Birthday & Christmas Cheer – Kath Eats Real Food
Here's a recap of our weekend in search of the perfect Christmas tree at Market At Grelen and to celebrate Thomas's birthday! Happy 38th birthday weekend to my man! Bagels + gifts for Thomas' birthday breakfast! We started the day slowly and warmly with breakfast and gifts. Tree hunt at Grelen market And after breakfast […]

Here's a recap of our weekend in search of the perfect Christmas tree at Market At Grelen and to celebrate Thomas's birthday!

Kath at the market at Grelen Christmas Tree Farm

Happy 38th birthday weekend to my man!

kath and thomas tree hunting at grelen market

Bagels + gifts for Thomas' birthday breakfast!

We started the day slowly and warmly with breakfast and gifts.

bagels on a table with white plates and coffee

Tree hunt at Grelen market

And after breakfast we headed to Grelen market, a "European garden shop" about 30 minutes from Cville. I had heard great things in Grelen Market but had never been there before! My friend says their crown making classes are great.

Thomas and the boys at Grelen market

I would have loved to browse the little gift shop for longer. They also had tons of patio space - next spring we'll have to drive for lunch!

Tree hunting

We started the day by scouring the Christmas tree “mountain” in search of a tree to fell.

Thomas, Mazen and I rushed through the trees saying, "I love this one!" and "And this one" and soon enough Birch did the same! He ran up to a tree, put his nose to the side and was screaming “I love this one.” It was pretty cute.

Luckily we brought our electric saw

Once we picked the perfect tree (we almost couldn't agree!) Thomas did the dirty work of cutting it down. The hand saw they gave us didn't cut her (ha!). Fortunately, he brought a small electric hand-held one. Get the job done quickly!

Warm up with hot chocolate

It was the best hot chocolate with peppermint and a homemade marshmallow !!

Santa Claus was there!

We heard another family whisper that Santa Claus was “in the tent” and to our delight he was !!!!

Both children were quite nervous. I will say that talking to Santa Claus through two masks + plexiglass was a bit difficult to do! I told Mazen to scream so Santa can hear him, especially since Mazen mumbles when he's shy!

Thanks to The Market at Grelen for such a fun vacation experience! We were so happy that we didn't just pick up a tree at Whole Foods like we have in the past. It was much more exciting!

Shaft size

We are also lucky to have a truck in the family - bringing it home was so easy! I remember always having to vacuum the trunk in the past 🙂

We spent some time putting on the lights and adornments before relaxing during Birch's nap.

I made myself comfortable on the couch with a big salad full of Catch Sitka and Bachelorette salmon!

Look at this cozy boy!

Thomas Royalty Day

We had a little party for Thomas in the afternoon, who was actually just his parents and nephew coming for a cake on the patio, social distanced style.

Birch was happy to show her cousin her favorite shovel!

The joke "royalty" was born because Thomas asked for the famous princess cake to Albemarle Baking Co. We call it the 'Prince' cake in our house, so this is what I had put on writing : Mr. green:

Here is their description: "Our version of this traditional Swedish dessert includes a vanilla sponge cake topped with Bavarian cream and topped with a thin sheet of marzipan."

It's so light and fluffy and like a cloud of cream!

T's mom brought him balloons - one of which was perfect for the party!

We had a fireplace and played a few garden games with the kids.

Middle Jane + Blue apron

We had this special bottle of wine for dinner - it's my VERY FAVORITE of the Scout + Cellar labels I've tried: Midfielder Jane Zinfandel. It's juicy and complex and not expensive either, but you can find it on sale every now and then! The next time I buy a case.

It's also a special label because my grandmother's middle name was Jane, and the description on the back of the bottle reminds me of her. If I had a baby girl, I wanted her middle name to be Jane <3>

“Four generations ago, there was the first Jane in our family: our great-great-grandmother. Jane was strong. She swore only when needed. She worked hard, she did it right, and she always wore lipstick. The unofficial matriarch of our family. Jane was the woman we all aspire to be.

For dinner I made Thomas a special Blue apron Feast of pork chops and corn cakes with kale and braised apples and spicy sauce. He played with the boys while I was cooking. This one was a winner !!

On Sunday morning we had Albemarle Baking Co bran muffins which I had with the cake, as well as eggs and orange.

And we played all day!

Sunday night we had Blue Apron again. Look who sat at the table with us!



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