Hydroxycut Launches Cut Energy Drink… In Dollar General Locations?
by Matt Weik I remember the days when if you wanted to lose weight you would go to your local supplement store and buy a bottle of Hydroxycut - it was THE go-to weight loss supplement. At the time, it was under the MuscleTech label, but has since branched out and has apparently disappeared from […]

by Matt Weik

I remember the days when if you wanted to lose weight you would go to your local supplement store and buy a bottle of Hydroxycut - it was THE go-to weight loss supplement. At the time, it was under the MuscleTech label, but has since branched out and has apparently disappeared from the sports nutrition side of the industry and grown into a bigger market. While everyone has their own name, the name is no longer on the tip of anyone's tongue (at least not in our industry). Now they're launching what they call the Cut Energy Drink.

But hold my beer, this is where things get crazy. When you venture into your local supplement store, you will be hard pressed to find Hydroxycut products on their shelves. Why? Because they are now sold in all existing FDM and wholesale stores. They basically turned their noses to the specialty channel (the same way EAS did).

That's good, there are much better products on the market so I'm not sure anyone really misses them, but if you venture to the Hydroxycut website you'll notice that when you click "to come" "banner with Cut energy drink featured, which says" find us at Dollar General ". I'm lost here, so maybe we can discuss this for a bit.

What's the game here with the Cut energy drink?

I'm sure there's a good explanation for this (maybe I'll check out Josh Schall on this one), but why the Dollar General locations? From what I hear, the price of the energy drink will be comparable to almost any other energy drink at around $ 2 a can. Sure, they show that they will also be selling the Cut 4 and 12 Energy Drink, but the placement doesn't really make sense to me.

I can only speak for myself, but when I want an energy drink or need caffeine I will either go to a gas station, convenience store, or supplement store to grab a can of whatever. which is criticized. caffeine. The LAST place I think I would go for an energy drink would be Dollar General. I understand there are about 15,000 Dollar General locations in the United States, but what are their sales forecasts for Cut energy drink? I don't know a lot of people who would go out of their way to go to a Dollar General to buy this drink. Maybe their local grocery store, though, as they're normally there every week at the grocery store anyway.

Since the Cut Energy Drink will be priced the same as every other competitor, why wouldn't they just buy a Bang, Reign, C4, Raze energy drink, or any other energy drink? I guess the next thing to discuss would be the profile - which I'm not mad at ... that's decent.

Why not make this formula a specialty?

Ok i know the reason for this ... they told the retailers to pound sand, and none of them will accept the product but check this formula.

Although the formula contains the standard B vitamins, taurine (1000 mg) and caffeine (200 mg), it also contains 250 mg of N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, 200 mg of green coffee extract, watermelon juice , elderberry extract, 125 mg of patented product. AlphaSize®, 75 mg of Asian Ginseng extract, and finally, it also contains Huperzine-A.

The cut energy drink will come in three favors: pineapple orange mango, pomegranate watermelon, and berry lemonade. It all sounds delicious. And before each flavor is the word "Sparkling", which makes me believe that Cut energy drink will have some carbonation.

Each can will be zero calorie and zero sugar, which will appeal to just about any energy drink enthusiast. On the box they have some key captions such as "Burns Calories, Boosts Metabolism, Improves Focus and Energy." And of course, you can't have a Hydroxycut product without “Scientifically Researched” in marketing (it's playing out).

Nonetheless, in the fine print of their marketing, they state, “People using the key ingredient (C. canephora robusta) for 60 days lost an average of 10.95 pounds. with a low calorie diet and 3.7 pounds. in a separate 8-week study with a low-calorie diet and moderate exercise. In short-term studies, research shows that caffeine can temporarily help increase energy expenditure (calorie burning). Contains caffeine to boost metabolism, improve focus and increase energy. Based on AC Nielsen xAOC sales data for Hydroxycut capsules. "

The key to the above is where it says “Hydroxycut capsules”. Some of the findings have nothing to do with Cut Energy Drink and what was found through its actual use and application - but rather another of their products. The devil is in the details.

Overall though, I would give Cut Energy Drink a spin and see what happens. Cut Energy Drink seems to be more than just an energy drink, but rather doubles as a weight loss drink. The combination reminds me of the days of VPX Redline (dang, those things were delicious - I drank so much of it I'm surprised my heart is still beating).

Hydroxycut stays true to its roots with Cut Energy Drink and associates it with weight loss, but again I scratch my head that they are promoting it as being found at Dollar General (not even a mention of Walmart, which is odd).

All in all, if I find a Dollar General in my area, I'll stop by and see if they have any in stock to give them a good idea. Again, the flavors look delicious and the overall profile isn't bad.

Are you planning to try Cut Energy Drink? Let us know in the comments.


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