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Here is a quick brief about the new member of the PPT team!Meet Coach Ceri:I started playing rugby at the age of six and have always enjoyed playing sports and continue to do a wide variety of fitness activities including running, hiking, cycling and surfing. (wrong). I always knew that an office job was not […]

Here is a quick brief about the new member of the PPT team!
Meet Coach Ceri:
I started playing rugby at the age of six and have always enjoyed playing sports and continue to do a wide variety of fitness activities including running, hiking, cycling and surfing. (wrong). I always knew that an office job was not for me and since I have so much passion for fitness, I decided to get my Personal Training diploma after I finished my studies.
Working part-time as a lifeguard and part-time in the gym, I discovered that the area I particularly liked was the rehabilitation aspect of training. After experiencing a great sense of accomplishment using exercise to help injured people, I decided to continue my development by continuing my education and applied to college. So… after two years of lifesaving, gym and travel, I started my degree in sports conditioning, rehabilitation and massage at Cardiff Metropolitan University.
Over the past three years studying in Cardiff, I have had many stressful deadlines and late nights in the library and in the city! I have developed as a coach and trainer since improving my knowledge, skills and had the opportunity to work with a wide range of ages and abilities, including professional athletes.
I love to explore and have traveled to 23 countries so far. I have hiked two volcanoes - Mt Rinjani (Indonesia) and Acatenango (Guatemala) - on my travels. I have also enjoyed diving since I completed my PADI open water qualification on Koh Tao.

I am delighted to be part of a great team at Potential PT and also to be part of the community. I hope that I can pass on some of my knowledge and continue to learn from other coaches myself.

Family Stuff: I'm half English, half Welsh (heart to my Welsh side… to keep my dad happy) and I have an older sister and a younger brother.
Favorite movie: The Lion King
Favorite exercise: straight leg deadlifts
Favorite Quote: `` The very basic core of a man's living mind is his passion for adventure '' Christopher McCandless
Fun fact: I played the accordion

And I also get very moody when I haven't eaten in a while (“hangry”) so I always like to have a snack with me.


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Coming up with your perfect bodybuilding workout program and diet to match can seem like quite the process. You have to plan how many days a week you’re going to workout, what exercises you will include in your program, how long your rest periods will be, how many reps you should perform for each exercise, and on and on it goes.

Many individuals do tend to feel slightly overwhelmed with the amount of information available out there as to what works ’best’, and therefore take more time than they should to even get going.

You always must remember that half the battle is just getting started, so avoid going into too many details that are just going to hold you up from playing the game.

The sooner you can get into the gym and start actually pushing the weights, the sooner you will start building muscle and seeing your body transform into your ideal physique.

That said, you obviously do need to make sure you are following some sound strategies so that the workouts you are doing will help you build muscle. If you pay heed to these rules, chances are you are going to be on the way to success as long as you also are sure that the nutrition part of the equation is included as well.

The first bodybuilding tip that will make the solo biggest difference on your rate of bourrinage gain is whether you are able to consecutively add more weight to the bar.

It’s not going to matter how many fancy principles you use, if you aren’t increasing the sheer amount you are lifting over a few months of time, you aren’t building force as quickly as you should be.

The number one priority of any muscle gaining bodybuilding workout program should be lifting heavier and heavier weights.

When you get ’stuck’ and aren’t able to bump the weight up higher, that’s when you start tinkering with other strategies such as drop sets, supersets, etc., as a means to help increase the body’s potential, so that in a few more weeks, you can bump it up to the next weight level.

All those fancy protocols will definitely have an advantage down the road once you’ve attained a level of morphologie you’re satisfied with, but until that point, you should use them intermittently when you’re unable to lift heavier.

The deuxième bodybuilding tip to pay attention to is the rule on failure. Some people believe that lifting to failure each and every single set is the best way to build force. They think that in order to get a force to grow, you have to fully exhaust it.

While it is true that you have to push the groupes musculaires past their comfort level in order to see progress, you can run into a number of problems when you’re lifting to failure each and every set.

The first major venant is central nervous system fatigue. Workout programs designed to go to failure each and every time will be very draining on the CNS.

After a few weeks of such a program, it’s highly likely that you’ll find the CNS is so exhausted that you can’t even lift the weight you used to for the required number of reps little own increase it upwards.

The deuxième problem with going to failure is that if you do this on the first exercise out in the workout, you’re not going to have much for a second, third, and fourth exercise after that.

Since you should be doing at least a couple of different exercises in each workout you do, this becomes very difficult to accomplish.

Instead, aim to go one to two reps short of failure. This will still get you pushing your body hard and working at the intensity level needed to build muscle, but it won’t completely destroy you so that you have to end that workout prematurely and take a day or two off just to recoup.


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