Transform your Body – 15 CrossFit Push Up Chest Workouts you can do at Home
These Push Up Chest workouts are designed so that they can be performed anywhere in the home. For a selection of chest push up workouts, you will need a pull up bar.1 BRING SALLYFor Max RepsTo the tune of the song “Flower”, perform the following movements for each mention of:Bring Sally Up: Hold the Push-Up […]

These Push Up Chest workouts are designed so that they can be performed anywhere in the home. For a selection of chest push up workouts, you will need a pull up bar.


For Max Reps

To the tune of the song “Flower”, perform the following movements for each mention of:

  • Bring Sally Up: Hold the Push-Up Top
  • Bring Sally Down: Hold the bottom of the Push-Up (keep Chest 1 off the floor)

To the tune of Moby's song “Flower”, start facing the floor at the bottom of the Push-Up position. When the song says “Bring Sally Up,” press and hold the top of the Push-Up position until the song says “Bring Sally Down”. At this point, drop back down from the Push-Up position, but keep your chest about 1 inch from the floor until you push back upward from the Push-Up at the next “Bring Sally Up”. Continue in this manner for the entire song. Do not rest or let any other part of the body touch the ground while the song is playing.

The score is the total number of push-ups you perform before the failure. If you complete each repetition according to the lyrics of the song, you will achieve 30 Push-Ups.

Alternative movements

This benchmark WOD can be done with Push-Ups as shown here, or with other movements such as Air Squats, Back Squats (weighted) or Pull-Ups.


4 rounds for time
10 L-Pull-Ups
15 push-ups
15 chest-bar pull-ups
15 push-ups
20 pull-ups
15 push-ups

Push Up Chest Workouts


EMOM as long as possible
1 Thrust
1 V-Up
2 pumps
2 V-Ups
Continue with this pattern, adding 1 Push-Up and 1 V-Up every minute.
With a clock running, Every Minute to the Minute (EMOM) does the prescribed work in the written order. The athlete must perform 1 Push-Up and 1 V-Up in the first minute. Continue with this pattern, adding 1 Push-Up and 1 V-Up every minute for as long as possible.

The score is the total number of repetitions performed until the athlete fails to complete the prescribed work in one minute.


For the time
20 push-ups, 1 sit-up
19 push-ups, 2 sit-ups
18 push-ups, 3 sit-ups
… Continue this pattern until…
2 push-ups, 19 sit-ups
1 push-up, 20 sit-ups
With a running clock, complete the prescribed work in the written order as quickly as possible. Each round totals 21 reps (20 down push-ups, 1 up sit-ups) for a total of 420 reps in the workout.

The score is the time on the clock when the last set of Sit-Ups is completed.

Advice and strategy

Push-Ups will be at the heart of this training. Divide the reps into small sets from the start - even if the athlete feels cool - to avoid exhaustion in subsequent laps. Never break down on Push-Ups. And beware: it may seem like a good idea to go fast in Sit-Ups to catch up on time, but if the athlete is going too fast the core will be strained to perform the required number of Push-Ups. Keep the pace moderate throughout to be successful at "Blackjack".

Expected stimulus

"Blackjack" is all about muscle fatigue and overload. The athlete should feel severely strained on the upper body and trunk. The challenge: to find the balance between getting a good score and burnout before the end of work.

Scaling options

Scale the volume (total number of reps) and / or skill level of the push-ups (see: Scaling the push-ups) to move smoothly throughout the workout. Long rests will not allow the athlete to achieve adequate hypertrophy (muscle growth). Suggested rule of thumb for “Blackjack”: If the athlete cannot currently perform 20 uninterrupted Push-Ups, the movement should be scaled.

