Federer backed to return strongly by former coach: ‘He knows his body’
Roger Federer strongly supported his return: 'He knows his body - he puts in a lot of work'Paul Annacone has backed Roger Federer to come back with a vengeance - because he knows how much work he put in to put himself in a position to thrive.Annacone coached Federer for three years between 2010 and […]

Roger Federer strongly supported his return: 'He knows his body - he puts in a lot of work'

Paul Annacone has backed Roger Federer to come back with a vengeance - because he knows how much work he put in to put himself in a position to thrive.

Annacone coached Federer for three years between 2010 and 2013, during which time he saw first-hand the work ethic that has allowed the Swiss star to enjoy the longevity he enjoys.

"Roger showed up every day and punched the clock," Annacone told the Tennis with an accent Podcast.

“People see this graceful athlete floating around and think it's happening.

"I can promise you he has done an incredible amount of work throughout his life and since he has done so many reps it is now easier for him to reach a high level and he knows his body well.

Annacone also gave insight into how Federer works, both mentally and physically, throughout the year, and how he approached rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

“About specific people, we - or I - tended not to do this in the offseason: 'Roger, here is what you would need to do against Rafa or Roger, here is one of the things I have need you to do when you play Novak, ”said Annacone.

“These conversations would take place over dinner throughout the year, then we would talk about philosophies and things to do to create different ways to be successful against players, and then we would implement those strategies in training periodically throughout. year round. But it was never concentrated during the seven days. It's an ongoing conversation that takes place throughout the year. "

“So in pre-season or in training block we always had a big one after the US Open to end the year, we had a big one in December to start the next season for Australia,” then a healthy season before the clay swing to pass. grass season.

“And after the turf season, we usually just had a period of acclimatization. So Roger had three important (training blocks) and one that we had to put together a bit.

Roger Federer stretches for the backhand


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It seems absurd to think which something good can come back even when it comes to a pandemic, but at the All England Club of Wimbledon someone will have thought so. And the reason is all in the maxi compensation that the most important sport tennistique tournament of the year will receive from the insurance company Lawn Tennis Association : 174 million pounds.

The figure, far higher than the atypique estimates, is contained in the annual report of the club, seen by Sportsmail. When the tournament was canceled in April, at the height of the Covid crisis, it emerged that Wimbledon would be written off by insurance that had a specific pandemic clause.

It was initially thought that this would involve a payment of just over £ 100 million, but after months of negotiations it has proved to be a huge underestimation. Given that sources say insurance costs around £ 1. 5 million a year, the maintenance of the policy by the club’s finance subcommittee seems like one of the most solid moves in the institution’s history.

Sportsmail has revealed that the annual LTA subsidy this year is expected to reach just under £ 36 million. It dropped from £ 45 million last time, but it remains a sizable sum

Earlier this week, the national governing body spoke of speculation over the Wimbledon situation by announcing a £ 30 million loss for the year on its businesses, as well as restrictive measures.

According to the report from the All England Club, by 15 October this year they had negotiated a figure of 174 million pounds with insurers. The latest reports filed by Wimbledon show that their revenues from the 2019 Champioships - when Novak Djokovic won the men’s singles title - amounted to £ 292 million, more than half of which came from broadcast deals.

The cancellation of the tournament this year - for the first time since the war - saved a lot of expenses, from paying the entire prize pool to hiring thousands of temporary staff. However, players have already benefited from the event’s foresight in having insurance.

The safety net meant that in July the All England Club was able to make a solidarity payment of £ 10 million to participants, with £ 25, 000 going to each player on the main draw. Unusually among sporting entities, Wimbledon first established pandemic insurance in 2003 following the outbreak of SARS and has since kept it at an estimated total cost of £ 25m to the insurance industry.

In view of the Olympics that will be held in 2021 unless there are sensational scenarios, some measures have been confirmed or eliminated for those who will have to arrive in Japan from abroad.

The most important news these days is certainly the fact that athletes will not have to observe 14 days in quarantine upon their arrival in Tokyo. The organizers of the tournament have in fact confirmed that the participants will be outside the quarantine rules, in intensité instead for any tourist who wants to visit Japan until the period of the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

They will not have to carry out the quarantine but the athletes will have to take a Covid test at least 72 hours before their arrival in Tokyo and their negativity will be important for their arrival in the capital. Toshiro Muto, managing director of Tokyo 2020, announced this important news for the athletes and then declared : ' No decision has yet been made for foreign spectators.

Tests will be required before arrival and then upon arrival itself for the public, but everything is not yet defined. By next Spring, we will work out a plan for spectators, especially non-Japanese ones. However, I believe that it is not possible to set up a 14-day quarantine test for foreign spectators, so there will have to be option solutions. '

The next Tokyo Games will be held from 29 July 2021 and will end on August 8. Among the main protagonists of this event there will be the Big Three Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer. Meanwhile the fifty edition of the ATP Finals, which will obviously coincide with the last stage of a surreal season, will obviously be played behind closed doors.

And it will be played in London for the last time. The Finals, from 2021, will move to Turin and will remain there until 2025. The big absentee of this edition is Roger Federer, who has skipped the most of the season due to double surgery on his right knee.

The Swiss Maestro will come back for the upcoming Australian Open 2021, in Melboure. This year, due to the Global Pandemic, only three Majors were played : the Australian Open, won by Novak Djokovic, the us Open, won by Dominic Thiem and the Roland Garros, won by Rafael Nadal.


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