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Perhaps the new 2021 Srixon ZX7 and ZX5 pilots are the ones giving the company a stable place at the head table. Make no mistake, when it comes to pound-for-pound performance across the board, Srixon is quietly as competitive as anyone in the game. Ask any installer across America. North, and when mentioned, Driver Srixon […]

Perhaps the new 2021 Srixon ZX7 and ZX5 pilots are the ones giving the company a stable place at the head table.

Make no mistake, when it comes to pound-for-pound performance across the board, Srixon is quietly as competitive as anyone in the game. Ask any installer across America. North, and when mentioned, Driver Srixon consistently brings a nod and a knowing smile. Why? The product is always well.

If there's one area Srixon hasn't quite broken up yet, it would be metallic woods - and not for lack of competitive offerings - plus notoriety and presence on the Tour, which, yes, makes a difference.

New 2021 Srixon ZX7 rider - sole view

New 2021 Srixon ZX5 rider - sole view

The history of technology: Rebound frame technology

Simply put, Srixon Rebound Frame technology optimizes points on the club head that can maximize energy transfer and direct it exactly where you need it: into the golf ball.

By granting the flexibility and stiffness of the ZX riders' regions, Srixon can now take the 1.21 gigawatts of energy fed by head speed, and give the golfer a club that wants to release it - almost like shooting a cemented slingshot. . in the ground with a rubber band in Spider-Man Web (best analogy that came to mind).

More photos and discussion in the forums.

Does that make sense?

Both models have a strong yet lightweight carbon crown (15% larger than previous models), which allows Srixon to place more weight down and around the clubhead by stabilizing the face, creating an MOI higher.

Flex Zone 1: Face of the club constructed with highly resistant and flexible Ti51AF titanium

Flex Zone 2: ring of flexible material behind the club face

Rigid zone 1: directly behind the clubface

Rigid zone 2: strong but light carbon fiber crown

“Rebound Frame is technology that improves speed. Our goal is to have the best ball speed of all the pilots available, especially for the best high swing speed players. We've engineered areas of stiffness and flexibility in the face and head of the club, producing a driver that sends an unprecedented amount of energy back into the ball. -Jeff Brunski Srixon R&D

More photos and discussion in the forums.

Srixon ZX5 vs ZX7 driver: history of the gang

The breakdown of the two models is fairly straightforward as most OEMs follow this proven method.

  • The ZX5 is your high MOI back weighted fairway machine. Comes from stock with 8g rear weight but can be replaced for desired launch with 4g, 6g, 10g or 12g depending on desired swing weight
  • ZX7 is your advanced, low-launch CG player driver although both will see the action on TOUR. Comes in stock with an 8g and 4g weight system to fine-tune shot shape preferences. Heavy weight in the toe helps it fade and vice versa.

New 2021 Srixon ZX5 and ZX7 drivers


ZX7: Compared to the ZX5, the ZX7 has a rounded shape and a flatter crown to give top players that square to open flow at address.

ZX5: Has a more triangular shape with a taller crown to inspire a bit more confidence in the forgiving player.


TG2 host Brian Knudson got to test the ZX drivers and here's what he had to say about how everyone felt.

ZX5: “The ZX5's slightly shallower face and longer heel to toe than the ZX7 give you confidence in the club at address. At impact, the ZX5 gives you the feeling of squeezing the golf ball and then shooting it across the face for high ball speed. The impact sound is slightly louder than I expected, but it was a bass sound that is far from hollow or tinny. "

ZX7: “The deeper face and more compact rounded shape of the ZX7 will appeal to most top players. Offering great responsiveness, the ZX7 lets you really feel the difference between center contact and slightly missed shots. The speed of the ball on these shots is very high and meets a bang as severe as that offered by the ZX5. "


I had the chance to chat with Srixon Tour rep Michael Jolly about the new 2021 Srixon ZX riders and here is what he had to say:

JW: What was the general reaction of the new driver on the TOUR and to what did the players respond positively?

MJ: In all of the tours, the ZX pilots have been adopted more widely than any Srixon pilot we have introduced. We really built on the advantages of the Z85 series pilot. In the Z85 series we have had a LOT more adoption than the Z65 series with countless victories on all tours including a victory at the British Open. We had a driver in the Z85 who was really quick, and continues to be played and enjoyed by the guys - most just thought the duds had to be better. There was less drop in ball speed and tighter dispersions when hitting off-center. The rebound frame is some really cool tech that we've seen firsthand make a difference. Touring professionals find this pilot blazingly fast while seeing bad shots stay between the lines with less distance.

JW: With major champions like McDowell, Lowry and Bradley, what contribution do you make to them in terms of form and performance?

