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I have the chebe fermented rice water for hair growth we featured in June and have used it twice so far. I spray it on and let sit for 30 minutes before washing my hair in the morning. It smells super minty, which fades after washing it. I love the feel of my hair afterwards, […]

I have the chebe fermented rice water for hair growth we featured in June and have used it twice so far. I spray it on and let sit for 30 minutes before washing my hair in the morning. It smells super minty, which fades after washing it. I love the feel of my hair afterwards, as if it is softer and stronger. I'll have to see if this helps stop my hair loss. Here are other things I look at on Amazon. Not all are on sale, just for the record!

Oh and here are some Black Friday deals!
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the Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus The pressure cooker is on sale for $ 50 off at only $ 69.95
Up to 34% off IRobot robotic vacuum cleaners and mops
30% reduction Brita Premium Filtered Water Bottles and pitchers of water everyday
Save up to 46% on Cuisinart Cast Iron Cookware Set
ThermoPro TP03 digital Instant read meat thermometer is on sale for under $ 12
24 Organic and natural bath bombs, the # 1 bath bomb bestseller, for only $ 21.50
A set of 14 reusable silicone lids for 50% off

Roombas are again under $ 200!
The iRobot Roomba 675 is on sale for over $ 100 off, or $ 179! This Roomba has over 21,000 ratings, 4.5 stars and a B on Fakespot. It sucks up hardwood and carpets. People say it works great at an affordable price and is great for picking up pet hair. “We have 3 cats and he picks up all the cat hair. We all have wood and tile floors with some scatter rugs. It perfectly cleans all surfaces. “This little machine is very powerful and saves me a lot of time. I have such a floor space and didn't want to spend all day sweeping. It really does the job. »If you are looking for a high-end model, the renewed Roomba 980 model (it is refurbished) is on sale at $ 130 off, which makes it $ 299. The i3 + which has its own dirt removal system is also on sale at $ 200 off, which makes it $ 399.

A lipstick advent calendar would make a great gift
This NYX Lipstick Advent Calendar features both mini lipsticks, glosses, and lip oils and would make a great gift for yourself or a friend. It includes 12 products numbered 1 to 12 and comes in festive packaging. This has 4.6 stars, over 34,000 reviews (although some are for individual lipsticks) and the same score on ReviewMeta. Reviewers write "I've been obsessed with this lip gloss for 3 years now, it's a staple in my purse," say "It's so buttery and pretty" and call it "My new lip gloss." favorite lips! "

A gorgeous gold trombone necklace and bracelet that looks expensive
This gold link necklace comes in several different styles, one in a set with a matching bracelet and all under $ 16. It would make a lovely gift or an accent piece for yourself. He has 236 reviews, 4.7 stars and a perfect rating on ReviewMeta. Women say it's trendy and expensive, but it's not. “I love this necklace and this bracelet. It's fun and stylish. It definitely looks and feels a lot more expensive than it is. "The necklace is elegant and long enough to adjust as desired." A reviewer recommends a gold initial necklace with him and I found this one, which also has 4.7 stars and a perfect score on ReviewMeta.

A kid breaking geodes for budding scientists
This National Geographic Geode Breaking Kit would make a great gift for a young scientist. You can get 2 geodes for $ 10, 4 for $ 20, or 10 for $ 24.14. Geodes are real and natural and vary in size from a ping pong ball to a tennis ball. Many have beautiful crystals inside. This comes with a geode learning guide, glasses and a magnifying glass, you provide the hammer. This has over 11,500 reviews and 4.5 stars on ReviewMeta. Parents say they are educational and fun to learn. They write "This pack contained huge geodes which looked amazingly beautiful when the kids smashed them." “I would suggest this kit to anyone who has a budding scientist or just loves rocks and gems. They are quite interesting and you get what you pay for in this little kit. Some reviewers say you have to use a chisel and others say that because geodes are natural and you never know what you will get, they can be disappointing for kids.

100% rose water for toning, misting and aromatherapy
Leven Rose 100% Pure Organic Rose Water is just $ 14 for four ounces. He has 6,800 reviews, 4.6 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. People say it works to hydrate and tone and cleanses the skin while making it look dewy. It can also be used as a fixing spray. “So far I've used it as a moisturizer, fixer, toner, subtle fragrance in my hair, and pillow spray all in a short period of time. It's so versatile, and I'm sure I'll find even more ways to use it. "This rose water makes my face smooth, even and matte. Looks like I'm wearing makeup when I don't have it.

Exfoliating pads for acne treatment for clearer skin
These Neutralyze acne treatment pads have over 2300 ratings, 4.5 stars and the same score on ReviewMeta. They are formulated with 2% medical grade salicylic acid and 1% mandelic acid. People say they really work on getting rid of acne fast and call them a “game changer”. The writing “I started using the pads in March and in just 3 months my skin is so much better. I am very grateful to have found this product and cannot recommend it highly enough. "In just 2 weeks, this product cleared my skin" and "With just one use, my face is overall much clearer than it was yesterday."

A gift box of 12 hand creams to offer together or separately
This Body and Earth hand cream gift set has 12 different scents and varieties. It comes in a reusable box. You can give them as a whole set or divide them into small gifts. They come in scents like cherry blossom, lavender, rose, and jasmine and have a cruelty-free formula that includes shea butter, natural glycerin, and vitamin E. They have 264 ratings and 4.5 stars on ReviewMeta. Women say the formula is hydrating without being greasy and the scents are so pleasant. They write "All the different scents are delicious and the lotions are not greasy", "The scents are charming, feminine and subtle" and "The box was beautiful and perfect to give as a lotion or as individual lotions."

