Brace For IMPACT for 12/08/20
This week's IMPACT Wrestling was bound to be special. But Wednesday night we got some big news regarding a special appearance. Not only is this Tuesday's episode of IMPACT Wrestling the return show before the final resolution, but we'll also hear from new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. What does the All Elite Wrestling champion […]

This week's IMPACT Wrestling was bound to be special. But Wednesday night we got some big news regarding a special appearance. Not only is this Tuesday's episode of IMPACT Wrestling the return show before the final resolution, but we'll also hear from new AEW World Champion Kenny Omega. What does the All Elite Wrestling champion do in IMPACT Wrestling? Find out and more in Hold on for impact for 12/08/20


Brian Myers vs. TJP

IMPACT! Wrestling prides itself on its ability to present fresh and exciting new matches. To that end, we'll see “the most professional wrestler” Brian Myers take on TJP for the very first time on this week's IMPACT! Fight. Myers is here to prove he belongs to IMPACT! Fight after a lackluster streak against Tommy Dreamer and Willie Mack respectively. After the wins over Swoggle and Crazzy Steve things seem to be going for Myers, but can he defeat someone of TJP's caliber? On the other hand, TJP is going through a difficult time lately. Despite his impressive credentials, TJP has lacked in big matches. He's had three chances to win the X-Division Championship this year, and he's lost each time. In his last title match, he lost the right to challenge Rohit Raju again. Is this match against Myers the start of his march towards the IMPACT World Championship?

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee vs. Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary

Prepare for IMPACT for 08/12/20
Photo / Fight IMPACT

This week on IMPACT! Wrestling, the first round of the knockout team championship tournament is coming to an end. Defending Knockout Champion Deonna Purrazzo teams up with her protégé Kimber Lee in a contest against "Wera Loca" Taya Valkyrie and her partner in crime Rosemary. These two teams are pretty much the same when it comes to in-ring experience as a duo. However, Su Yung is currently focusing her attention on Purrazzo, the woman who took over the Knockouts Championship at Turning Point last month. Yung is known for her supernatural-hued mind games and denying Purrazzo the chance to hold a second belt would virtually guarantee another match. Will Su Yung get involved or wait for a more opportune time?

Prepare for IMPACT for 08/12/20
Cody Deaner with his cousin Jake vs. Eric Young with Joe Doering

Last week on IMPACT! Wrestling, Joe Doering and Eric Young continued their campaign of terror. The devious duo made their debut in the Cody Deaner vs.Johnny Swinger game. Doering brutalized Swinger, while Eric Young focused his assault on Deaner. After Young introduced Deaner with his piledriver, he picked up the mic with another messy tirade about the world and its property. Cody Deaner joins a long list of IMPACT! Wrestling talent who was assaulted by Young and Doering. This week, however, he sets himself apart from that field by challenging Eric Young to a head-to-head match. Cody Deaner wants revenge and he has tied Cousin Jake. Did the world-class maniac just play the numbers game, or will the former world champion defeat Cody Deaner on his own?

Josh Alexander with Ethan Page vs. Chris Sabin with Alex Shelley

At Bound For Glory on October 24, The North popped the Motor City Machine Guns ahead of their scheduled Four Corners game. The North's Josh Alexander put MCMG's Alex Shelley in a tiger pilot, snapping him head first onto the stage. The resulting injury knocked out Alex Shelley for almost 2 months. The North won the tag team championships that night, and the Motor City Machine Guns contractually owe a rematch. However, since Shelley left we have seen new IMPACT Tag Team Champions crowned. On Saturday night at Final Resolution, Ethan Page will face Doc Gallows for the right to fight for the IMPACT Tag Team Championships. Tonight, however, MCMG's Chris Sabin is set to avenge Alex Shelley's attack. Will Sabin emerge victorious, and if so, will he leave Ethan Page alone for his Saturday night game?

Prepare for IMPACT for 08/12/20
Kenny Omega speaks

Prepare for IMPACT for 08/12/20
Photo / Fight IMPACT

As if the comeback show before Final Resolution wasn't exciting enough, we got some big news on Wednesday night. At AEW: Winter Is Coming, Kenny Omega faced Jon Moxley for the AEW World Championship in the main event. Omega merged from this victorious match, following interference from IMPACT Wrestling executive Don Callis. As the dastardly duo fled from the building, Alex Marvez caught up with them. Alex asked what was going on, but Callis said we would find out this Tuesday night. Shortly thereafter, news broke that AEW and IMPACT! Wrestling had entered into a partnership agreement. As Executive Vice President of All Elite Wrestling, Kenny omega is likely to elaborate on what this deal entails on Tuesday's IMPACT! Fight.

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“Scream” vedette David Arquette has an extreme volonté that almost cost him his life — professional wrestling.

Two years ago, Arquette faced off against ex-con Nick Gage in a deathmatch, the most hardcore style where the wrestlers swing chairs, baseball bats and the like.

With blood gushing from his neck, Arquette gets up and tries to pin Gage but can’t. He jumps out of the ring, holding his neck. Then, he climbs back in and smacks Gage with a folding peau. After a couple of minutes, though, Arquette is the one who gets pinned.

“It nearly cost me my life, ” Arquette told the Star of the match. “I was in way over my head. I was about half an inch from death…”

Arquette decided to go back into the ring after fellow pro wrestler Jack Perry, the son of late actor Luke Perry, assured him that he wasn’t bleeding to death. Perry is the one who took Arquette to the hospital.

Arquette told the Star : “I could hear Luke but I couldn’t see him, ” Arquette told the Star. “I said : ‘Luke is it pumping ? ’ because I was worried I was bleeding out and he said : ‘No it’s not pumping. ’ I knew at that point I wasn’t dying immediately, I could try to finish the match. ”

Arquette has had a lifelong love affair with wrestling, which is traced in a new documentary, “You Cannot Kill David Arquette. ” The film tells of how Arquette has spent the past two decades trying to earn back the respect of the wrestling world — after he won the World Championship Wrestling heavyweight title as a publicity stunt for his movie “Ready to Rumble. ”

In those years, the 49-year-old Arquette has battled heart problems and drug addiction. After the Gage match, Arquette’s wife, Christine, told him : “I just feel like you want to die, ” the actor recalled.

“I don’t want to die but life is painful, ” Arquette told the Star. “If you have addiction issues like I do there’s an element in the back of your head that the addict is literally trying to kill you. You have to find ways to deal with it so you don’t continue to kill yourself, either slowly or quickly. ”

For Arquette, wrestling helped him deal with the deaths of Luke Perry, a close friend who died of a stroke, and his transgender sister, Alexis, who died of a heart attack.

“Losing someone is really painful but a few things have happened to make me feel we are all much more connected, ” Arquette said. “For wrestling, you shave everything and at one point I was looking at my arms and it was like I was looking at Alexis’ arms, as being transgender she would shave them… For a deuxième it was like I was looking through Alexis’ eyes… I think we’re a lot more connected than any of us know. ”

Through the film, Arquette has finally learned to accept himself. “I accomplished what I set out to do, ” Arquette told the Star. “I wanted to prove I could be a wrestler. And through this whole experience, I figured out – and it’s ironic – I need to stop beating myself up. I had to stop attacking myself and be kind to myself, as corny as it sounds.


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