Explore World Traditions From Home For The Holidays
As the world prepares for the upcoming holiday season, it is fascinating to see how other people from all over are celebrating their own holiday traditions and how they differ from ours. In light of our current restrictions on worldwide travel and the CDC's recommendations, which prevent us from experiencing them firsthand, the best thing […]

As the world prepares for the upcoming holiday season, it is fascinating to see how other people from all over are celebrating their own holiday traditions and how they differ from ours. In light of our current restrictions on worldwide travel and the CDC's recommendations, which prevent us from experiencing them firsthand, the best thing to do is NordicTrack powered by iFit®.

Travel to foreign cities, countryside and tropical destinations around the world from your home for the holidays. By using NordicTrack and iFit, you are investing in your physical health while expanding your horizons with knowing the world safely from home.

We take a look at 4 different countries and what their holiday traditions are. So get ready to venture out of your home virtually this holiday season to faraway places and take a closer look at the destinations that are now within your reach.

ICELAND: troll tours

The holiday tradition in Iceland involves 13 troll-like figures with different names and personalities leaving gifts in children's shoes for 13 days before Christmas. Giveaways range from candy and toys for the "good" children, while "naughty" children receive rotten potatoes that were previously boiled in a cauldron or worse.

For more Icelandic history, explore the Iceland Walk The World Series on iFit.

ARGENTINA: Feast of the Three Kings

Like the holiday tradition in Iceland where children have their shoes full of gifts, it is the holiday tradition in Argentina to leave children's shoes outside and leave hay and hay. water for the horses of the Magi. Additionally, paper balloons called globos will be launched into the sky to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

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BALKANS: in search of the lucky coin

The Balkans, and the country of Serbia in particular, there are many different traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, and one of them includes hunting for coins. Each family will have a baked loaf of bread with a lucky coin inside. The bread is divided among each member of the family, and whoever ends up with the lucky coin in their piece of bread is lucky for the year to come.

Discover more of the Balkans in the 10K Workout Series with Tommy Rivers Puzey on iFit.

SCOTLAND: Hogmanay

Hogmanay in Scotland is a big New Years party with massive parties until January 2nd. Having derived from the Winter Solstice and Samhain celebrations, an ancient Gaelic holiday similar to Halloween, Hogmanay begins with a huge torchlight procession on December 30, followed by fireworks and bagpipes.

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While this holiday season is a little different in terms of celebrating, you can still enjoy the vacation with travel, while staying fit, with NordicTrack and iFit at home. With so many different workout options and countries on iFit, you might even forget you're home. Have a good trip and have a good trip!

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Staying Fit During The Holidays – What You Need To Know


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It’s not only six-pack seekers who should be paying their abs plenty of attention when they visit the gym. Strong abs are an integral part of a rock-solid core, which should be one of the goals of any sport regime.

That’s because a strong core is the foundation upon which so many other things rest – whether that’s good posture that helps to prevent lower back pain developing from sitting at a desk all day, or the mobility and strength required to excel in sports and other activities ranging all the way from athletics to zumba.

Forming a mighty midriff will also help you perform better when doing all manner of other moves in the gym. Powerhouse lifts like barbell squats and deadlifts all demand a strong core, as do agility workouts and plyometric exercises.

So the list of benefits of adding abs exercises to your gym repertoire and strengthening your core is almost endless. And who’s going to complain if you also happen to sculpt a picture-perfect six-pack at the same time ?

tera help ensure you have an array of exercises suitable for your training experience to add to your abs workouts, Coach enlisted Fitness First personal se reproduire Luke Chamberlain and Carl Martin, personal training manager at Equinox, for a selection of their favourite moves for beginner, intermediate and advanced gym-goers, and we’ve added some of our favourites, too.

An all-time core classic. Hold a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles while supporting yourself on your forearms and toes.

“The plank is great for beginners and there is minimal movement so less chance of getting it wrong, ” says Chamberlain.

“It’s also easy to scale – start at 20-second holds and work up towards 60 seconds. Make sure you engage your core by tilting your pelvis back slightly to flatten your lower back – a curved lower back is to be avoided. ”

Lie down with your feet flat on the ground and knees bent. Place your hands on your thighs and slowly slide them up towards your knees as you sit up.

“This does not have to be a large movement, ” says Chamberlain. “Focus on closing the distance between your ribs and hips by lifting your shoulders off the floor while maintaining contact between the ground and your lower back.

“Moving the top half up puts more emphasis on your upper abs. Start with sets of five and work towards 15. ”

“Start in a straight arm press-up position with one knee up between your elbows and only the back foot on the floor, ” says Chamberlain. “Jump the back foot off the floor and swap it with the front foot.

“Focus on pulling your stomach groupes de muscles in throughout the movement to protect your spine and add more intensity. This is a great exercise for burning calories as well as developing your abs. Start with 30 seconds of mountain climbers and work towards 60 seconds. ”

The reverse crunch is even better than the standard crunch for strengthening your abs. The move keeps your groupes de muscles under tension for a longer period and hits the tricky-to-target lower abs particularly hard.

Lie down and raise your legs so your thighs are vertical and your knees are bent at a 90° angle. Contract your abs to bring your knees to your chest and raise your hips off the floor, then slowly lower your legs back to the start.


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