Nuzena Review | Our Experience (Reviewed For 2020)
→ Nuzena is an all-natural supplement company that’s dedicated to providing its customers with an integrative approach to improving health and wellness. The company offers high-quality products that have clinically-proven ingredients that improve all areas of health. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Nuzena and explore the products and services it has […]

Nuzena Review

Nuzena is an all-natural supplement company that’s dedicated to providing its customers with an integrative approach to improving health and wellness. The company offers high-quality products that have clinically-proven ingredients that improve all areas of health.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at Nuzena and explore the products and services it has to offer. We’ll also review our personal experience with the company and highlight some of our favorite products.

An Introduction to Nuzena

Nuzena is on a mission is to help all of its customers achieve their health goals through the use of all-natural supplements that are made from high-quality, clinically-backed ingredients. The company strives to know each of its customers on a personal level and implements a personalized approach to health that takes into account each individual’s diet, lifestyle choices, and unique health needs.

Nuzena Review

Nuzena’s team of registered dietitians, food scientists, and nutritionists provide customers with fast and effective solutions for all areas of health through the use of a 3 step process that involves an online questionnaire, a tailored health and wellness report, and a customized health plan.


What Products Do They Sell?

Nuzena offers 20 different products that are tailored to all areas of health. Products range from single-ingredient supplements to multi-ingredient health solutions.

Nuzena Review

Comparison of Nuzena’s Most Popular Products

Best for Stress

Organic Ashwagandha +

The product contains pure ashwagandha root extract + black pepper extract which is used in many supplements to improve nutrient absorption.

Best for Metabolism

Berberine Pure +

Berberine HCl is one of the most effective natural supplements available for lowering blood sugar, supporting weight loss, and improving heart health.

Best for Antioxidant Support

Resveratrol Rapid +

This capsule form of resveratrol provides natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support for helping to lower blood pressure, support healthy blood sugar levels, and promote longevity.

Best for Joint & Skin Health

Optima Omega-3 +

Optima Omega-3 + is a natural formula specifically designed by health professionals to provide optimal omega-3 support for your mental and physical well-being.

Best for Heart Health

CoQ10 Complex +

Nuzena only uses ingredients that are verified by scientific research conducted by health professionals and its products are highly recommended by major health institutions.

How are Products Controlled for Quality?

Nuzena Review

Nuzena implements numerous methods for upholding high-quality practices and offering the best all-natural supplements possible. During the R&D process, the team at Nuzena collaborates with leading nutritionists and researchers throughout the US in order to use ingredients that have clinically-backed results and to correctly identify the right micro-nutrients to use.

Additionally, the majority of the company’s products are vegetarian and are sourced from environmentally conscious sources. All products are free of GMOs and gluten and are made at an FDA registered facility in Utah that has GMP certification.

3rd Party API Quality Testing

Nuzena Review

Nuzena conducts 3rd party microbiology tests for all of its formulas to ensure potency and to make sure that each product is free of allergens, heavy metals, and harmful bacteria. The company has developed an API that allows customers to trace all test results in real-time so that they can be certain the batch they receive has been tested and certified.

How Does Their Pricing Compare to Other Supplement Retailers?

Nuzena’s products are priced incredibly well, with each product ranging from $1.00-$1.33 per standard serving. Better yet, Nuzena offers $10 off from your first order if you complete the Health & Wellness Quiz.

Nuzena’s pricing is extremely competitive when compared to other supplement retailers, especially considering the quality of the products they offer and the high concentration of each major ingredient found within their products.

The Nuzena Team

Nuzena Review

Nuzena actively engages with its customers in order to play a pivotal role in improving their overall health, lifestyle, and nutrition. The team at Nuzena offers its customers a free consultation that provides a comprehensive health and wellness report with personalized nutritional and lifestyle advice along with resources and tools to further improve health and wellness.

Nuzena believes that nutrition is way more than just popping pills and that supplemental choices have a long-term impact on your beauty, health, and happiness. The team at Nuzena works closely with each of its customers to ensure they make the correct decisions on which products to use and how to improve their health for the long-term.

