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If you're looking for a laptop, you probably know that laptops and tablets are both practical choices. Each will be better suited than the other for specific purposes. For collegeTablet or laptop: which is the best option for students? For those who are undecided between laptops and tablets, there is actually another option. A 2 […]

If you're looking for a laptop, you probably know that laptops and tablets are both practical choices. Each will be better suited than the other for specific purposes.

For college
Tablet or laptop: which is the best option for students? For those who are undecided between laptops and tablets, there is actually another option. A 2 in 1 laptop from is a great option for a student who wants to use one. 2-in-1 laptops are slimmer and more stylish than traditional laptops. Their compact size makes them perfect for college. Taking notes by typing on the attached or detached keyboard is perfect for students who take notes during class. If you are looking for a lot of processing power for schoolwork and games, a traditional laptop may be better equipped to meet your needs.

For business
Gone are the days when tablets were used just for browsing the web and streaming media. Employees are strongly encouraged to bring their own device now for office meetings and even for day-to-day work. When deciding between laptops and tablets for small business or for the office, there are a few choices. There are the traditional laptops and the new line of Ultrabooks offering a home halfway between traditional laptops and tablets.'s LG Gram weighs just under 2.5 pounds. but still has all the features you would expect from a laptop. A portable tablet with exceptional battery life that will perform well in many work situations. Or the small business laptop that can do more than just your tablet for work. Maybe you want to use a tablet for work outside the office and a laptop for work in the office. Then there's the Microsoft Surface Pro which offers the best of laptops and tablets in one package.

For traveling
Looking for a take-out device for blogging your travel adventures? Your smartphone can work in a pinch. But you need a blogging device with a bigger screen and easier typing capabilities like a laptop or tablet. But which one is the best for traveling? Tablets are lighter and easier to travel. With a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 in 1, you have the option of using a keyboard to give your tablet more laptop-like functionality for blogging. If you're worried about theft or damage overseas , you might be more comfortable in the outdoors with a cheaper Chromebook.

For seniors
Many seniors are looking for an easy way to stay in touch with loved ones. Most seniors are looking for a user-friendly Zoom device so that they can visit multiple family members at once. A HP Chromebook is ideal for Zoom and offers an easy way to connect. When choosing between laptop and tablet, tablets are the most portable option. The tablets are great for reading because they are easy to hold in your hand. Some other features that favor a tablet over a laptop are tablets that start up faster and take fewer steps to complete tasks. Tablets also have much better battery life.


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Garmin Connect is the powerhouse behind your sports watch or smartwatch – and is where the magic happens in terms of tracking and analysing your workouts, or keeping tabs on your heart and activity.

Garmin Connect comes in two forms : a web service and a smartphone app, and each enables you to unlock a whole range of extra tools that can hone your training and help you become a better runner, cyclist, or just more healthy in general. Whether you have a supercharged Fenix 6 or a more simple Vivosmart 4 fitness tracker, the data is still presented in Garmin Connect.

From preparing for a marathon and setting monthly goals, to joining team step défis and beating other runners’ best times around your local routes, these tools bring the hardware on your wrist to life, giving you more control over your training. My Day is where your activity data lives, and is a quick look at your activity from the past 24 hours. You can press expand/collapse for an even more/less visual look at your daily activity.

All of the metrics are expandable as well, if you need to drill deeper into your data. For example, if you tap on Heart Rate you will see a graph of your heart rate across the way.

There will be thousands of Garmin sport trackers being unwrapped across the nation on Christmas morning. Whether it’s a beginner running watch like the Forerunner 35 for someone who got lucky in the London Marathon ballot, a slimline sport band like the Vivosmart 4 for those keen on tracking their steps, or the colour map-toting Fenix 5 Plus GPS watch for trail runners who are ready to venture further into the great outdoors than ever before, Garmins make great gifts.

They are also, however, packed to the brim with such a bewildering array of features that it’s nigh-on impossible to get your head around them all. The result is that many of us barely scratch the surface of what our trackers can do.

to ensure you’re getting as much from your new Garmin as you can, we enlisted Maria Townsley, Garmin’s junior product manager for sport, and Theo Axford, head of product and partnerships, for advice on a few of the essential features on your device. Some of the below are only available on certain Forerunner and Fenix trackers, but others are available to anyone with a Garmin Connect account.

We reckon that once you try it, this will be the only screen you ever use during running events. You can set a target distance and your Garmin will continually update your estimated finish time, or set a target distance and pace/time and the device will show a pacer on the screen to keep up with. “If you fall behind him, you’re not going to hit the time you set as your target, ” says Townsley, “so you can keep a close eye on that. ”

to use the virtual pacer, hold the menu button on the run screen, fermé Training and scroll down to Set A Target. You can also use the target times for lignées that your Garmin has estimated you’re capable of based on your training, but be warned that these tend to be quite optimistic.

“I’ve been training for the marathon over the past three months and I’ve stuck to a Garmin Connect training plan, ” says Axford. “A lot of people don’t know these exist. “Within Garmin Connect, you can select the distance and how many weeks you’re going to be training for. Then it’s downloaded into your calendar and onto your device.

“For example, I’m supposed to be doing an easy run today and my workout is already pre-programmed on my watch. I’m doing heart rate-based training. It keeps me within a heart rate zone, so I’m applying the right amount of effort during that training session. ”

tera find the training plans head to the Garmin Connect website, go to Training and fermé Training Plans. Not all Garmin devices will be able to download the plan to follow on the watch, but everyone can get a customisable plan.


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