Top 10 Genealogy Affiliate Programs To Find Your Roots & Earn Money
Genealogy is the 2nd most popular hobby in the US. It is also called family history. Genealogy research allows you to find out more about your ancestors and your heritage. Genetic genealogy utilizes your DNA to discover the genetic relationship between your family members, your origins, and even learn more about your health and genetic […]

Genealogy is the 2nd most popular hobby in the US. It is also called family history. Genealogy research allows you to find out more about your ancestors and your heritage. Genetic genealogy utilizes your DNA to discover the genetic relationship between your family members, your origins, and even learn more about your health and genetic traits. Here are 10 genealogy affiliate programs:

multiple generations of one family representing genealogy affiliate programs

Genealogy Affiliate Programs

  1. Ancestry
  3. Genealogy Freelancers
  4. HomeDNA
  5. MyHeritage
  6. Fold3
  7. GenealogyBank
  8. 23andMe
  9. Family Tree Magazine
  10. OneGreatFamily



screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Ancestry

Ancestry is the largest collection of family history records online

Ancestry has helped 20 million people connect to discover a deeper family history and genealogy. Their online resources include 100 million family trees and 20 billion records to help you research your family and their stories. Members can build their family tree, connect with other users, or take a DNA test to uncover their origins.

Their affiliate program is powered by Partnerize. Ancestry is looking to partner with unique websites that focus on topics like family history, heritage travel, scrapbooking, and genetic genealogy or DNA. They provide their affiliates with a great selection of banner ads and text links to help drive traffic to their website.

Why Should You Promote Ancestry: Largest online family history resource, generous commission rates, bonus opportunities

Bonus incentives are available for top-performing affiliates.

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for is an online collection of historical newspapers from the US and around the world is the largest archive of historical newspapers. They offer access to over 466 million high-quality pages with millions of pages added every month. Users can easily search their collection to find notices of births, family events, marriages, deaths, and more.

They use Commission Junction to run their affiliate program. program benefits include state of the art affiliate tools, monthly payouts, and ongoing bonus offers. Affiliates have access to interesting, unique content and promotional offers to share with their viewers.

Why Should You Promote Great resource for family historians and genealogists, two commission tier levels, interesting marketing content

For total sales amounts of $1000+, affiliates earn an increased commission rate of 40%.

Genealogy Freelancers

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Genealogy Freelancers

Genealogy Freelancers makes it easy to connect with genealogy specialists from nearly every country

Genealogy Freelancers lets you post your family history project and compare offers from genealogy experts to find the best possible prices. Their network includes genealogist researchers and translators from almost every country to help discover your ancestral roots. Users can search for freelancers who specialize in archive research, Coat of Arms, people search, and more.

Their affiliate program is managed in-house. Genealogy Freelancers allows their affiliates to promote on their website, blog, Adwords, or any other way they think will work. All affiliates have to do is share their links or any content from their affiliate resource library.

Why Should You Promote Genealogy Freelancers: Network of genealogy specialists, flexible affiliate program, extremely high special offer commission rate

They are currently offering a special offer of an incredible 80% commission rate on all sales.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for HomeDNA

HomeDNA offers research-backed in-home genetic DNA testing

HomeDNA offers affordable, accurate DNA tests with a simple cheek swab in the comfort of your own home. They have DNA kits for ancestry, health, and even for your pets. Customers can pinpoint their ancestry to the town and city with their high-resolution DNA test.

They use FlexOffers to oversee their affiliate program. HomeDNA runs deals and promotions throughout the year and makes great gifts during the holidays. Their dedicated affiliate management team is available to help you set up and offer suggestions on how to best promote their products.

Why Should You Promote HomeDNA: Affordable at-home genetic DNA testing, frequent sales, and deals, competitive commission rates

Affiliates earn a generous $25 flat commission fee on sales of their GPS Origins Ancestry Test.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for MyHeritage

MyHeritage breaks down your ethnic origins from 42 ethnicities

MyHeritage is an industry leader in DNA testing and family history. They have helped millions of families create their family tree and discover their ethnic origins from 42 supports ethnicities. Their technology also automatically matches people to find new relatives based on their DNA.

They have partnered with Awin to oversee their affiliate program. MyHeritage provides their affiliates with all their top offers to help them convert more leads. Affiliates can access creatives, monitor their traffic, and see real-time statistics on their easy to use affiliate dashboard.

Why Should You Promote MyHeritage: DNA and family history leader, largest DNA database, lucrative industry

Affiliates earn 10% commissions on every DNA kit purchased through their link.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Fold3

Fold3 is the ultimate resource for military records to create an online memorial for those who served

Fold3 is a subscription service that provides access to military records to help users share and discover stories of the men and women who served. Users can share photos, personal documents, and stories. Their social network is perfect for genealogists, family historians, veterans, and their families to learn more about their ancestors and their military service.