Beginner (A)

For the time
20 knee push-ups, 1 sit-up
19 knee push-ups, 2 sit-ups
18 knee push-ups, 3 sit-ups
… Continue this pattern until…
2 knee push-ups, 19 sit-ups
1 knee push-up, 20 sit-ups

Beginner (B)

For the time
15 push-ups, 1 sit-up
14 push-ups, 2 sit-ups
13 push-ups, 3 sit-ups
… Continue this pattern until…
2 push-ups, 14 sit-ups
1 push-up, 15 sit-ups

5 Push Up Chest Workouts - CAPOOT

For the time
100 push-ups
800 meter race
75 push-ups
1200 meter race
50 push-ups
1600 meter race
25 push-ups
2000 meter race


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Don’t Be Afraid tera Ask For Clarification, Over and Over and Over Again. It’s your time, money, and most importantly, your health we’re talking about here. If you don’t fully understand something during chic, ask. If you still don’t get it, ask again. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification if you don’t fully grasp the concept, or you think others in the class will get frustrated with you for taking up too much time… they probably have the same exact question. We were all newbies at one point. We’ve all been there. Learning the mechanics of certain movements like the squat, deadlift, or any of the Olympic lifts takes lots of practice and critique from a trained eye. If you need help, just ask.

CrossFit Isn’t Everything. CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that focuses on building general physical preparedness ( GPP ). It is quickly evolving into a sport of its own, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be your sport or your lifeblood. A majority of people CrossFit so that they can do whatever they want : Go out, play sports, learn new things, etc. Having that GPP allows you to take on new défis. CrossFit doesn’t have to be your life. Many people CrossFit so they can have a life… and be awesome at it.

It Doesn’t Get Easier, It Just Sucks Less. The longer you immerse yourself in the suck, the less it sucks. You get stronger, build a greater aerobic capacity, and become mentally tough. All of these aspects, combined with experience, allow you to know when to push yourself and when to back off, so that you can attack each workout to the best of your ability.

You Won’t PR Every Day. Don’t mistake intensity for work. Even if you’re having a bad day and the intensity just isn’t there, you can still get a lot out of your time in the gym through hard work. Intensity and work are not the same thing. Don’t skip a planned session just because you don’t think you’re going to kill it and leave everything out on the table. Not feeling too strong that day ? Something is always better than nothing.

Introduce yourself to others in the class. How will this help you ask ? When you introduce yourself to someone you’ll feel more comfortable in the class and realize that you’re not the only one that’s new to CrossFit. So instead of feeling totally nervous and awkward holding a PVC biroute overhead, you feel a little bit more at ease and focus more on what you’re doing.

Keep a journal. Write down the warm-up, the skill, the WOD, and your results. This will greatly accelerate your progress. We often do workouts and lifts based on weights and reps that we have previously done. If you don’t know which kettlebell to use because you never recorded the weight you used last week, then you end up picking the wrong weight. Write stuff down and be able to reference it.

Listen to the Coach. He/she is there for a reason. They spent time studying the subject matter. They have coached hundreds to thousands of people on these movements. Your buddy that watched a couple of Youtube scènes is not lateral to that.

Firebreather. Beast. Rock vedette. You’ll hear a lot of different terminology used to describe those athletes who kill every workout, and blow everyone else away. Here in our gym, we consider every one of our athletes a rock'n'roll vedette. Hey, it takes huge cojones just to show up and do these insane WODs. Be proud of yourself and what you accomplish here. We sure as hell are.

Walk into any box ( that’s CrossFit speak for the gym itself ) and you’ll be greeted by clanging weights, clouds of chalk and whiteboards scribbled with acronyms like “AMRAP” and “EMOM. ” With insider speak that almost qualifies as its own language and raw, rough-around-the-edges spaces, CrossFit can definitely be intimidating to try. And even though many of the 10, 000 affiliate gyms offer your first workout free, beginners may still feel overwhelmed by the culture of the popular strength and conditioning program.

So what should you really expect if and when you dive into the world of CrossFit ? We turned to five athletes who’ve sweated through years of WODs ( aka workouts of the day ) for the advice they wish they’d gotten when they first started.

“Each culture, expert and [workout] space is very different, ” says Anna Willard, a CrossFit athlete at CrossFit Merrimack in Lowell, MA, as well as a constituer professional middle-distance runner. ( She snagged a world record in the steeplechase in 2008, but no longer competes. ) She recommends trying out a couple of different boxes before committing yourself — and your credit card — to one. “Don’t necessarily go to the place that is the most ‘convenient, ’” Willard says. Look for that one gym that’ll keep you coming back — so take note of each box’s programming ( aka the structure of workouts ) and study the overall vibe of the community before ponying up for a package.


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