Fragrance Pairings for Fitness Activities – FIT IS A FEMINIST ISSUE
It's probably best not to ask me what kind of perfume I like, unless you have a free hour and properties open to your wrists. I'm what we in the community, affectionately call a parfumiste, A designation used without gender to describe someone who was drawn into the fascinating world of perfume and personal perfume. […]

It's probably best not to ask me what kind of perfume I like, unless you have a free hour and properties open to your wrists. I'm what we in the community, affectionately call a parfumiste, A designation used without gender to describe someone who was drawn into the fascinating world of perfume and personal perfume. The scents that I love, those I love and that make me really swoon, take me on a journey, carry me into the wonderful and intriguing places, or evoke strong emotions and personal relationships. The fragrances have the power to stand up to help me concentrate, to melt in the moment and invigorate me. As such, it is a tool I use with pleasure to lead my workouts, help me progress or started. Here are some of my favorite fragrance harmonies and fitness.

Photo Description: The author's personal bottles of Eau des Baux, Parfum Sacre, Chanel Bois des Iles and Champagne de Bois from the author.

For contemplation, mindfulness and activities that allow you to focus on the inside, like yoga or training to hypertrophy of the muscles of the mind: think of woody scents and / or incense.

A wonderful example in this category is Chanel Bois des Iles. Chanel perfumes have an austere and restrained feeling. They can be visible, but they feel always retained even when their wake flowers. (The trail is the "jet" of a perfume, how it can be detected at a distance from the body.) Bois des Iles is a rich fragrance of sandalwood, but it's not a dirty essential oil, body odor and natural type sandalwood fibers. Instead, it is a wooden jewelry box sandalwood carefully maintained, sanded so that all sharp edges are rounded and elegant. (Other wonderful and woody scents to consider include the spicy cedar and affordable L'Occitane Eau des Bauxand sparkling Sonoma Scent Studio Champagne de Bois.)

If smoked incense is more your style contemplative, Caron Parfum Sacre is a classic, although perhaps a higher religious service during the holidays that the meditative ashram. Parfum Sacre is a very dry incense, almost ashen, covered with just enough pink to soften the edges. It's an introverted scent, dark enough to be almost brooding, but melancholy rather than self-pity. If you want your incense slightly less gothic, try Nur Etro Shaal.

Photo description: Bottles of Chanel Egoiste, Fico di Amalfi, Light Gray and Guerlain Vetiver.

For perfumes that energize you and help you push hard, classic colognes or perfumes based vetiver may be more your style.

For parfumiste, the word water Cologne has several meanings. This may mean that a perfume is a cologne, suggesting that there is a lower concentration of fragrance oils in the mixture, or it may mean that certain perfume notes that many of us associate to perfumes "sports" and / or "male". I could go here quite a tangent about gender norms and fragrance, and perhaps one day I will, but for now, simply a true perfumer does not pay attention to these categories and assumptions except to the extent that they help us to communicate what we experience as we consider a perfume. Both uses of the term "cologne" can be helpful when searching for energizing scents and "clean".

A wonderful example is the category Acqua Di Parma Blu Mediterraneo Fico di Amalfi. "Fico" means fig, and Fico di Amalfi is composed only of figs and citrus, a combination of bright fruit and joyful that avoids being preserved. fig scents can vary from green and bitter to sweet and coconut. The Fico di Amalfi pear remains on the end greenest, anchoring the joyous citrus fruits (mainly grapefruit and lemon to my nose) and their survivors to give a lively buzz and bright fragrance that will last throughout your training, but shortly afterwards. (Other costs to consider include perfumes sandalwood with herbs Chanel Egoiste and the dusty summer lavender Serge Lutens Gray.)

I'm not a big fan of perfumes Vetiver, because the note can switch grass (what I like) in muddy and mushy, like a pile of wet grass a week (I do not like ). The one I have is vetiver Guerlain Vetiver, Which remains at the end strictly clean and soapy the grass spectrum. However, several perfumistes friends said they loved the note during the year, with Prada Vetiver Infusion be a safe choice if you want to avoid a lot of wake in a studio, and Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire as a more complex offer.

Photo Description: Amouage Memoir, Tauer IHP and Lys 41.

So far, I proposed options fairly "safe", relatively easy to find and easy flavors to enjoy. However, like the perfumistes, I would like to train in the art of perfume with unusual and wonderful fragrances that will push your comfort zone and make you reconsider what a fragrance can do. Wear this perfume for long hikes, or when you train at home, or when you do not worry about whether your personal scent plays well with others.

Memory of Love is generally classified as a fragrance of incense and leather, but I also get hot spices, alcoholic and fruity tannins and luscious vanilla. The memory changes over time and it has enough wake that you can notice it over and over again as it moves from top notes (which you initially smell) to middle and base notes (which persist in the end). It remains now, beautiful and interesting for hours, and if you have the chance to put on your scarf or coat collar, you can enjoy it even longer. It remains on the fabric for weeks. I Memoir match with a very long walk in my neighborhood, especially on a sunny day and fresh.

Tauer Phi: A Rose Khandahar is a scent of apricot and pink jammy, thick and succulent as the best preserved house. The base of this fragrance will be familiar to all fans of Tauer scent, a heady blend of amber, sweet spices and tobacco leaf. At first I am almost overwhelmed by the camphor fruit, which grows slightly and burns my nose, but almost as soon as I noticed this, he starts to settle and warm in apricot, cinnamon and rose. It is not clear pink, "pink" thin, but rather something as succulent and full, it's almost like eating a flower pink rather than felt. As Memoir, Phi remains interesting and exchange for several hours. Memoir not as durable as it has more wake, sprays and rarely more than a few sprays will not overwhelm my senses. I would pair Phi with an active day around the house, where half of my steps come from housework before heading to my daily walk or lifting session.

Le Labo Lys 41 will offer the slightest that I invite you to try in this section. It's a sunny and buttery tuberose perfume (even if it is called "lilies" because it refers only ingredient in greater quantity, not the most dominant note). Tuberose is a note I have been slow to appreciate. This can be very sweet and hard to miss, as the first soprano in a choir. Lys 41 starts my nose with the front and center of tuberose, then slowly turns into something beachy, with Tiare, lily and jasmine. It remains bright and floral throughout, settling near the skin but occasionally flowering and making its presence known. I jumelerais Lys 41 with a drive to higher energy, something that makes the heart beat and warms the skin. (Although if you really want to play, get a sample of Frederic Malle carnal Flower and be prepared to have strong feelings about tuberose!)

I could go on. There are so many wonderful flavors to explore. It is an art form worthy of our time, even as revisit and even a grand opera or symphony - each experience shows new nuances and interactions we have perhaps missed in the past, and a new appreciation new associations to give it meaning. I invite you to explore this beautiful tool to enliven and enrich your practice fitness too!

perfumers colleagues there? Feel free to drop a hello and a fitness Agreement and perfume in the comments!

Photo Description: two shelves very full inside "the cabinet perfume" of the author. More than 50 bottles can be seen.

Marjorie Hundtoft is professor of science and health in college. It smells good, picking up heavy objects and rests again in Portland, Oregon.


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