Dave Feldman Wants to See Yoel Romero in BKFC Next Year!
UFC officials have confirmed that Yoel Romero is no longer on the promotion list. The former middleweight title challenger is now looking for new contract opportunities. Dave Feldman says he is interested in signing Y0el Romero to BKFC next year. Over the weekend, news broke that Yoel Romero had been released from his contract with […]

Bare Knuckle and Yoel Romero Fighting Championship

  • UFC officials have confirmed that Yoel Romero is no longer on the promotion list.
  • The former middleweight title challenger is now looking for new contract opportunities.
  • Dave Feldman says he is interested in signing Y0el Romero to BKFC next year.

Over the weekend, news broke that Yoel Romero had been released from his contract with the UFC. This was surprising news to hear considering that Romero had just competed for the world middleweight championship. Now Dave Feldman is doing all he can to get Yoel Romero to BKFC.

Bare fist boxing is not for everyone. However, he has developed a large fan base in the United States and now includes several renowned UFC veterans. Today we're going to talk about what could lead Yoel to make this huge career transition.

Let's go!

Dana White claims more than 60 UFC fighters released this year

The UFC is now the biggest combat sports promotion on the planet. Hundreds of fighters compete against each other as part of the UFC roster and more are signed each month. Sadly, many of these fighters will soon see their time with the promotion come to an end.

UFC President Dana White confirmed the news to the media this week. He says more than 60 fighters are expected to be released before the end of the year. This is the largest list size made by this promotion in history.

Perhaps the most remarkable list to date is Yoel Romero. Fans know Yoel as one of the best middleweights on the planet with wins over Tim Kennedy, Lyoto Machida, and Luke Rockhold. His most recent fight was a middleweight championship fight with Israel Adesanya.

Dana White pointed out that Romero is now 43 and has lost three of his last four fights. Many fans are now speculating on other fighters in a similar position to Yoel who could see their contracts come to an end. We snapped some of the fighters most likely to be released earlier this week.

It's never fun to see UFC fighters lose their spot with the promotion. Fortunately, there are a large number of combat sports promotions looking for talent. This includes the BKFC, the biggest nude boxing league.

Nobody expects Yoel Romero to hang up the gloves. There are now rumors that the knockout artist may soon be making his way into the boxing game without gloves.

Here's what could lead to Yoel Romero at BKFC

There was a time when the UFC was the only show in town. If a fighter was released from his UFC contract, he seemed to fall into obscurity. This is no longer the case, and many popular promotions are now working hard to attract top talent.

Yoel Romero is still considered one of the best middleweight fighters on the planet. Most fans were surprised to see his time with the UFC come to an end so suddenly. Everyone is now trying to speculate on the Cuban Olympic champion's destination.

If Dave Feldman succeeds, it will be at BKFC. This closed-fisted boxing promotion has gained some cult following over the past few years. Much of the promotion's success has come from signing UFC veterans with big names.

Feldman spoke to the media this week about the possibility of securing Yoel Romero. BKFC president says it's something he might like to see.

“We are very interested. How could we not be? He wrote BKFC all over him. It would be a welcome addition, we'll see if we can make it happen, ”Feldman said.

It would be quite a spectacle. The BKFC has gained a reputation for its savage brawls. Yoel Romero would probably be the most popular fighter to ever sign on the roster. He is also an extremely skilled forward and would likely be successful in this new sport.

Money talks and if Dave Feldman delivers a big enough paycheck, we could see Yoel Romero at BKFC next year. Stay tuned for updates over the next few months!

BKFC 15 odds are now available online!

The popularity of combat sports has increased throughout 2020. This is largely due to the fact that the UFC became the first major sports league to resume operations after the March shutdowns. Today, most of the big leagues in MMA, boxing and kickboxing are up and running again.

Dave Feldman's BKFC promotion started hosting events again in July. Since that time he has organized several shows in the United States. The next BKFC event will take place this Saturday night in Biloxi, Mississippi live on Pay-Per-View.

BetOnline, one of the best internet sports betting in the world, now offers odds on this BKFC 15 event. The event is headlined by Sam Shewmaker and Bobo O'Bannon. These two heavyweights are on a collision course and the winner will take a chance for the heavyweight title.

Shewmaker enters this fight as the -200 prefer. He has become a notable figure in the world of barehand boxing and has won some of the best knockouts in the sport. Bettors feel that his experience makes him the favorite in this one.

Bobo O'Bannon is 2-0 at BKFC with both KO wins. He's taking this main event on relatively short notice, but looks to be in great shape for this contest. BetOnline is currently giving Bobo odds of +160 to take the win this weekend.

We'll be sure to break down the results of this fight once it ends!

Would you be delighted to see Yoel Romero at BKFC next year? Who would you like to see him fight first? Let us know in the comments section below!


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