6 Timeless Gifts for Gentlemen – Gift Ideas for Christmas & More Holidays
We’ve written extensively about gift-giving on the Gentleman’s Gazette for this one reason: it can be tricky! It’s more of an art than a science. Furthermore, there are stakes involved: great gifts will reap appreciation, and bad gifts can create disappointment in your relationships. Today, we’ll share six great gifting suggestions for the gentlemen in […]

We’ve written extensively about gift-giving on the Gentleman’s Gazette for this one reason: it can be tricky! It’s more of an art than a science. Furthermore, there are stakes involved: great gifts will reap appreciation, and bad gifts can create disappointment in your relationships. Today, we’ll share six great gifting suggestions for the gentlemen in your life!

Mastering the Art of Gift Giving

Gifts you give reflect the knowledge and love you have the person you’re giving them to, so it’s worth the time to invest to learn how to do it well. You may need to give gifts as part of your work or business, so the stakes are still there, but they’re no less important. A bad gift might cost you a client, but a good gift might open a new door.

For example, Raphael and Teresa once received an engraved Cutco knife from a company touting the power of business gifts–but said company failed miserably to accomplish their objective. This company didn’t know, or perhaps didn’t take the time to research, that Raphael and Teresa are avid home chefs and have very specific knife preferences. A knife that failed a basic sharpness test on arrival not only failed to impress them, but also reflected that the company did not truly know them and also was trying to buy their attention and not earn it.

Raphael SRS Cook Steak Kitchen

Given that Raphael and Teresa are avid home chefs, a low-quality knife made for a poor gift.

The art of gift-giving is something we’ll all do for a lifetime, so, in our guide on How To Give Great Gifts, we laid out ten principles on the art of selecting what you will give. It’s worth reading closely to learn the techniques that you can employ to make sure that your choice is lined up perfectly for the recipient. Like any action, it makes sense to know the end goal with gift-giving: ensure that the gift is thoughtful, carefully considered, and chosen specifically for the recipient. Most individuals will pick up on whether or not a gift was personalized, and whether or not you put much thought into it. That doesn’t make it any easier to do! 

Some people may not not like the gift and may not appreciate the thought behind it.

Some people may not like the gift and may not appreciate the thought behind it.

So, are there truly timeless gifts that you’re able to fall back on? We think so! And even though the ten principles are key, there are gifts that never go out of style.

Characteristics of Timeless Gifts

1. It’s High-Quality

This means the product you’re purchasing has a higher degree of value, a longer potential lifespan, or excellence compared to similar products or services. These products are created using the best quality material available and durable construction methods for the best longevity. For example, you can choose wool or cashmere over polyester.

Give gifts made with high quality materials, that way you can ensure it's longevity.

Give gifts made with high-quality materials–for example, Fort Belvedere linen pocket squares. That way, you can ensure longevity.

2. It’s Classic

Fads and trends can make for tricky gifts because they don’t last. They might be the hot gift item at the moment, but they will likely lose their value.

Pick classic items over trendy ones because trendy things will lose value over time.

Trendy items are more likely to lose value over time.

3. It’s Life-Enhancing

Will this gift help the recipient enjoy life more? Consider practical gifts carefully as they can send a different message than a gift that’s been designed.

Give gifts that you know would be very useful to the recipient.

Give gifts that you know would be very useful to the recipient.

6 Timeless Gifts for Gentlemen

1. Luxury Food Products

We’re starting with food because it’s got universal appeal. We all have to eat, and specialty food items can be a thoughtful gift for the people in your life. We think with food, it’s important that you select something that is special and not an everyday food item. A fruit basket might be classic, but to us, it’s neither interesting nor unique.

Real Balsamic Vinegar

Real Balsamic Vinegar

How to make a food gift special? Try looking for things that are rare, imported, or too expensive for everyday eating. Start by considering the tastes of your recipient and then try selecting something like a 30-year aged balsamic vinegar; the real stuff is actually really hard to find: caviar or wagyu beef, premium olive oil, or a real New York cheesecake.

You can also consider using websites like Goldbelly to send a whole range of nostalgia food items as gifts.

2. Fine Cookware

For the enthusiastic home chef, cookware (or a cooking accessory) is a great gift if you know their tastes. Some classic and enduring kitchen gifts include a cast-iron skillet, a carbon steel pan, other cast iron pans like a dutch oven or a brazier, a monogrammed apron, salt and pepper mills, or Japanese knives like Shun.

You can give a fine cookware such as a Dutch oven pot as a gift to someone who loves cooking.

You can give fine cookware such as a Dutch oven as a gift to someone who loves cooking.

