Jonah Chipeco on Freelance Moonlighting to Being Asia’s Writerpreneur
A woman was transported from independent moonlighting to become Writer in Asia. It is none other than Jonah Chipeco and here is his story.What is a writer?An entrepreneurial writer is a bag of words. It's a new term coined after writer and entrepreneur.But it's more than just a writer who makes money online from writing.An […]

A woman was transported from independent moonlighting to become Writer in Asia. It is none other than Jonah Chipeco and here is his story.

What is a writer?

An entrepreneurial writer is a bag of words. It's a new term coined after writer and entrepreneur.

But it's more than just a writer who makes money online from writing.

An entrepreneurial writer is a writer who has the mind of a business man.

And that's exactly what Jonah Chipeco is. She is the head trainer and founder of Writing Hacks Academy.

Who is Jonah Chipeco?

Jonah Chipeco is the epitome of the word “entrepreneurial writer”. Therefore, in the independent Filipino world, it is known as Asian writer.

Jonah uses his creative gifts to create income generating opportunities as an entrepreneur. She uses the power of writing as a foundation for solving problems for her clients and students.

~ Jonah Chipeco has managed to turn her passion into a successful business venture, which has earned her the nickname Asian Screenwriter. ~

Additionally, her writing skills are the cornerstones of her business. As a writer, she combines her passion for writing and entrepreneurship to produce and deliver information products that clients can study, use or sell.

Jonah helps clients and students promote their brand by teaching them how to write correctly.

As she believes that content is the engine of today's digital age, she emphasizes that content marketing is the key to promoting her business online.

his beginnings

Jonah's story as an entrepreneur began in 2011. She has completed several secondary income projects in freelance writing, organizing events and selling branded bags in addition to her daily work as a as marketing manager.

An accident that changed her life in 2015 made her recognize her dream of becoming a resource speaker. She wanted to coach people and write books.

In 2016, she charted her course to fulfill her dream of becoming a global speaker after recovering from the accident.

She started out as a freelance writer and trainer in the Philippines. Jonah eventually founded Writing Hacks Academy - an online school. This is where she launched her workshops, eBooks, and online courses to help entrepreneurs and freelancers hone their writing skills.

Since then, Jonah has organized over 70 public seminars in partnership with credible training institutions in the Philippines. She has become a thought leader featured by media organizations.

When you need online content

Indeed, Jonah Chipeco proves that you can be who you want to be in today's digital age. Being transparent and honest about what you want in life while taking action is worth it.

Your passion can become your profession once you put effort into seeing how you can serve with your skills.

Jonah is undeniably Asia's one and only writer and the go-to person for Filipinos who want to start their writing journey. It allows coaches, consultants, freelancers, entrepreneurs and professionals to unlock the potential of writing.

This in turn elevates their authority in the industry of their choice in order to attract customers.


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