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My last blog post on compositions was The Arnolds, and wow how many lives have passed since then. Many moments that made me grow, think and determine the kind of athlete I aspire to be, and also a person. I'm still not quite emotionally ready to write everything about the last few months, but more […]

My last blog post on compositions was The Arnolds, and wow how many lives have passed since then. Many moments that made me grow, think and determine the kind of athlete I aspire to be, and also a person. I'm still not quite emotionally ready to write everything about the last few months, but more to share about this preparation. It was a success on stage, and I managed with the support of those around me not to give up.

So we come back to that. The countdown begins. 5 1/2 weeks, however another team member posted today 40 days. It seems closer. After a “mini” bulking phase (I don't know how long I could have really endured God help me in a “normal” bulking phase. I ate so many sweet potatoes that I was afraid my skin begins to resemble that of an oompa loompa.


It was the "off season" to build, and better what we have already achieved. I have to remember that I am only one year competing with the IFBB. Whatever the outcome, I've made progress, that's for sure. It should be understood, however, that there is no "off" during the offseason. Nothing goes out. I actually train harder and eat more. Determined to keep my mass clean, I continue to follow Andy's nutrition 100% by allowing myself to indulge myself on my cheat "window" on the weekends. Saw the man behind the body, Nathan, in QLD for a hammering session which seriously took me 5 days to recover. We have learned from this. 1. I can push harder and have more to give. 2. I have to work out with people who will push me to my best in the gym, and 3. Don't expect a half-leg session with Mr. Page, if you are over 38, I highly recommend Voltaren on tap.


So he started enlisting a few buddies in the gym for help, chest workouts with my co-worker Brendan and I did two back workouts with the one and only Scotty Porter. Yes this beast doesn't just train in the absolute, it put me to the test and development in my back has to happen due to the most epic DOMS of my life behind my back.

And by my side throughout is my little athlete, who always watches every bite to make sure I don't succumb to temptation, and trains next to me at Republic to strengthen those arms for netball and its trials. throwing in track and field. Her nutrition has also changed since the increase in anti at her sporting events, she is now well educated in the right foods and has adopted a healthy lifestyle on her own, willingly choosing healthy options over dining. fast, even when offered take-out, she will ask that I cook her salmon!


The diet is back to being a green goal that I'm so happy about because I don't have the afternoon bloat. Let's face it, yes carbs are good, but the amount of carbs killed me, eating was harder for me than training. A week after shredding and I feel fabulous. The last prep, I was emotional, personal life and loss made me feel like it was the longest prep ever. Now my state of mind is in beast mode, literally ready and ready to positively complete this prep with a smile on my face because if you don't like it, what good is it. Do it with passion or don't do it at all, my philosophy goes hard or come home. I'm going hard on the greens, bring the beans …… bring the shred. The best part is, I never go hungry, those nutella and peanut butter cravings is something else. Having ripped the clothes I wore after the Arnolds, I know the size has changed to what we're going to stage in 5 weeks.


Daily conversations with those around me continue to bring me my most recent friendship with the man with many articulate words and passion for white pants and 80s rock, the Vance Anger. Someone as passionate about the sport as he is is like a breath of fresh air to my days which motivates me in more than just the gym but to write again and be passionate about my daily practice of training. He is interested in what he calls my "daily torture" knowing that I will give my all. He will drop the names of the bodybuilding world of those he interviewed and some of his favorite politicians, educating me but also inspiring me, AND asking me to do a quick Google search to figure out what he's talking about. so that I can make a comment. It's people like Vance who make keeping your circle of positive, like-minded people in the right frame of mind.

So a week after the shredding and the results are very noticeable, and this is the time when the excitement occurs. The weight drops, the size reappears, the lunar face is eliminated, the gains… .. are discovered. Just like sculpting from clay, diet and training will change my body composition on a daily basis. The DOMS that I enjoy every second of, every time I feel the "agh my back" feeling is the appreciation of my progress.


This next comp will be my first anniversary with the IFBB, marking a year I took the stage. I want my development to be always so noticeable and breathtaking to say the least. I have to remember… where we started (below the picture, my first IFBB Comp), where we are now, and that's what winning is, knowing you did your best, gave the best of yourself and learned. To walk positively on this stage knowing that I gave my all every day sacrificing a spoonful of nutella, and that I pushed myself every day in the gym, that's all I can ask of myself- even. This life has given me more than I could have imagined, and for that I am eternally grateful to have the opportunity to live this lifestyle and to pass on to my daughter the importance of setting goals, to work for them, to be healthy and positive. in your daily practice ... whether in your kitchen, your sport or just talking to a friend, when you approach things in a positive way, this is where your life changes.