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Everyone—adults, teens, and even children, experiences stress. Stress is a reaction to a situation where a person feels threatened or anxious. Stress can be positive ( e. g. preparing for a wedding ) or negative ( e. g. dealing with a natural disaster ). Learning healthy ways to cope and getting the right care and support can help reduce stressful feelings and symptoms.

After a traumatic event, people may have strong and lingering reactions. These events may include personal or environmental disasters, or threats with an assault. The symptoms may be physical or emotional. Common reactions to a stressful event can include : disbelief, shock, and numbnessfeeling sad, frustrated, and helplessdifficulty concentrating and making decisionsheadaches, back pains, and stomach problemssmoking or use of alcohol or drugs

Healthy Ways to Cope with StressFeeling emotional and nervous or having trouble sleeping and eating can all be normal reactions to stress. Here are some healthy ways you can deal with stress : Take care of yourself. Eat healthy, well-balanced mealsExercise on a regular basisGet plenty of sleepGive yourself a break if you feel stressed outTalk to others. Share your problems and how you are feeling and coping with a mère, friend, counselor, doctor, or pastor. Avoid drugs and alcohol. These may seem to help, but they can create additional problems and increase the stress you are already feeling. Take a break. If news events are causing your stress, take a break from listening or watching the news. Recognize when you need more help. If problems continue or you are thinking about suicide, talk to a psychologist, social worker, or professional counselor.

Helping Youth Cope with StressChildren and ados often struggle with how to cope with stress. Youth can be particularly overwhelmed when their stress is connected to a traumatic event—like a natural disaster, family loss, school shootings, or community violence. Parents and educators can take steps to provide stability and support that help young people feel better.

Are you solo and looking for love ? Are you finding it hard to meet the right person ? When you’re having dysfonctionnement finding a love connection, it’s all too easy to become discouraged or buy into the destructive myths out there about dating and relationships.

Life as a single person offers many rewards, such as being free to pursue your own hobbies and interests, learning how to enjoy your own company, and appreciating the quiet moments of solitude. However, if you’re ready to share your life with someone and want to build a lasting, worthwhile relationship, life as a single person can also seem frustrating

For many of us, our emotional baggage can make finding the right romantic partner a difficult journey. Perhaps you grew up in a household where there was no role model of a solid, saine relationship and you doubt that such a thing even exists. Or maybe your dating history consists only of brief flings and you don’t know how to make a relationship last. You could be attracted to the wrong type of person or keep making the same bad choices over and over, due to an unresolved provenant from your past. Or maybe you’re not putting yourself in the best environments to meet the right person, or that when you do, you don’t feel confident enough.

Never be ashamed of who you are. Never. Likability starts with liking yourself. Be your weird, imperfect self. Set your values and stay true to yourself. Be proud of your individuality. People often hide themselves because they are afraid of rejection. But they forget that they don’t need acceptance from everyone. All you need to find are the right people who embrace who you are. And when you aren’t afraid to show yourself, it’s easier to find such people.

Get over your nature, personality, shyness, ignorance, ego or whatever and initiate. When you initiate, you show you’re bulletproof of rejection, which shows your confidence. When you want to practice your social skills, act before you can think. Say something within 5 seconds. Even if the conversation becomes a big failure, practice your courage and your spirit of action. Become an initiator and approach people. You never know where your future friends are hiding.

Many people spend an entire day without smiling. While I’m not asking you to put a fake smile all the time, you must find reasons to smile every day. You will only find reasons when you look for them. And meeting a person is a good one. A smile gives a good impression, and it is likely to pass to the other person.

It’s common advice to show interest in people’s life, passions, goals, and everything else they have to say. But nobody tells you how to become genuinely interested in the other person. There are three secrets to it : Treat people like celebrities. Find what you can learn from them. Everyone has knowledge, experiences, and perspectives you don’t have. Find how you can help them.

When you meet people for the first time, you know nothing about them. So, it ends up being an awkward introduction or a small talk on a random topic. You can do better than that. Notice the words or actions of the other person and make assumptions about other people’s interests. Then, give clues when it’s your turn to talk. If the other person gives a response, you got it right. If however, the person shows no response, try the next technique on the list.

No, I’m not talking about questions like — “How are you doing ? ”, “How’s your day going ? ” or “The weather is too cold ( or hot ), isn’t it ? ”Instead, ask strange questions. They give other people an opportunity to open up. Strange questions can be funny, weird, creative, specific or different in any other way. Just make sure you ask open-ended questions ( don’t ask yes or no questions ).

Every time you open your mouth, it’s an opportunity for you to find common interests or values. Without common ground, it’s hard to build a strong relationship with the other person.

When you answer, give hints on what you value, what you like, what assumptions you have made, where you want the conversation to go, or open new possibilities by asking questions. If you don’t find common ground, go back to the 4th point and get interested in them.

Ask for people’s advice on something you’re struggling with or an opinion on a subject ( but avoid controversial topics ). And if you truly like someone’s advice, take it, use it and let them know how it went for you. Don’t forget to thank them. When they speak, figure out their beliefs, values and the way they think. They may even share their stories or give clues about their interests. This gives them a chance to open up which brings me to the next point.

If you open up too much in the beginning, you may push people away. And if you don’t open up at all, you won’t build a strong connection with the other person. Some people don’t mind opening up while others like to trust before they open up. If the other person is too shy to open up, take the lead and give some intimate details about you or share a story. Before opening up any further, let the other person talk. Give them space to share themselves. When you both become vulnerable, the foundation of a new relationship is laid.

People won’t open up in front of you unless they feel comfortable. to make them feel comfortable, get comfortable yourself and give them reasons to trust you. First, relax and get in an open body language. Then, provide trust by providing value and aligning your words with actions


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