Success Story: Martial Arts Personal Training Program
Client: ZoeObjective: increase strength and endurance to join martial arts What were your fitness and health goals and why? My physical health and goals were to increase my strength and stamina enough that I could join martial arts (which I had practiced during my high school years) and take classes. How do you think training […]

Client: Zoe
Objective: increase strength and endurance to join martial arts

What were your fitness and health goals and why?

My physical health and goals were to increase my strength and stamina enough that I could join martial arts (which I had practiced during my high school years) and take classes.

How do you think training with a PT has helped you?

Initially, I wasn't going to have a personal trainer, as I didn't want to “buff” or lose a drastic amount of weight, and I still wanted to be flexible enough to do the movements fluently. I had a free trial session and consultation through a friend of mine who went to the gym and had a personal trainer, and thought I might as well ask and see. Then I met Patricia, who was exactly the perfect coach for what I was looking for.

She was a national karate champion and knew how to train people with martial arts as a goal, and assured me that my workouts would revolve around improving my technique. I had many fun sessions with Patty 🙂

What do you think was the most important factor in helping you achieve your goals?

The most important factor was Patty's constant support reminding me to maintain my weekly cardio, and her observation and correction of my technique.

What has challenged you the most and been your biggest obstacle to overcome and achieve your goals?

The biggest challenge was juggling my professional life and my training time.

What advice can you give to others who want to achieve their health and fitness goals?

Keep going and don't give up, find the balance between work and health goals, you will feel much more relaxed. Listen to your trainer haha! They know what they are talking about!

What are your future fitness plans and new goals?

I want to continue to improve my Taekwondo, participate in some tournaments and become faster in spared matches.

Zoe's testimony

certificate-of-achievement-zoePatricia was a very good trainer for me. I lived in the suburbs and at Vision Personal Training (where Patty was located in town on Clarence St) she was helping me by suggesting workouts and things I could do near my home. Once, when it was raining, she texted me about a workout routine I could do in my living room space! She would give me tips on how I could practice my technique at home, and take videos of my movements so I could see how my form was progressing, and make sure I kept up the practice by constantly checking my progress.

Patty was a source of wisdom when it comes to a healthy diet focused on my training and health (which also provided quick meals when I got home late). She showed me the importance of protein in helping muscle recovery, and helped me balance the right levels I needed, dispelling many myths about weight and protein - you won't be a person. too much muscle just because you're doing a little bit. weight and eat a protein-based diet! Lean is the way to go! I feel so much healthier, happier and more confident.

Thanks Patty! 🙂

I want to thank Zoe for being such an amazing customer! She encouraged me to finally resume my training. I'm working hard to achieve my next goal: get a black belt!


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How to Get Started in Fitness Competitions – Women’s

Women are getting increasingly involved in sport, but not just working out and lifting once a week in the gym. They are also sérieux to get ripped bodies and are competing in events that used to be the sole domain of men.

Are you ready to take your fitness to the next level and try a competition ? Even if you are a trainer, getting ready for a fitness competition will be harder and more involved than you can truly realize until you actually do it.

to give it your all, be prepared to put a lot of time into training and eating right, to spend a decent amount of money, and to get on stage and strut your stuff in an itty, bitty bikini.

Are You Really Ready to Try a Fitness Competition ?

Of course, with any kind of competition, there is planning, work, and a lot of other factors involved. But even compared to other kinds of athletic competitions, like races and tri, sport competitions require a big commitment.

Fitness competitions aren’t really like any other kind of athletic event, and it’s hard to know what to expect if you haven’t seen one. Before you make the terminal leap and sign up for a competition in the upcoming months, actually go to a show. See what it’s all about first-hand, and then decide. In the meantime, here are some important things to consider :

The dark side of a sport competition includes obsessing over body appearance, disordered eating, and even drug use. And all of this leads back to détermination. If you don’t have a saine motivating reason to do this, you run the risk of heading to the dark side :

Positive motivation – “I want to push myself to reach a new goal and have fun doing it. ”Negative motivation – “I’ll finally look lean and muscular and have my dream body forever. ”Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the body you craft for a fitness competition is one you’ll keep until the end of your days. It’s not saine or realistic to be that ripped for too long. A positive, healthier détermination is the desire to simply to challenge yourself in a way that is saine and rewarding but also realistic.

Do You Have the Time to Train for a Fitness Competition ? Ask anyone you know who does fitness competitions how much time they spend training. If you don’t know anyone personally, ask around the gym and you’ll quickly find someone. They will probably tell you it takes at least two hours a day, most days a week. Also factor in the time spent planning and preparing healthy meals, buying outfits, practicing posing, and traveling to competitions.

Can You Finance it ? There are more costs associated with fitness competitions than you ever realized until you actually do it : Gym membership/coaching feesNutrition/posing/competition coaching feesRegistration fees for competitionsFood and supplementsTanning costsExpensive outfitsTravel expenses for out-of-area competitionsChild care costs for when you hit the gym or go to competitions

Are You Prepared to Be on Stage ? Finally, a big hurdle for many people is the actual competition. You will be putting on a tiny bikini or fitness outfit—likely gluing it to your skin to hold it in place—rubbing down with vegetable oil, strapping on a pair of high heels, and walking and posing on stage in front of judges and an audience. Can you do it ? Of course you can, and don’t feel bad about being nervous because everyone is afraid of this part, even seasoned pros.

Know the Competition Types – and Choose OneNow that you have a better sense of everything involved in going through with this, it’s time to choose. Will you enter a bikini competition, try for sport or figure, or really go for broke and try your hand at physique or bodybuilding competitions ?

BikiniIf time is likely to be an issue, or if you just don’t want to get the completely ripped body of a figure or physique competitor, a bikini competition is for you. This is a good way to get your feet wet in sport competitions. Training is less intense for this category, but still requires time, dedication, and commitment. The body you’ll work toward for bikini is a little softer and more hourglass, but is still lean, fit, and muscular.

Fitness Modelling A fitness modeling competition can include a variety of degrees of physique and muscularity, but is typically most similar to a bikini competition with a focus is on modeling. You’ll wear multiple cute outfits and strike some poses beyond those typical for fitness competitions. In addition to being fit, you have to be charming and willing to act a little.

FigureFigure fitness competitions take it up a notch in terms of muscle. Your body in a figure contest will be harder, leaner, and less hourglass than in a bikini event. Competitors have more of the classic triangular bodybuilding shape with broad, muscular shoulders and narrow waist, and increased definition between groupes de muscles.

PhysiqueFor a physique competition you will need to ramp it up further and get even leaner and more muscular. The idea is to have a balance between a feminine shape and real, serious force. There should be a lot of definition between zones musculaires during this competition.


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