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How to Get Started in Fitness Competitions – Women’s

Women are getting increasingly involved in fitness, but not just working out and lifting once a week in the gym. They are also sérieux hard to get ripped bodies and are competing in events that used to be the sole domain of men.

Are you ready to take your sport to the next level and try a competition ? Even if you are a trainer, getting ready for a sport competition will be harder and more involved than you can truly realize until you actually do it.

to give it your all, be prepared to put a lot of time into training and eating right, to spend a decent amount of money, and to get on stage and strut your stuff in an itty, bitty bikini.

Are You Really Ready to Try a Fitness Competition ?

Of course, with any kind of competition, there is planning, work, and a lot of other factors involved. But even compared to other kinds of athletic competitions, like races and triathlons, fitness competitions require a big commitment.

Fitness competitions aren’t really like any other kind of athletic event, and it’s to know what to expect if you haven’t seen one. Before you make the final leap and sign up for a competition in the upcoming months, actually go to a show. See what it’s all about first-hand, and then decide. In the meantime, here are some important things to consider :

The dark side of a sport competition includes obsessing over body appearance, disordered eating, and even drug use. And all of this leads back to détermination. If you don’t have a healthy motivating reason to do this, you run the risk of heading to the dark side :

Positive motivation – “I want to push myself to reach a new goal and have fun doing it. ”Negative détermination – “I’ll finally look lean and muscular and have my dream body forever. ”Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the body you craft for a fitness competition is one you’ll keep until the end of your days. It’s not healthy or realistic to be that ripped for too long. A positive, healthier motivation is the desire to simply to challenge yourself in a way that is healthy and rewarding but also realistic.

Do You Have the Time to Train for a Fitness Competition ? Ask anyone you know who does fitness competitions how much time they spend training. If you don’t know anyone personally, ask around the gym and you’ll quickly find someone. They will probably tell you it takes at least two hours a day, most days a week. Also factor in the time spent planning and preparing saine meals, buying outfits, practicing posing, and traveling to competitions.

Can You Finance it ? There are more costs associated with fitness competitions than you ever realized until you actually do it : Gym membership/coaching feesNutrition/posing/competition coaching feesRegistration fees for competitionsFood and supplementsTanning costsExpensive outfitsTravel expenses for out-of-area competitionsChild care costs for when you hit the gym or go to competitions

Are You Prepared to Be on Stage ? Finally, a big hurdle for many people is the actual competition. You will be putting on a tiny bikini or sport outfit—likely gluing it to your skin to hold it in place—rubbing down with vegetable oil, strapping on a pair of high heels, and walking and posing on stage in front of judges and an audience. Can you do it ? Of course you can, and don’t feel bad about being nervous because everyone is afraid of this part, even seasoned pros.

Know the Competition Types – and Choose OneNow that you have a better sense of everything involved in going through with this, it’s time to choose. Will you enter a bikini competition, try for fitness or figure, or really go for broke and try your hand at physique or bodybuilding competitions ?

BikiniIf time is likely to be an provenant, or if you just don’t want to get the completely ripped body of a figure or physique competitor, a bikini competition is for you. This is a good way to get your feet wet in sport competitions. Training is less intense for this category, but still requires time, dedication, and commitment. The body you’ll work toward for bikini is a little softer and more hourglass, but is still lean, fit, and muscular.

Fitness Modelling A sport modeling competition can include a variety of degrees of physique and muscularity, but is typically most similar to a bikini competition with a focus is on modeling. You’ll wear multiple cute outfits and strike some poses beyond those typical for fitness competitions. In addition to being fit, you have to be charming and willing to act a little.

FigureFigure sport competitions take it up a notch in terms of bourrinage. Your body in a figure contest will be harder, leaner, and less hourglass than in a bikini event. Competitors have more of the classic triangular bodybuilding shape with broad, muscular shoulders and narrow waist, and increased definition between muscles.

PhysiqueFor a physique competition you will need to ramp it up further and get even leaner and more muscular. The idea is to have a balance between a feminine shape and real, serious bourrinage. There should be a lot of definition between zones musculaires during this competition.


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