Braves Add Veteran Morton, 2021 World Series Odds Shift
The Braves made the first big splash of the offseason, landing veteran right-hander Charlie Morton for a one-year contract Morton joins a rotation that has so far been the focus of GM Alex Anthopoulos' offseason Move transforms value of Braves World Series futures as one of baseball's top contenders It could be, and so far, […]

Charlie Morton and Atlanta Braves logo with baseball field

  • The Braves made the first big splash of the offseason, landing veteran right-hander Charlie Morton for a one-year contract
  • Morton joins a rotation that has so far been the focus of GM Alex Anthopoulos' offseason
  • Move transforms value of Braves World Series futures as one of baseball's top contenders

It could be, and so far, a glacier-slow MLB offseason at this point, with Major League Baseball's financial landscape tightened given the shortened 60-game season and loss of league revenue. .

However, Tuesday marked the first major success of the offseason with a strong World Series contender bolstering both their chances and future value by adding a top-of-the-line arm to throw in a starting spin which has been a major focus. of the team at this point.

The Brave add Morton to a one-year contract

The Atlanta Braves made the MLB's first big offseason hit, adding veteran right-hander Charlie Morton on a one-year, $ 15 million contract, according to's Mark Feinsand.

Term and dollar value are identical to the 2021 option, Morton's former club Tampa Bay Rays declined early in the offseason. While Tampa Bay wanted to keep Morton on a cheaper contract, the Braves ultimately paid and won his services.

Morton, 37, spent the last two seasons with the Rays and worked at a 3.05 ERA / 2.81 FIP with a fWAR 6.1, a career high in 2019. His production plunged, along with his speed, into a 2020 season that also had shoulder problems. He averaged 4.47 ERA / 3.45 FIP in 2020 while seeing his average fastball speed increase from 95 mph in 2019 to 93.8 in 2020. He posted a career high of 96 , 6 in the 2018 season with the Houston Astros.

However, Morton would bounce back widely in the playoffs, allowing just one run in 15.2 innings in his first three playoff starts before being touched up by the Dodgers in Game 3 of the World Series. The return to form in the playoffs is what drew the Braves to Morton this offseason.

“We saw him come back to where he was in 2019,” Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos said. "In September and in the playoffs, his business was back where it was in 2019."

The move to Atlanta reunites Morton with the team that drafted him in the third round, 95th overall in the 2020 entry draft. Morton pitched 74.2 innings for the Braves in the 2008 season before spending the next seven seasons. with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In 13 seasons between the Braves, Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, Astros and Rays, Morton averaged 4.08 / 3.79 FIP in 258 starts (259 appearances), dropping from 93 to 89 in the process.

The move also keeps Morton close to his home in Florida, as was his biggest wish during the offseason, which had many predicted a return to Tampa with a cheaper offer than the Rays turned down.

Rotation of reinforcements which was the main objective

Last offseason, Anthopoulos focused early and often on his paddock, adding and retaining high-end arms that would go on to form one of baseball's best bullpens a season ago.

The focus remained on pitching this time around, albeit in a starting rotation that was decimated by both injury and underperformance in 2020.

The Braves lost ace Mike Soroka to a torn Achilles at the start of the season, while Cole Hamels - signed a one-year contract last winter - pitched all three innings due to problems with his arms and shoulder fatigue later.

Mike Foltynewicz saw a dramatic decrease in speed which led to disastrous results and a subsequent designation for an assignment, leaving the team to scramble to fill starts even in the shortened season.

The Braves began looking to bolster that rotation early in the offseason, signing southpaw Drew Smyly to a one-year, $ 11 million contract for the first time a week before adding Morton on Tuesday.

“We had an extremely short list of [starting pitchers] we would consider, basically two to three. And obviously we had two, ”Anthopoulos said. "These are the two guys that were at the top of our list, Charlie and Drew."

Smyly struggled between the Texas Rangers and the Phillies in 2019, but rebounded with an ERA of 3.42 / 2.01 FIP with a monster of 14.35 K / 9 in five starts, seven appearances and 26.1 innings with the San Francisco Giants in 2020.

With the pair of rotation additions, the Braves plan to roll out a rotation with Soroka, Max Fried, Morton, Ian Anderson and Smyly.

Fried had Cy Young-like results as the team's ace in 2020, while Anderson had a strong rookie season that saw him record an ERA of 1.95 / 2.54 FIP and an 11.41 K / 9 over six regular season starts before becoming a big ERA of 0.96. over four starts and 18.2 innings as the Braves walked through Game 7 of the NLCS, ultimately losing to eventual world champions Dodgers.

Move increases the value of World Series odds

Before putting pen to paper with Morton on Tuesday, the Braves had odds of +1200 to win the 2021 World Series, according to BetOnline. After Tuesday's announcement, the The brave rose to +900, edging the San Diego Padres (+1000) and Rays (+1200) for a top-three spot in the process

The Braves have - so far - lost hitter Marcell Ozuna to the free agent market after crushing 18 home runs at the top of the NL in 2020. Nonetheless, the Braves have focused on their starting rotation as the team still ran all baseball with it. 355 wOBA last season.

The team have also lost relievers Shane Green and Mark Melancon to free agency at this point, but the market for relief has yet to take shape as the December 2 no-bid deadline. will certainly add more quality and quantity to what is already a deep relief harvest on the open market.

While the Braves have seen their 2021 World Series odds cut, they certainly remain one of the top contenders, who has more spin depth than we saw last year.

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