Has Everyone Forgotten About Rockstar Energy? What Happened?
by Matt Weik Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing categories and with so many brands it becomes difficult to keep up with them all - which can be exciting when you like to try new things. That said, you have the old-school energy drink brands like Red Bull and Rockstar and then the […]

by Matt Weik

Energy drinks are one of the fastest growing categories and with so many brands it becomes difficult to keep up with them all - which can be exciting when you like to try new things. That said, you have the old-school energy drink brands like Red Bull and Rockstar and then the new neighborhood kids are coming in force and stealing a good chunk of the market like Bang Energy and Reign. But what happened to Rockstar? Nobody talks about it anymore.

Rockstar Energy is still beating (but not so hard)

Rockstar Energy is always coming up with new products, it seems we haven't heard from them. I do not understand why. Unless you're on Instagram, you'll never know about their new launches. It could be because brands like Bang and Reign are pushing so hard with their marketing, or it could be that the marketing team at Rockstar Energy is sucking. Either way, no one seems to be paying much attention to Rockstar Energy - other than me I guess.

I'll be honest, Rockstar Energy is still one of my favorite energy drinks on the market. Why? Because at the price I can get, I'd be a fool not to take advantage of the savings.

Now I will be the first to say that I am a huge fan of Bang and Reign. In fact, I'll do my best to choose them when I feel like one of their unique flavors. That being said, I can get Rockstar Energy for $ 1 per can. Yes, you read that right. It's half the price of a Bang or Reign that I can find for around $ 2.

Every time my wife goes to the grocery store (Giant Foods), I make her look at the energy drinks and see if there are any good sales. It's not all the time, but quite frequently you can get Rockstar Energy on a 10 for $ 10 deal. As you can imagine, I ask him to clean up every sugar-free version they have on the shelves when they have such a deal. $ 1 per can is a steal when you compare the prices of other drinks on the market.

What's interesting is that Rockstar Energy has their Thermo Performance energy drink (comparable to Bang and Reign) with BCAAs, Co-Q10, B vitamins, green tea extract, and 300 mg of caffeine. They also have another very similar product with their XDurance drinks. Then they have their juice cans which are similar to Monster Juice drinks which contain caffeine. Rockstar Energy even mimicked the large 24-ounce cans that Monster threw in their energy drinks (same can). Heck, they even launched an organic energy drink that I didn't even know existed until I visited their website (not buying this drink though). Another of their drinks that I didn't know existed is their Boom Energy drinks.

Where is all the marketing for these new drinks, flavors and line extensions? I can't even tell you the last time I saw a Rockstar Energy ANYWHERE commercial. To this day, I still see Red Bull commercials on TV and in magazines. Where is Rockstar Energy? They are completely gone and I don't know what the reason is.

Others seem to take up their storage space

The competition is fierce these days and I have seen a very limited selection of Rockstar Energy drinks on the shelves. Rockstar Energy has more than a handful of different beverage categories, but you might only see two or three in retail stores (let alone in convenience stores due to the competition that exists to pay for a space. Fresher).

Unfortunately for Rockstar Energy, competitors over-market them (by a lot). While Rockstar Energy made their cans more eye-catching, I think it's too little too late. Again, don't get me wrong, I drink Rockstar thoroughly but the brand has lost a lot of its luster in the eyes of the consumer.

Bang Energy has truly entered the market with a wrecking ball and is blasting its way through any competitor that gets in their way. Rockstar Energy just doesn't seem to want to fight. Granted, Jack Owoc has been in a nasty legal battle with Coca-Cola for the longest time now. Jack goes after them for something, then they go after Jack for something - I don't know if and when this battle will ever end. Jack does seem to be kindling money with lawsuits that frankly no one thinks he'll ever win, but he's not afraid to take action and start rocking.

It's time to pivot

It's no secret that Rockstar Energy is at the heart of the extreme sports scene. However, so is Monster - and it's not a battle Rockstar is going to win. If you take a look at Rockstar's Instagram page, it's full of extreme sports images and videos. Interestingly, it looks like they can rotate slightly, which in my opinion is a great idea.

I saw on their Instagram page a video clip with computers and technology (robotics). I have found that this is a new line of products that they are going to launch called CyberPunk. Looks like this could be a game specific energy drink. The flavor advertised is Samurai Cola (I'm actually interested in trying this to see if it tastes like a cola). That said, for me, it's sugar free or sugar free.

