and wooden floors pop and add interest to the decor.

16 Elegant Blue Living Room Design

Elegant Blue Living Room Design
Sophisticated and Soothing Living Room Design By Chango & Co
The soothing blue tones give this traditional living room a soft, elegant look. The simple millwork on the walls and ceiling gives the room a traditional look. The rustic table, coffee table, and traditional style furniture add to the traditional feel of the room. But, the black framed art pieces and chandelier add a modern touch to the design.

17 Brown Accents in Living Room

Brown Accents in Living Room
Beautiful Elements and Sensational Hues By Carolina Design Associates | Photo By Don Freeman
It’s not just the vaulted ceiling and millwork that gives this elegant brown living room a traditional look. But also the stone fireplace and mantel, heavy ornate furniture, wall sconces, and vintage lamp chandelier give a traditional look to the décor. Plus, the silk curtains, cozy patterned area rug, and floral upholstery adds some interest to the brown tones of the décor.

18 White Living Room in Traditional Decor

White Living Room in Traditional Decor
Simply Exquisite Formal Living Room Design By Design West
High vaulted ceiling, pillars, and huge arches give the room a traditional Mediterranean feel. The all-white decor has brown accents that bring some contrast and pattern to the design. Marble floors, crystal chandelier, and ornate table lamps further enhance the glamorous and elegant look of the decor.

19 Masculine Touch in Simple Living Room

Masculine Touch in Simple Living Room
Charming Yet Moody Study and Living Room Design By Stone Standard
This room is a good example of the exquisite appeal of beautiful and dramatic dark living room designs. A simple living room with a wall gallery and bookshelf looks so much more elegant and classic with the right use of lighting and colors. Dark mahogany walls contrast nicely with the white ceiling and furniture. Gold rimmed photo frames and wall art bring some glamour to the decor.

20 Soft Colors in Traditional Decor

Soft Colors in Traditional Decor
Light and Bright Living Room In Traditional Style By The Design Atelier | Photo By Emily Followill
This light and bright living room design is a good example if modern traditional decor. Despite being traditional style, the room has a very modern appeal. Vaulted ceiling, inbuilt shelving, marble fireplace and traditional ornate mantel give the room a traditional look. Even the wrought-iron chandelier has a vintage appeal. However, the bright and soft color scheme, modern style furniture, and wall painting add a very modern touch to the decor.

21 Grand Design in Traditional Room

Grand Design in Traditional Room
The grandeur of this living room need no description! From the elaborate arches, bare brick ceiling, and tiled floors to the vintage furniture and plush upholstery, everything in this room speaks of sophistication and luxury. Even the antique chandelier, ornate wall candle-holder, and large planter further enhance the grandeur of the decor.

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