Manic London Scenes Reveal Hooligans’ Changing Taste In Fashion
All good cities are a little weird. Sydney is a sunny paradise ... but its people look at real estate like pharaohs. Tokyo is a strange mix of centuries-old traditions slapped with cutting edge technology, shrines and maid cafes around every corner. And of course, New York, New York: birthplace of the 'New York Minute', […]

All good cities are a little weird.

Sydney is a sunny paradise ... but its people look at real estate like pharaohs. Tokyo is a strange mix of centuries-old traditions slapped with cutting edge technology, shrines and maid cafes around every corner. And of course, New York, New York: birthplace of the 'New York Minute', it's crazier than an episode of Seinfeld.

London, like the other cities of the world mentioned earlier, is also delightfully strange. From the audience-sanctioned rants and ravings of Hyde Park's Speakers' Corner to the silly costumes and flags of the Queen's Guard, The Swinging City is as strange as it comes.

A particularly strange moment in London occurred yesterday morning when more than 300 young people descended on Harrods, one of London's most famous department stores, raising fears of a terrorist attack, reports.

Image: Phil Lewis / WENN

While such a large group of people - few of whom were wearing PPE, and some of whom threatened police and security - were certainly faced, thankfully, people's worst fears did not come true. However, what we found shocking (aside from the blatant disregard for social distancing) was not the crowd itself.

No, what we found shocking is that it looks like the British hooligan's centuries-old choice of outerwear is changing.

Chavs, bods, scallys, whatever you want to call them - pretty much every youth subculture in the UK is somehow beholden to the hooligans. Football hooliganism has a long and proud tradition in the UK. The image most commonly associated with the subculture is that of the `` laid back '': tough young men who wear designer outerwear instead of club colors in order to escape detection from the forces of order and intimidate their rivals.

Many classic hooligan brands are of continental origin: Adidas, FILA, Lacoste, Sergio Tacchini… But by far the most stereotypical hooligan brand has always been Stone island. Known for its hefty price tag, experimental fabrics and iconic logo on the black arm, the Italian brand has in recent years been part of the hypebeast pantheon thanks to its association with hip-hop, up there with designer streetwear brands. like A-Cold-Wall *, Gosha Rubchinskiy and Off-White.

However, it appears Stone Island is falling out of favor. As you browse through the footage of this bizarre Harrods rush, you can literally see dozens of young men wearing Canada Goose jackets - it can't be a coincidence. Looks like one high-end outerwear brand is being replaced by another.

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose is (you guessed it) a Canadian manufacturer of winter clothing, known for their incredibly high-quality clothing and distinctive red stitched logo patch. In many ways, they're quite similar to Stone Island: a premium and minimalist brand that is functional yet trendy. It's a little more affordable than Stone Island and, most importantly, not as well known in the public consciousness.

It makes sense. Since American rappers love Duck, Post Malone and Travis Scott began to wear Stone Island, it began to lose its working class credibility, “if you know you know”. Canada Goose does not have this baggage. Rocking a Canada Goose parka is always a way to flex (and stay warm), but it's less obvious than a Stone Island jacket. Indeed, wearing 'Stoney' these days is a way to to have noticed, not to avoid the attention, especially from the police.

We wonder what other brands are about to enter. And the next step: a sea of Kathmandu swells in front of Selfridges?

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