bitchy | ‘Gossip With Celebitchy’ podcast #75: Kate’s pie chart has two things on it
Intro: Minutes 0 to 7:45I feel unstable but Chandra is having a good week. Chandra had a picnic with her mom for Thanksgiving. I made a turkey breast and a potato casserole. Chandra's kitten cat groomed her and bit her hair. She noticed that a big chunk of her hair was missing like she had […]

Intro: Minutes 0 to 7:45
I feel unstable but Chandra is having a good week. Chandra had a picnic with her mom for Thanksgiving. I made a turkey breast and a potato casserole. Chandra's kitten cat groomed her and bit her hair. She noticed that a big chunk of her hair was missing like she had side bangs. My hair has fallen out. I said I was thinking of writing a story about how this is a post-covid complication and Do it after our interview. You can listen below!

Royals: Minutes 7:45 to 9:45
I say we need a good scandal and Chandra mentions the Larsa Pippen's story, which has not been very successful on our site. When we took a break, Duchess Meghan published a powerful essay in The New York Times revealing that she had a miscarriage in July. It was called The Losses We Share and came out the day before Thanksgiving. She was careful not to give too much detail and it was touching. She also didn't focus much on herself and turned to the issue of mental health and asked people if they are okay. Chandra believes Meghan received less negative press for revealing her miscarriage because she waited so long to talk about it. Meghan's miscarriage happened around the time of Finding Freedom's release. We don't believe Harry and Meghan told Harry's family around the time this happened, as it would have leaked to the press. I pay a segment of Zoom where Karen, Ameerah, Zakia and Sara talk about it. We agree with everyone that the Sussexes only told the Windsors just before the release of Meghan's editorial. We think Harry could keep in touch with Eugenie and Zara.

Minute 14:00: Duchess Kate announced the results of his genuinely laughable five-question online survey on early childhood, which was done at the end of January before the pandemic. She published what they called “five big ideas”, but they were also taken from another British survey of more than 3,700 people carried out during the pandemic. There were several cute videos released before a five minute video of Kate speaking, which seemed to only serve to show that she cared about it and was working. I like this line that Chandra wrote: "This is the crux of so many Kensington Palace-centric issues: their Trumpian need to say instead of showing, even when saying it is so clearly wrong.“The goals and nature of this work are constantly changing.

here is a link to Chandra's tweet on Kate's working photos. They look like photostock images. I'm playing a segment of Zoom where Lisa, Sara and a bunch of us clown onto Kate for these photos. As Chandra says, everything about Kate's job emphasizes that she never had a job.

I wonder why Kate isn't showcasing more experts in her work or highlighting specific organizations like Meghan does, but as Chandra mentions Kate's job is to encourage Kate, not focus on the cause.

Minute 21:45: Prince Charles and Clarence House continue to bring more attention to the Crown by continuously complaining about it. We covered this in our last podcast, two weeks ago and they still do! UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden called on Netflix to put up a disclaimer before the show that it is fiction. Chandra says this is all obviously coming from Charles and it shows how they pinch down on details and don't deny the outlines. I play a segment of Zoom where Karen, Ashley, Rhiannon and Tanisha talk about it. We all remember the way Charles treated Diana. This is another reason the royals were so crazy about The Crown, because they get negative pro-Diana comments on their Instagram and are finally turn off comments. Which they never did when commentators were racist towards Harry and Meghan. Chandra remembers how royal commentators first criticized Diana for being an aristocratic comeback awaiting a husband, but in reality, she modernized the monarchy and Britain.

Politics: Minutes 27:30 to 33:30
Since our last conversation, the Biden transition has finally been cleared, but Trump remains clinging to his idea that there was voter fraud, even though his attorney general Bill Barr said no. They have hearings in Michigan that are brought by OANN and are just a bunch of white people making baseless accusations. We laugh at this crazy drunk woman testifying with Giuliani. Trump is believed to be will fire Barr for daring to assert the truth that there was no electoral fraud. Chandra watched Trump's Twitter feed on Tuesday be marked he had been tweeting OANN clips for hours. It didn't become news that night.

Trump is said to be considering forgive your children preventively and Rudy Giuliani. Chandra thinks Ivanka and Jared are the most likely to get preventative pardons.

There is currently a Department of Justice investigation into a potential bribe for a presidential pardon. The documents were published with the names redacted, so it is not known who they are. Chandra thinks it could be Ghislaine Maxwell. Some people think it could be Tiger King Joe Exotic because of the money his people spent on Trump hotels. Chandra thinks Joe Exotic and Paul Manafort are not possibilities as they wouldn't need to go through middlemen.

Melania made the last Christmas decorations for the White House and they look normal. She looks so happy and relieved lately. Chandra believes Melania could invite Jill Biden after the Electoral College votes.

User Comments: 33:30 to 35 minutes
Loren on Twitter tweeted a photo of his wrapped Spotify showing that she had listened to NINE episodes of us in one day which is crazy and thank you Loren! Renata in Brazil sent us a nice email. She mentioned the moment William landed a helicopter on Kate's homestead.

Commentary of the week: minutes 35 to 38
My comment of the week east of Trillion on the post where Ozzy Osbourne says he's not going to cheat on Sharon anymore. Chandra's comment of the week is from Belli on the post on Helena Bonham Carter saying there should be a warning before the Crown.

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