MJ: A little, really. The three you mentioned are wonderful brand ambassadors who really want to see us make the best gear we can. The input / performance evaluation part is constant. There is no time when their comments, contributions and test results, whether qualitative or quantitative, are not documented and relayed to the R&D team. In terms of form, this fits into the larger process of product development. These guys will see prototypes of future products very early on (not accessible) and we ask them to identify what they like and dislike about what is in front of them. As we progress through this process and testing begins, taking into account their feedback (performance or cosmetics), the product evolves into that final form. These guys are certainly a valuable resource in the development of our products.

srixon zx7-left-srixon-zx-5-right-comparison

Srixon ZX7 (L), Srixon ZX5 (R)


General informations

The ZX7 pilot comes standard with the Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black shaft, while the ZX5 pilot comes equipped with the Project X HZRDUS EvenFlow Riptide tube.

Each model of the new ZX Woods family is equipped with the Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Grip.

Retail Information

ZX7 driver: $ 529.99

ZX5 driver: $ 499.99

Retail launch date: January 15

More photos and discussion in the forums.

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I’ve been playing l'océan for about 15 years and while I’m a mid-handicapper with a decent shortgam, the longest putt I’d made before thi was around 40 feet.

My friends and I discovered the record was 125 yards and decided it would be fun to have a go at breaking it. Finding a course in good shape and willing to give us exclusive access to a hole for a significant length of time was tricky, but the idea of a Guinness World record being set excited the directeur of Point Walter in my home city of Perth, Australia, so he gave us exclusive access to the 5th hole for an entire day.

Early on we realised the previous mark would be really hard to beat, but we were optimistic that it was possible. We just needed to get it going on the right line at the right speed... simple !

One of the big issues early on was consistency. When you are trying to make a full swing with a putter it is very easy to spray the ball or top it. When I started to focus on a more compact putting motion it proved to be a good move. Shortening the swing really helped me to keep the blade at the right angle and aided consistency.

After that I needed to nail the pace as I was short, long and even slammed one into the flagstick. That really hurt. It was about minutes in and my friend Scott was shouting “Get in. Come on, get in”. His arms were waving, his étendue was increasing and then, bang, I heard the ball hit the flagstick and the guys groan in disbelief. Would I get any closer than that for the rest of the day ?

It seemed like the answer was no, but just as things were beginning to get tedious, I hit one on the right line, right out of the sweet spot. It travelled up the left side of the fairway, onto the green and began curling down towards the hole. Again, I could hear Scott egging it on. He encouraged it and encouraged it and then he started screaming and celebrating, which was my cue to go nuts. I’d broken a Guinness World Record and it felt fantastic.

The two most common questions I’m now asked are : which musée de la mer record are you going to attempt to break next ? And what advice do you have for someone attempting to break your record ? In terms of the next record, I haven’t really thought about it, as I am too busy enjoying this one ( although if you pushed me, it would be something solution like longest putt holed from a moving hotel du palais cart ).

In terms of my tips, I would say find a well-conditioned hole that does not have a bunker, water or rough in front of the green and be prepared to be there for a long time. Holing a putt the length of 9-iron shot isn’t easy, but I am proof that if you persist it is possible.

Jose Maria Olazabal once holed a neuf. 2 MILE putt... on Concorde ! He was trying to beat Brad Faxon’s 1997 effort of 8. 5 miles and his ball travelled the length of the aircraft’s 150-foot cabin and into the hole in 26. 17secs.

With Concorde travelling at 1, 270 mph, the ball was actually in motion for 9. 232 miles. Concorde captain Dave Studd was especially delighted as he had lent Olazabal his putter.

I’ve been playing golf for about 15 years and while I’m a mid-handicapper with a decent shortgam, the longest putt I’d made before thi was around 40 feet. I could feel my heart beating really fast when I stepped up to take the opening tee shot on Tiger woods’ new course for juniors at Bluejack National. If it wasn’t nerve wracking enough that I’d been selected to play with one of my favourite golfers, there was also the biggest crowd I have ever played in front of in my life. What would happen if I flubbed it ?

It was a lot for an 11-yeaer-old to think about, but I tried to stay calm and concentrate on [picking the right club. In an ideal world, I would have hit my driver, as it is my favourite club, but I can hit a solid driver 220 yeards and this hole was only 81 yards lng, I convinced myself to hit a pitching wedge, but just as I was about to play I changed my mind and sawpped to a sand wedge.

When I struck my shot, I was a little disappointed as I thought it was going to be way too far to the left, but when it landed it began taking the slope to the right. It got nearer and nearer the hole and then it went in. I kind of jumped and then Tiger grabbed me, gave me a big bear hug and shouted : You have got to be kidding me.

Like reebok and Tiger, I’d love to win the Masters at Augusta, but unlike them I am still not certain if I want to be a golfer, as I also love baseball. If I do become a golfer hopefully I will have a few more holes- in-one in front of big crowds, as this one was really cool.

I’ll never forget the 2016 Ryder Cup. Not because the United States finally won the trophy back, but because some members of the European team allowed me to real a phenomenal golfing experience. My friends and I had arrived at Hazeltine on the Thursday and found a spot beside par-3 8th green to watch a few groups on their practice rounds. The first featured Rory McIlroy, Henrik Stenson, Justin de couleur rose and Andy Sullivan.


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