What’s the Future of Virtual Wine Tastings?
While the present is still dark in some areas (like South Africa), many wine regions have even opened their tasting rooms in a limited, socially remote setting capacity. It's been a definite relief for cash-strapped wineries and a welcome respite for wine lovers in need of a digital detox. (Provided they feel safe and welcome.)But […]

While the present is still dark in some areas (like South Africa), many wine regions have even opened their tasting rooms in a limited, socially remote setting capacity. It's been a definite relief for cash-strapped wineries and a welcome respite for wine lovers in need of a digital detox. (Provided they feel safe and welcome.)
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But make no mistake about it. There is still a lot of value and a healthy market for wine events online. People who got used to finding wine edutainment the comfort of their sofa does not melt in the heat of summer.

Since launch VirtualWineEvent.com in early May, I expected things to get quieter as the venue reopened. But if you are wondering why I am not writing so much, I can tell you that those expectations did not come true. The management of VWE turns into a full-time job with managing lists and advising wine companies on their events. (Although we are still committed to keeping this a free resource for the wine industry.)

Now I will say that the number of online wine events featured on the site each day has certainly declined from a high of 60-70+ per day in May / June to around 30-40 per day. (Although, to be frank, this climax was a bit too much.) However, our site traffic continues to roll. One of the main reasons, I guess, is that even though the number of events has gone down, the overall quality has gone up.

But the number is much lower because those wineries that run these lackluster events probably haven't seen much for their efforts. Maybe they had a little bump in the first few weeks, but probably saw the attendance and excitement wane soon. However, the wineries, wine merchants, educators and influencers who I got it- who determined how the game was to be played - are the ones we still see investing in and hosting quality online wine events.

Now, of course, there is no magic formula. However, there is certainly some common points that have emerged. The first of these was the initial approach. Like I said to Jess Landers SevenFiftyDaily in his article, How Wine Brands Can Successfully Use Virtual Tastings To Drive Consumer Sales, trying to virtually replicate the tasting room experience is a no-starter. Those who have tried have generally failed dramatically.

Wineries that viewed virtual tastings as nothing more than an income palliative always thought too small and too limited. Meanwhile, other wineries, like Ridge Vineyards and the many who have in partnership with 67 Pall Mall, approached these events as brand building opportunities instead of budding tasting room experiences. These are the people who nailed it from the start and will continue to see results.

Tomorrow I will talk about this and more as part of Outshinery's On the Spot - The Current State of the Wine Industry sign.

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You can register your place for the event here.

I encourage my readers to reserve a place and join us at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST. I will share many of the ideas I learned while managing VWE.

I'm not going to reveal them all here, but I'll leave you with that thought.

In a crowded market, you can't always rely on impulse to drive a sale. Think of a label or a loose stack that catches a consumer's attention. The sign indicating "Open tasting room" on the road. This interesting name and fair price on the wine list. All the things we relied on to encourage a wine lover to give you a chance.

As the COVID ruling has shown us, relying on impulse is tenuous. Instead, you have to drive intention. You need to give consumers a reason to look for your wines, to want to go to your tasting room, or to visit your website and social networks.

The ease and global reach of digital video is a powerful seed drill and driver of intent. The future of virtual wine events lies with the vineyards and wine companies who understand it.

And that future is now.

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