La Collection de Vêtements de 9 Week Control Freak
Take control with clothing collection from 9 Week Control Freak, designed exclusively by Autumn Calabrese is now available in the United States and Canada! Interested in incorporating the style of 9 Week Control Freak into your workout? This clothing collection takes up the graffiti of the board with vivid and bright graphics that will help […]

Take control with clothing collection from 9 Week Control Freak, designed exclusively by Autumn Calabrese is now available in the United States and Canada!

Interested in incorporating the style of 9 Week Control Freak into your workout?

This clothing collection takes up the graffiti of the board with vivid and bright graphics that will help you overcome the most difficult workouts!

With two new styles and an accessory, this collection is perfect for sweating and giving it all.

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Autumn Calabrese on the set of 9 Week Control Freak

Autumn Mesh Tank Top

Automne designed this flowy tank top with a mesh underlay for maximum ventilation. Keep the style without sacrificing performance.

This open-sided tank top can be layered over your favorite T-shirt or worn over a simple sports bra.

Composition: 95% cotton, 5% elastane, mesh: 100% polyester

Price: $ 30. Coach price: $ 24

9 Week Control Freak Hoodie

Unisex sweatshirt

Soft to the touch, this relaxed fit unisex hoodie combines style and versatility, making it the perfect garment to keep warm.

And in addition it has a kangaroo pocket!

To be comfortable, it is recommended that men choose the size larger, and women, their normal size.

Composition: 65% cotton, 35% polyester

Price: $ 55. Coach price: $ 44

Control Freak 9 Week Trucker Hat


This bright graphic cap is light and dries quickly. It is versatile and can be worn both during training and on the street.

The tongue at the back allows it to be adjusted to your head circumference and the mesh panels provide additional ventilation.

Composition: 100% polyester

Price: $ 20. Coach price: $ 14

Classic tank top

Our most popular tank top is semi-fitted to perfectly conform to your body shape. Its even more stretchy fabric allows you to move freely.

Composition: 95% rayon, 5% elastane

Price: $ 30. Coach price: $ 24

Timeless Control Freak 9 Weeks T-Shirt

Classic T-shirt

Made from lightweight cotton, it's soft, comfortable and versatile to go with you all day long.

Composition: 100% cotton

Price: $ 30. Coach price: $ 24


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