Nuzena Shipping and Returns

Nuzena offers free shipping on orders over $50 within the United States on all of its products. It also offers a 2-day express shipping option via USPS for those who are in a hurry to receive their order.

Additionally, products are available for shipment worldwide via the DHL International shipping option. Shipping times vary depending on local delivery options within specific countries.

If your order is damaged or incorrect, Nuzena will replace it free of charge within 30 days. The Support Team at Nuzena can be contacted through email, messaging via Live Chat on its website, or directly by phone.

Our Experience with Nuzena

Nuzena Review

We decided to try out some of Nuzena’s products ourselves! We searched for products that would boost the immune system, enhance digestion and metabolism, as well as promote better skin health, vision, cognition, and sleep.

We selected the following 8 supplements to support our health goals:

  • Chlorella Super Green +
  • Circadian Sleep Support +
  • Neuro Focus +
  • Organic Ashwagandha +
  • Resveratrol Rapid +
  • Saffron Super Spice +
  • Solar Essence Vitamin D3 K2 +
  • Vision Support +

Ordering and Shipping Process

Nuzena Review

Placing our with Nuzena was extremely easy and fast!

We individually selected the products we wanted to try by browsing through the shop section on Nuzena’s website and then selected the 2-day express shipping option via USPS for our order.

We received our package within 2 business days.


Our Supplement Stacks

We split our products into 3 supplement stacks. Each stack was used at different times throughout the day and taken along with similar supplements in order to meet specific health needs.

Early Morning Wellness Stack

Nuzena Review

We included Resveratrol Rapid +, Chlorella Super Green +, and Solar Essence Vitamin D3 K2 + within our Early Morning Wellness Stack.

These supplements were included in our 1st stack of the day to help boost our immune system, detoxify the body of heavy metals, and to promote better heart and skin health.

Resveratrol Rapid +

Nuzena Review

This product was used to provide anti-inflammatory and antioxidant support required for healthy blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, and longevity.

We took 2 capsules each morning before breakfast which provided us with a total of 2,400 mg of resveratrol for the day.

We definitely noticed an improvement in our blood sugar from taking this product and felt that it helped with overall metabolism and energy.

Chlorella Super Green +

Nuzena Review

This product was used for detoxification, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system.

We took 2 capsules each morning prior to breakfast which provided us with 1,000 mg of chlorella.

We noticed an improvement in digestion and energy from taking this product and felt that it provided incredible immune system support as well.


Solar Essence Vitamin D3 K2 +

Nuzena Review

We used this product to enhance healthy immune function as well as to promote the health of our skin, joints, and bones.

We took 2 capsules each morning prior to breakfast which provided us with:

  • 10,000 IU Vitamin D3
  • 200 mcg Vitamin K2
  • 420 mg Calcium
  • 10 mg BioPerine

We noticed after taking this supplement for a few weeks that we had fewer aches and pains altogether and that our skin appeared more vibrant.

Mid-Day Focus Stack

Nuzena Review

We included Saffron Super Spice +, Ashwagandha Pure +, and Neuro Focus + within our Mid-Day Focus Stack to help provide us with greater mental clarity, increase focus, boost overall mood, and reduce stress.

This supplement combination was the ultimate solution for getting through a mid-day slump and helped us to power through the day!

Saffron Super Spice +

Nuzena Review

This product was used to help elevate our mood, support cognitive function, and reduce stress-related anxiety.

We took 2 capsules throughout the day when needed which provided us with a total of 177 mg of saffron extract.

Saffron extract contains 4 major antioxidants that have been shown to display antidepressant properties, improve mood, enhance learning and memory, and also aid weight loss through reducing appetite and inflammation.

We definitely noticed major improvements in our overall mental health after taking this product for several weeks and also felt that we had greater control over our eating habits.

Ashwagandha Pure +

Nuzena Review

We used this product to help reduce anxiety, improve overall mood, and to promote thyroid function.

We took 2 capsules daily as needed which provided us with a total of 1300 mg of ashwagandha and 10 mg of organic black pepper.

We experienced a significant reduction in anxiety from taking this product and also felt that our metabolism improved from its use.