3. Premium Spirits

Premium spirits depend very much on the tastes of the recipient, but they can be an excellent gift for even the most comprehensive bar owner. Now to make this gift special, avoid basic, bar-staple spirits like Jack Daniels or Beefeater Gin, which are available at almost any store.

Consider giving premium spirits as gifts rather than giving ones that are commonly available in groceries, etc.

Consider giving premium spirits as gifts rather than giving ones that are commonly available in groceries, etc.

Instead, try visiting your local store–no, not Costco! Then ask them for their recommendations on what spirit would make a great gift. For example, gin, scotch, whiskey, or bourbon.

4. Personally Curated Gift Baskets

Giving a gift that is personally assembled for the recipient is touching purely for the effort it requires. Pre-assembled gift baskets should be avoided, and they are often filled with packaging more than a product. And, the contents are paltry relative to the overall look. For example, a pickle and jerky subscription may be creative, but you’ll also pay a steep premium, and it will still lack that personal touch.

You can perhaps give food baskets with curated items as gifts to family and friends.

You can perhaps give food baskets with curated items as gifts to family and friends.

Meanwhile, a gift basket hand-assembled by you can contain an assortment of things that your recipient might like: for example, a selection of gourmet cheeses from your local cheese store with olives, fig spread, cheese knives, a mini cutting board, fresh pears, charcuterie, and nuts. Or, try a selection of liqueurs and bitters for cocktail fanatics, a selection of exotic IPAs for the hops lover, or you can make kits for a specific cocktail. 

5. Classic Accessories (That Aren’t Sized)

Buying clothing and accessories for a dapper gent can be a bit of a challenge, as they may have their own vision for their personal style. However, gifting accessories can considerably lighten the risk because there are a few key ones that are not sized and won’t limit their ability to wear them.


Our top recommendations for timeless accessories are scarves. We recommend choosing premium materials like alpaca or cashmere for warmth and longevity. Try choosing muted or solid colors or classic patterns like a black watch tartan that will pair nicely with an overcoat in tan or navy; you want some contrast.


Cufflinks are the ultimate gentleman’s accessory. A traditional pair can last a lifetime and can be worn for weddings, cocktail parties, black tie events, or even to the office. For a reserved gent, opt for a monkey’s fist in silver or gold.


Wallets are one of the most overlooked gift options, but despite their everyday carry purpose, why not have a functional wallet that expresses some style and uniqueness?

Most men’s wallet choices are quite boring; black and brown? Come on, don’t be afraid of a little color! The wallet will most likely be in a coat pocket most of the time anyway. Our Fort Belvedere wallets are two-toned for a pop of color, so check out our interesting color combinations in the shop.

Classic Sunglasses

Sunglasses are probably the trickiest of this category, but a classic frame is always going to have a place in a gentleman’s wardrobe. We recommend you stick with the true classics for gifts such as aviators, wayfarers, and clubmasters from Ray-Ban, and Persols 649 and 714.

Classic RayBan Aviator Sunglasses

Classic RayBan Aviator Sunglasses

7. Personal Care Gifts

Personal care can be, well, very personal! This is the one gift area you should truly tread lightly, and should only attempt to purchase a gift in this area if you’re very close to the recipient. We love traditional bar soap, for instance, but that doesn’t mean that the recipient will interpret the gesture as a kind one. Instead, they may interpret it as a verdict on their hygiene.

Grooming products would make a great gift to someone who truly enjoys skincare.

Grooming products would make a great gift to someone who truly enjoys skincare.

However, if you know your recipient well enough to understand some of their preferences, there are some personal care items that make excellent gifts.


Given that there is so much variety in fragrances, a scent can be a great addition to any man’s collection. We’ve covered eight classic fragrances previously and then followed it up with ten more. More specifically, Creed is one of these classic fragrance brands that we happen to love.

Royal-Oud and Green Irish Tweed from House of Creed.

Royal-Oud and Green Irish Tweed from House of Creed.

Shaving Products

Other personal care options include:

  • A premium shaving cream or soap; we like the Truefitt & Hill shaving cream bowl,
  • A double-edged razor handle for the man who likes a great shave; our team favors the Slant and Futur handles from Merkur,
  • And a shaving brush for the man who already enjoys a double-edged razor shave.
The very aggressive Merkur Slant Bar razor is well suited to coarse hair and a practiced hand

The very aggressive Merkur Slant Bar razor would make a great gift for someone who likes a great shave.

Need more ideas for this gift category? You might pick up something from our post on our favorite grooming products.


Thoughtful gift-giving is an art that a gentleman acknowledges as important, and timeless gifts are a good place to start. Not only will it make the recipient feel special, but it will also nurture your relationships.

What’s a gift you’d like to give and/or receive? Share your gift-giving ideas, as well as your wishlist, in the comments section!

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