The gaming market is taking off and brands are launching specific energy drinks that also help improve focus and focus through a clean energy source. I see it could be a good game for Rockstar Energy if they can market it to consumers and promote it. At this point, they have nothing to lose because it's out of sight and unfortunately everyone is promoting their brand and products. Rockstar Energy needs to do a much better job. Instagram shouldn't be their main marketing game.

I'm interested to see what next year looks like for Rockstar Energy. Will they step up or will they sit down? For now, I'm just going to sit here drinking my $ 1 Sugar Free Rockstar Energy drinks.

For many women, getting motivated to weight train is easier than ever; after all, there are a wide range of health- and physique-related reasons to pick up the iron. Unfortunately, as women, we just don’t have the level of anabolic hormones in our body that men do, so building force is, and probably always will be, more challenging. This does not mean, however, that it’s impossible ! It’s just going to take a strategic approach.

Here to share some of their best tried-and-true muscle-building tips are the fit beauties from NLA. Listen, learn, and grow !

The ' eat no more than absolutely necessary ' approach won’t suffice if you want to add bourrinage. In fact, figure pro and NLA-sponsored athlete Jessie Hilgenberg says eating enough is one of her top priorities, which is one reason why she leapt at the opportunity to show us what’s in her fridge.

' It’s all about eating to fuel your zones musculaires, ' she says. ' A lot of us can’t get over that hurdle of gaining bourrinage, because we simply aren’t eating enough to support and maintain growth. '

She likes using the IIFYM ( if it fits your macros ) approach, as it allows her to figure out the best formula that fits her body. ' It breaks it down into how much protein, carbs, and fat you should be eating for your activity level, ' Hilgenberg explains, ' and often, it’s more than you think ! '

There’s nothing wrong with full-body workouts. Many women are able to build appreciable force by training every major force group a few times a week, especially when they first start. But if your total-body approach isn’t taking or has plateaued, it might be time to try a body-part split.

This is what finally worked for NLA athlete and bikini competitor Theresa Miller, which is why she advises hitting each main muscle group alone for maximum intensity. ' It’s important to come up with a good weekly training schedule that best suits you and your body type and goals, ' she says. ' I like to devote specific days to focus on certain muscle groups such as shoulders, back, and legs. '

There are many ways you can organize your split. For example :

2-4 workouts a week : Push/pull ( squats and pressing motions one day, pulling motions the next ) 2-4 workouts a week : Upper body; lower body3 workouts a week : Legs; push; pull4 workouts a week : Chest and triceps; back and biceps; legs; shoulders and abs

Here’s the catch : These workouts should still be hard ! Embrace the challenge, and find out what #legday is all about. It could be just the thing to take your results to the next level.

When you increase kcal and protein, it can be tempting to up your cardio as well. After all, you don’t want to gain the wrong type of weight, right ? Jessie Hilgenberg says that mental trap might be just the thing that’s holding you back. ' You don’t need to spend hours doing cardio—especially when you’re looking to add bourrinage, ' she says.

It can help to think of it this way : Every calorie you burn on the treadmill is one that your body won’t use to build force. If you’re looking for a challenge to replace all that cardio, Hilgenberg advises hopping into the squat rack and pushing new limits rather than continuing to submit to your old ones.

For NLA athlete and bikini pro Amy Updike, results came when she started really adding weight to the bar. ' I try to lift the heaviest weight I can while still maintaining proper form and reaching the range of 8-12 reps per set, ' she explains. ' Heavier weight for me means the bourrinage has to grow in order to lift it. '

Don’t expect to get a lot stronger overnight, though. Slowly add weight to the bar, giving your body a chance to rise to the challenge. While you may not add weight to every lift in each workout you do, you should see a gradual upward trend. If it’s been six months and you are still using the same weights, consider this a clear sign that you need a change of approach.

When you’re doing endless reps with tiny light weights, you can get away with sloppy form. That changes once you commit to lifting heavier. Form needs to become a top priority !

' Don’t get sloppy, ' advises Miller. ' Always do slow, controlled movements when hitting each rep. This will help you feel the movement and the burn in the right places.

One great thing about that 8-12 rep range is that it is low enough to help you gain some strength, but high enough that you’ll feel that crucial mind-muscle connection—the feeling that helps you ensure you’re sérieux the right bourrinage fibers and getting the most from each exercise you do.


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