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Make this year's holiday season the most cozy ever with these comfort additions - whether it's a gift for yourself or your loved ones. The 2020 holiday season is meant to be a bit different, without the usual trips and big family reunions. But since we mainly stay at home with our loved ones, it […]

Make this year's holiday season the most cozy ever with these comfort additions - whether it's a gift for yourself or your loved ones.

The 2020 holiday season is meant to be a bit different, without the usual trips and big family reunions. But since we mainly stay at home with our loved ones, it is even more important really comfortable. Especially when it comes to quality sleep.

Find out what Sleep Number® influencers are expecting for the 2020 holidays:

ComfortFit ™ Ultimate pillow

Who in your family always complains of a stiff neck or another bad night's sleep? With its unique blend of memory foam pieces and premium down alternative fibers, the ComfortFit ™ Ultimate Pillow provides soft, conforming support to help even the most cranky sleeper relax.

@thefarmhousepages says: "It is adjustable according to your needs, you can remove the inserts so that it is exactly what is right for you!"

Silk pillowcase and eye mask Sleeping mask and silk pillowcase in a box.

The people in your life who crave restful sleep and true luxury (who doesn't?) Will love the Sleep Number® Silk Eye Mask and Pillowcase Set. Sleek and soft pillowcase helps keep hair tangle free and allows skin to retain moisture. The matching sleep mask protects the delicate eye area, while blocking light.

"Let me tell you how much better I sleep," @thefarmhousepages says of the silk sleep mask and silk pillowcases. "It helps me sleep much cooler at night, which is what I need right now to be so far into my pregnancy."

Essential sleep set Essential oils in tin can.

Your friend who has everything surely doesn't have that: a trio of products made from essential oils to help with quality zzz. For bedtime, use the sleepy rollerball, then a flax spray to relax you through the night, complemented by a refreshing spray mist in the morning. Here is! The ultimate set of Sleep Essentials.

@almeidakezia says, “Thank you my God for this holiday season. Fully plan to snuggle up and relax this weekend! [And this bed is calling my name, along with a good book, comfy beddings, and my new holiday candle] ALSO, I love and enjoy my new set of pillows, sheets, weighted blanket and sleep essentials from @sleepnumber! these are really great boosters to help me sleep better at night and make great holiday gifts too!…[An eye mask and a sound machine can go a long way]. "

Ultimate faux fur throw

Cover with ornaments nearby.

Surprise your loved one with this soft and comfortable Ultimate faux fur throw. The super-plush giant pile creates inviting warmth - perfect for snuggling or hibernating until spring.

Home is more than a look… it should be a feeling… a place to flourish… If I'm honest, in the early years of raising babies while starting a business, I sacrificed a thing was sleep. #ad As you know, over the last few months I have struggled with different health issues (uh, recurring strep throat and thyroid issues, I'm talking about you) and now have made it my priority to sleep more from a good night's sleep boosts immunity. I set up a bedtime reminder on my phone to be prompted to go to bed earlier than usual. And I find I have a lot more patience with my kids, which is good considering we are spending every waking moment with these virtual school days 🤪 I added some pillows and this cozy throw from @ sleepnumber and just wanted to remind you how important it is to take care of yourself by getting enough sleep this holiday season! # SmarterSleep🌲❤ xo, Cynthia

Woman sitting on bed with eye mask and blanket nearby.

True Temp ™ Weighted Blanket

Are you feeling a little more nervous than usual? Try a weighted blanket. Studies have shown that applying deep tactile pressure can help reduce stress and promote relaxation. This temperature-balancing True Temp ™ weighted blanket continuously adapts to help keep you comfortable. Because we could all use a good hug right now!

Looks like influencers are finding the silver lining in #stayinghome, especially when it comes to luxurious sleep. Why not make the most of it by making this the most comfortable holiday season ever and saying yes to #smartersleep.

Just like diet and exercise, quality sleep has a profound impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being. Because no two people sleep the same, Sleep Number 360® smart beds, featuring SleepIQ® technology, detect your movements and automatically adjust firmness, comfort and support to keep you to sleep comfortably and to offer you a sleep of proven quality. Find your Sleep Number® setting for your best night's sleep, and if you have a Sleep Number® bed, connect to your InnerCircle Rewards℠ account to see your exclusive offers, refer friends and more.


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