How To Start A Mom Blog
Mom Blogging - yes, that's one thing. In fact, mom's blogging is one of the most popular blogging niches out there! So if you are a pregnant woman or already a mother, you too can join the community by creating a mom blog! But why are mom's blogs so successful, anyway? What makes them popular? […]

Mom Blogging - yes, that's one thing. In fact, mom's blogging is one of the most popular blogging niches out there! So if you are a pregnant woman or already a mother, you too can join the community by creating a mom blog!

But why are mom's blogs so successful, anyway? What makes them popular? Like most blogging niches, mom blogs aim to deliver a lot of value. And unlike many affiliate websites that are all about making money, mom's blogs provide an overview of the “real and raw” lessons, failures and gains of motherhood. Value and vulnerability are powerful, especially when combined.

On the surface, mom's blogs are very successful because motherhood concerns at least half of the human population. Just as money gurus blogs teach their students money making skills, moms teach other expectant and current moms about their proven methods of motherhood and parenting. Plus, because the experience of motherhood is so diverse, there are thousands of ways to deliver useful and educational content with a touch of personal insight.

If you want to start a blog for mom, you've come to the right place. In this guide, you will learn how to take your real motherhood experiences and make it a profitable online business.

How To Start A Profitable Mom Blog Business

Choose a brand and domain name for your blog

Whether you're a tech-savvy mom or not, the first step in creating your online mom blog is choosing a brand and domain name.

But as the centuries-old debate progresses… Which comes first? The brand or the domain name? Ideally, you want to choose a domain name first and then build your brand. Branding goes beyond your domain or even your logo and is recognizable to you both on and off your website. So don't worry if you don't have your brand image yet. First, choose a mom blog name that you identify with. Does it accurately describe you and what you hope to accomplish with your blog?

Next, choose a niche that matches the overall goal of your blog. Do you want to write informative and entertaining articles to help new moms or mothers with toddlers? Start big, then decrease. The more memorable and unique, the better!

Lucie's List is one of those mom's blogs that is both unique and undeniably useful for pregnant women. Her blog offers practical tips and pro tips for pregnancy, postpartum and parenting. She also provides articles on "Straight Talk" topics and the not-so-pretty aspects of motherhood that aim to prepare new moms for real things.

Building the blog

The domain, the hosting provider, and a website builder are the building blocks of your blog. The domain will essentially provide your URL (i.e. while your hosting provider will store all of your mom's fabulous content and website data.

There are generally two hosting providers that I would recommend - Bluehost and Kinsta. When choosing between the two, it helps to think about choosing between two strollers. For one thing, you can go with Bluehost - the cheap stroller - which comes with clunky wheels that will end up hampering your speed and efficiency on your morning walks or jogs. Then there's Kinsta - the fast stroller - with sturdy, slick wheels and added safety features. Bluehost will be OK to start, but if you're serious about growing your mom's blog to reach new heights and beat your competition, then Kinsta will bring you speed and security, along with peace of mind.

When it comes to the website builder, there are a few options that might seem tempting - Wix, Weebly, Blogger, etc., but not all of them compare to (aka the ultimate CMS for starting an affiliate blog). Not only is used by over 35% of the internet, it's also widely trusted by fellow mompreneurs! If you want juicy details on why I think is the best website builder for the job, check out my video below:

How to grow a mom blog

At first, starting a blog is like watching a pregnant woman's belly get bigger over the weeks. At first, the blog starts off very small. Then, with proper nutrition and a lot of patience (and a little discomfort), the blog's growth continues on an upward trajectory to come to fruition. There will come a time when you will finally reap the rewards for all that hard work!

So how do you make your mom blog a profitable business?

Get free traffic from search engines

The best way to grow your mom's blog is to learn as much as you can about search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research, both of which will help you rank on Google for the queries entered. in the search bar every day. These keywords are basically questions asked by other moms that your blog can answer.

This method of blogging will ensure long-term, short-term success and is essential for getting “free” traffic to your blog every day, where you can then earn money through display ads or marketing programs. affiliate, or even capture new emails. and develop your newsletter.

Improve your social media strategy

The second part of growing a blog is to simultaneously develop a social presence. In today's digital economy, almost everyone has a social profile to showcase their life. For bloggers and solopreneurs, social profiles are becoming an essential part of growing a brand and a business online. For mom bloggers in particular, having a social profile - like Instagram - will act as both a personal and professional creator account.

The combination of the two - where your behind-the-scenes parenting lifestyle meets the educational mom blogger - can be a recipe for quick success. It can be difficult to balance the two worlds, but once you do, you will be able to see real conversions and the results of building a loyal fan base and community. Not only can you direct your audience to your blog where you provide more value, but you can also use your social handles to get paid referrals, which brings me to blog monetization methods.

How To Make Money With Your Mom's Blog

Whether you want your mom blog to generate enough income to pay for the cost of diapers each month or an annual trip to Disney, here's how to monetize your mom's blog.

Affiliate Marketing

The main way bloggers make money on their websites is through the power of affiliate marketing. When writing your content for your mom's blog, create a few posts (which can be lists, how-to guides, or comparison articles) in which to insert valuable and strategically placed links from popular affiliate programs for them. mom blogs.

Don't know which programs to join? Make sure the affiliate programs you sign up for are relevant and provide great value to your audience based on your mom blogging niche. For example:

There are hundreds of affiliate programs to join, but just select a few to get started. Ideally, join programs that you actually use and love yourself. The more authentic the recommendation, the better the conversion rate and therefore the commissions! You might see a few pennies coming in at the start, but once your blog traffic increases, this is where affiliate marketing really shows its strength.

Graphic ads

If you already have a decent amount of traffic on your mom's blog each month, consider joining a display management service like Mediavine, SheMedia, Ezoic, etc. to start earning passive income each month. Putting ads on your blog allows you to gain ad clicks without having to micro-manage an affiliate link. The ad company does all the work for you (which is much appreciated as a full time mom!). If you love the sound of free money, here is my in-depth Mediavine earnings report that shows the earning potential of blog ads.


As you probably already know, the “mom” industry is huge. From new moms and single moms to toddler moms, empty moms and every kind of mom in between! That said, there are plenty of opportunities in the mom blogging community to land paid collaborations with major baby, mom, and parent brands. Pricing will vary depending on your niche and blog, but here are some examples of Mom Bloggers Club advertising rates.

Why Mommy Blogging is a Profitable Business Opportunity

Can Bloggers Really Make Money? Yes! There are a handful of successful mom bloggers who earn anywhere from $ 2,000 per month to (and beyond) $ 30,000 / month!

Mommy's blogging is a profitable business opportunity simply because mothering will never - like never - become irrelevant! There is no "one way" to be a mother. Mom bloggers have an incredibly unique and powerful opportunity to respond to an audience.

Maybe it's another mom who is feeling overwhelmed or alone and needs your valuable content to guide them through a tough day. Maybe it's a new mom with triplets who wants to join a community of moms who have lived the experience (and survived).

Either way and whoever it is, there is always someone who will find value in your personal experience, ideas and advice on your mom's blog. Are you ready to begin your mom blogging journey? PS There will be days when your blog will want to have another child, as it will be incredibly difficult but rewarding (except this one cannot respond!).

It's time to act!

You have read this far. What is holding you back?

Earning consistent income with a blog is no longer some kind of a crazy dream. Millions of people start and run their entire businesses from a laptop.

The secret is out. The trail has been drawn. Just follow the steps and get it done.

Do you want it enough to make it happen? Stop reading and start doing. Here's how to start a blog and make money, even if you don't have any prior experience.

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