10 Best Running Movies to Inspire
This is the time of year where the motivation may decrease. Fortunately, these running movies could be just the ticket to get you moving again !! Some of you will end up reluctantly on the treadmill this winter because of travel, ice or just bad luck. Others will love wearing shorts and watch current TV! […]

This is the time of year where the motivation may decrease. Fortunately, these running movies could be just the ticket to get you moving again !!

Some of you will end up reluctantly on the treadmill this winter because of travel, ice or just bad luck. Others will love wearing shorts and watch current TV!

Fortunately, there is nothing like a good show on the run to keep your legs a little longer. Because if they can do it ... well, you want to at least try!

10 motivational racing movies

I am delighted to say that some of them are on Netflix and Amazon Prime with your subscription, so if you have these options, you may be able to display on your tablet even at the gym!

Whether you want a film about Olympic runners, cross-country film, freewheeling film, Disney race or just a good story, they are perfect. I have indeed all looked and I expect that some repeat this year.

Race - Historical drama
I recently watched this biographical story of Jesse Owens in 2016 and it certainly made me run longer.

I confess I do not know much about its history before the movie. Show Racism the United States and fears of the Munich Olympics was fascinating because it was not that long. Another reminder of how much things have changed (and not changed) and of course a beautiful story of his legendary races.

Spirit of the Marathon (Version 2008) - documentary style
In Miami, my good friend Deanna invited a group of us to look at it during our marathon cone and it was perfect to have the right mind to race.

This is a documentary-style film that follows the training of elite runners and every day for the Chicago Marathon. Being able to understand their fears, their joys and frustrations it an excellent shows pre-race.

McFarland US - Disney film about Cross Country
Kevin Costner knows how to bring to life the story of the underdog.

This is a Disney movie based on the true story of a cross-country team in 1987 in Southern California. fired football coach, he arrives at a new school and found a group of seven young men with talent, but few prospects and he decided to found a cross country team ... it's Disney, so you can from there.

Patriots' Day - About the attack on Boston Marathon
It's moving.

I cried absolutely.

Yet it is extremely motivating. It takes that horrible day and makes you want to stand up and say "you do not prevent us from doing what we love." This film is shot in a drama with Mark Wahlberg rather than a documentary, and in some ways it has just made it more powerful.

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fast women - Documentary on Elite Runners (no pros)
Have you ever wondered what it would be to train and race with other elites? Besides all the vomiting would I do, it is interesting that this is perhaps not as glamorous as we would think.

No personal massage therapists and chef. "Fast Women" follows four runners the same local running club as they strive to achieve their goals.

Three women seek Olympic trials marathon of the US, while the fourth is a woman of 32 years trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon after suffering a debilitating stroke.

The Barkley Marathons - Documentary MIND BLOWING on Trail Runners
Looking for the hardest race you can do? How about one that hardly ends ?!

This documentary follows a trail running in Tennessee that seems designed simply to induce pain. It's a strange story, funny and intriguing that you will walk extra kilometers to discover later. Why the secret application? How is the road even created ?!

The Terry Fox Story - Documentary
I feel that his story less attention each year and yet Terry did so much for running.

This film presents the life of Terry lost his leg to cancer and attempt a run across Canada as an amputee to help raise funds for cancer research. Of course, this is a movie of the 80s, like many of those listed, it's a little grainy and the outfits are crazy ... but it will inspire.

Prefontaine - Documentary
It seems so small compared to the large muscles that we see on the sprinters in the Olympics now! But that's not really the goal, the goal is to see the life of an incredible runner unfold and discover which parts of its intensity and spirit can drive your own race to a new level.

If you do not know the story of Steve Prefontaine, you're missing. This is a compilation of old videos and numerous interviews with those who knew him.

Brittany Runs a Marathon - Drama based on a true story, a comedy
Some people have given this backlash because it seems to lose weight ... and then! Many of us begin to run for that reason.

I really loved this film because it seemed relatable since the OMG race is so difficult and yet I will continue to do so. His transformation is not really about the physical. Moreover, it is a rare comedy!

Transcend - Documentary
I just finished a book similar to this film and I knew it not only motivate but open their eyes to the world. In deciding on which our running shoes will put on us today, we can not imagine a world where wearing these shoes could kill you.

This is the story of how quickly Wesley Korir could escape the difficulties of life in Kenya. And more importantly, how to love the country and the family did go home to try to improve the lives of all.

I know someone will slap me for not including Chariots of Fire, but I have a horrible confession ... I have not looked. EIIK! I know I'm a bad runner, right? For some reason, it never jumped on me, but I promise to solve this problem this year.

Some other honorable mentions:

Although there are other documentaries running, I just have not found most of them to draw me in the same way as above. Not that they did not perform incredible things through the desert or across Antarctica, so maybe it was just the story or video.

These are my top choices for motivation.

I do not know what it is, but watch a movie on the run while training pushes me. I think it's the same reason why I listen to podcasts on the run outside!

What is your most movie broadcast?

What do you watch on the treadmill?

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