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In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about black garlic extract: what it is, what it does, what its benefits are, how to take it… Stay and find out!Garlic has been and always will be an essential part of our cooking.Beyond its culinary role and the place it occupies in many […]

In this article, we'll tell you everything you need to know about black garlic extract: what it is, what it does, what its benefits are, how to take it… Stay and find out!

Garlic has been and always will be an essential part of our cooking.

Beyond its culinary role and the place it occupies in many recipes, this food has been used for hundreds of years for its "Properties".

Properties that we are going to examine today from a purely scientific point of view.

We have already talked about the properties of conventional white garlic, but he has a first cousin who also deserves special attention.

What is black garlic?

Black garlic is produced from conventional garlic (Allium Sativum L.), after being exposed to a fermentation process and highly controlled conditions of high temperature (60-90 degrees) and humidity (80-90%).

Due to the reduced allicin content, black garlic does not have the strong odor so characteristic of conventional garlic.

Here we find the first big differentiator that many will appreciate. There are many people who, knowing the beneficial properties of garlic, do not consume it because of the bad breath.

We don't know its exact origins, but it was used in South Korea, Japan and Thailand for hundreds of years.

Black garlic - what is it?

As I mentioned, it is an essential part of the Mediterranean diet, bringing taste and smell to many recipes.

what are the advantages?

Black garlic extract has been shown in several studies to be:

  • Anti-oxidant;
  • Anti allergen;
  • Anti-diabetic;
  • Anti-inflammatory; and
  • Anti-neoplastic.

These advantages are attributed to different bioactive compounds: one of the most studied is S-allylcysteine ​​(SAC).

There is a scientific and commercial struggle to isolate other bioactive compounds found in black garlic that may have some utility in the management of certain types of cancer.

In this study in mice (Jung et al., 2011), Jung and colleagues demonstrated the following effects with garlic extract at concentrations between 200 and 400 mg / kg in mice that followed a rich diet in fats aimed at causing metabolic alterations:

  • Decreased body weight
  • Reduction of peri-ovarian fat
  • Smaller size of adipocytes
  • Lower total cholesterol, triglycerides, LDL particles, AST, ALT

In regards to antioxidant activity, has been shown to increase the enzymes superoxide dismutase and catalase, two powerful antioxidants.

Higher levels of apoptosis (programmed cell death) and cytotoxicity against gastrointestinal tumors have been demonstrated in human cell lines (Zhang et al., 2016).

Regarding hepatoprotective effects, studies show a decrease in AST and ALT transaminases, as well as LDH in models of induced liver damage in mice (Wang et al., 2012).

The problem?

These are mainly studies in mice.

That is to say, preclinical studies to be carried out on humans to observe their reproducibility.

In addition, the already known properties of white garlic are preserved in black garlic. Many people consume it for its antimicrobial and hypolipemic properties.

How should black garlic be consumed?

You can consume it directly, spread on toast or use as a condiment in different recipes. If you have cooking skills, you can make black garlic aioli or black garlic risotto.

When should you consume it?

You can have it at any time of the day: breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Is it better to take it on an empty stomach?

Black garlic is preferably eaten with food, to improve its absorption and bioavailability.

How long should I take it?

There is no minimum number of weeks required to experience the benefits of black garlic. And there is no maximum either.

How to take black garlic?

That is, you don't have to take it for a while before taking breaks before consuming it.

Ideally, I would recommend taking it for at least 4 consecutive weeks.

Which is better: white or black garlic?

There are some significant differences between white garlic and black garlic, which we'll look at now.

Lower allicin content means it doesn't give off that strong odor.

Allicin in black garlic is converted into antioxidant compounds such as S-allylcysteine, bioactive alkaloids and flavonoid compounds.

In other words, not only do we get rid of that strong smell (which is otherwise appealing to some people), but we transform allicin into other useful substances.

The physicochemical properties of black garlic, obtained during its processing, give it greater bioactivity than its white brother.

Black garlic contains objectively more functional compounds such as SAC than white garlic.

But beware, it depends directly on the thermal conditions in white garlic processing (temperature and humidity controlled).

Black garlic clove

These conditions must be taken into account to keep these properties free.

When the processing conditions are optimal, the content of polyphenols and flavonoids is quadrupled while the concentration of the so-called Amadori & Heyns compounds are multiplied up to x100 more in black garlic compared to white garlic.

Contraindications to black garlic

So far, no contraindication or problem related to the consumption of garlic (black or white) has been described in the scientific literature.

However, in some people, garlic causes or worsens gastroesophageal reflux.

The logical conclusion is that, if you are suffering from this problem, you need to be more careful about the amounts of garlic you are exposed to.

HSN Black Garlic Extract is presented in vegetable capsule format. It is standardized, that is, it provides real information about the amount of active ingredient found in each capsule.

HSN's Black Garlic Extract provides 500 mg of Allium sativum L. Bulb and Stem 10: 1 Extract (with 3% Polyphenols).

As such, it exhibits a high degree of extraction, 10 times more than garlic in its natural state, so that 5000 mg of native product are needed for its production.

It was obtained thanks to a fermentation process under low conditions, which means that it will retain its biological value and a high content of S-alylcysteine.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, HSN Black Garlic Extract Capsules are 100% vegetable.

Do you want to take advantage of the properties of garlic? Black Garlic Extract is a great product that is easy to take. And if we add to that its optimal safety profile, we have a product that is more than recommendable.

HSN black garlic

Buy HSN Black Garlic Extract.

What are the benefits of black garlic capsules?

HSN Black Garlic Capsules are a convenient and easy way to benefit from all of its properties.

Their concentration, their presentation in capsules and their treatment in ideal conditions mentioned in the text make the health benefits as simple as possible.


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