Their affiliate program is hosted on Commission Junction. Fold3 gives their affiliates access to all the tools and resources needed to start promoting right away. Their collection of marketing materials includes banner ads, text links, page links, and free trial offers.

Why Should You Promote Fold3: Military records social network, long cookie life, increased commissions based on sales

Affiliates earn increased commissions of 40% with total sales of $1,200-1,800+.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for GenealogyBank

GenealogyBank is the most comprehensive newspaper archive to discover your ancestry

GenealogyBank offers a newspaper collection of millions of American families and billions of names from 1690 to today. You can find photographs, marriage notices, local news, government documents, obituaries, and more. They even have exclusive newspapers that can only be found on GenealogyBank to help in your genealogy search.

Their affiliate program is managed in-house. GenealogyBank lets their affiliates promote with text links, banner ads, and other creatives on their website, email, or search engine. They also run frequent exclusive affiliate promotions, sales, and content to help increase their sales volume.

Why Should You Promote GenealogyBank: Over 1 billion genealogy records, affiliate exclusive deals, sales volume incentives

Affiliates can increase commissions up to 30% based on their sales performance.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for 23andMe

23andMe has helped over 3 million people understand their health and ancestry with their DNA kits

23andMe was named after the 23 pairs of chromosomes in your DNA and was started to empower people to explore their genes. Their detailed DNA reports help people understand more about their health and ancestry. They are the only direct to consumer genetic service that meets FDA standards.

You can signup with FlexOffers for their affiliate program. 23andMe provides their affiliates with regularly updated marketing assets and comprehensive reporting tools. Their dedicated affiliate management team is on-hand to help you succeed.

Why Should You Promote 23andMe: Detailed DNA reports, access to the latest creatives, higher commissions available

Top-performing affiliates may be eligible to earn increased commission fees.

Family Tree Magazine

screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for Family Tree Magazine

Family Tree Magazine is a bimonthly genealogy magazine for those who want to discover their roots

Family Tree Magazine believes every birth should be celebrated and every milestone honored. Their bimonthly genealogy magazine helps people discover, celebrate, and preserve their roots. They provide how-to articles, historical facts, genealogy news, and family history resources.

Family Tree Magazine has created a library of banner ads, text links, buttons, content, and more affiliates can add to their website, blog, or social media pages. Their program allows affiliates to monetize their site and provide their viewers with a great genealogy resource.

Why Should You Promote Family Tree Magazine: Great genealogy resources, flexible affiliate program, lots of ways to earn commissions

Affiliates earn commissions on their collection of books, digital downloads, and genealogy products, and more.


screenshot of the affiliate sign up page for OneGreatFamily

OneGreatFamily makes it easy to create and collaborate with other users to watch their family trees grow

OneGreatFamily has created with most technically advanced online records management tool. Their patented online genealogy services allow users to combine their knowledge into one gigantic shared database. With their breakthrough technology, they are able to link all family trees together into the world's largest online family tree.

Affiliates can sign up for the OneGreatFamily affiliate program with Commission Junction. Affiliates have access to easy to use HTML codes they can copy and paste on their website to start generating traffic. Their in-house affiliate management team is dedicated to helping their affiliates get the most out of their program.

Why Should You Promote OneGreatFamily: Advanced online records management tools, connect with family and other users, extremely high commission rates

Affiliates can earn incredible commission rates of 25% up to 75% for monthly sales of 1 to 300+.

Affiliate Website Ideas

Now that you've learned about 10 great genealogy affiliate programs, it's time to pick a niche to focus on. You could target online family history records. Ancestry has the largest collection of online genealogy resources. Affiliates receive 20% commissions on Ancestry subscriptions and 10% on Ancestry DNA services.

Genealogy researchers is another great niche idea for people looking to find experts who can help them learn more about their family history and ancestry. Genealogy Freelancers helps people connect with the best genealogy experts from all around the world. They offer a generous 40% commission rate.WOW!!

Genetic genealogy has become a popular way to learn more about your ancestry and genetic traits with a simple, easy to use at-home DNA kit. Home DNA offers affordable, accurate DNA tests to learn more about your ancestry and health. Affiliates can earn commissions of $5-$25 or 10% based on the type of test purchased.

Boost Your Affiliate Earnings

These 10 affiliate programs are just the beginning of what's possible. There are hundreds of ways to earn affiliate commissions with your website, including product reviews, top 10 lists, how-to guides, and more.

But what about traffic and conversions? How do you make sure your affiliate links get clicked?

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