Neuro Focus +

Nuzena Review

We used this product to provide mental clarity and increase our overall focus while working and completing major projects.

We took 2 capsules daily as needed which provided us with 21 key nutrients and 692 mg of a proprietary nootropic blend.

We experienced significant cognitive improvements from using this product and generally experienced its effects within 30 minutes of taking it!

Evening Wind-Down Stack

Nuzena Review

We included Vision Support + and Circadian Sleep Support + within our Evening Wind-Down Stack to help promote eye health, induce relaxation, and support better sleep.

Vision Support +

Nuzena Review

We used this product to experience optimal vision and to provide long-term eye health support.

We took 2 capsules each night before going to bed which provided us with 14 key nutrients and 505 mg of a vision support blend.

Although we didn’t notice major short-term changes from using this product, we felt that it boosted our immune system and provided us with the nutrients we needed for long-term vision support.

Circadian Sleep Support +

Nuzena Review

We used this product to help support our natural sleep cycle and to promote relaxation at night before falling asleep.

We took 2 capsules each night prior to falling asleep which provided us with the key nutrients of calcium, vitamin B6, and magnesium along with a sleep formula proprietary blend.

We definitely noticed improvements in the quality and duration of our sleep each night and found that it was easier to fall asleep after using this product.

Final Thoughts

Nuzena offers incredibly potent all-natural supplements for a variety of health areas. All products contain high-quality ingredients and are extremely affordable as well.

We thoroughly enjoyed testing out some of their most popular supplements and noticed almost immediate health benefits from their use. While some of their products require prolonged use in order to experience major health benefits, most products had noticeable effects within a few days of their use and made significant improvements on our health during our experiment.

We highly recommend Nuzena and experienced the best and quickest results from taking Ashwagandha Pure +, Neuro Focus +, and Circadian Sleep Support +.



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For many women, getting motivated to weight train is easier than ever; after all, there are a wide range of health- and physique-related reasons to pick up the iron. Unfortunately, as women, we just don’t have the level of anabolic hormones in our body that men do, so building force is, and probably always will be, more challenging. This does not mean, however, that it’s impossible ! It’s just going to take a strategic approach.

Here to share some of their best tried-and-true muscle-building tips are the fit beauties from NLA. Listen, learn, and grow !

The ' eat no more than absolutely necessary ' approach won’t suffice if you want to add muscle. In fact, figure pro and NLA-sponsored athlete Jessie Hilgenberg says eating enough is one of her top priorities, which is one reason why she leapt at the opportunity to show us what’s in her fridge.

' It’s all about eating to mazout your groupes musculaires, ' she says. ' A lot of us can’t get over that hurdle of gaining force, because we simply aren’t eating enough to support and maintain growth. '

She likes using the IIFYM ( if it fits your macros ) approach, as it allows her to figure out the best formula that fits her body. ' It breaks it down into how much protein, carbs, and fat you should be eating for your activity level, ' Hilgenberg explains, ' and often, it’s more than you think ! '

There’s nothing wrong with full-body workouts. Many women are able to build appreciable bourrinage by training every major force group a few times a week, especially when they first start. But if your total-body approach isn’t taking or has plateaued, it might be time to try a body-part split.

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There are many ways you can organize your split. For example :

2-4 workouts a week : Push/pull ( squats and pressing motions one day, pulling motions the next ) 2-4 workouts a week : Upper body; lower body3 workouts a week : Legs; push; pull4 workouts a week : Chest and triceps; back and biceps; legs; shoulders and abs

Here’s the catch : These workouts should still be ! Embrace the challenge, and find out what #legday is all about. It could be just the thing to take your results to the next level.

When you increase kcal and protein, it can be tempting to up your cardio as well. After all, you don’t want to gain the wrong type of weight, right ? Jessie Hilgenberg says that esprit trap might be just the thing that’s holding you back. ' You don’t need to spend hours doing cardio—especially when you’re looking to add force, ' she says.

It can help to think of it this way : Every calorie you burn on the treadmill is one that your body won’t use to build muscle. If you’re looking for a challenge to replace all that cardio, Hilgenberg advises hopping into the squat rack and pushing new limits rather than continuing to submit to your old ones.

For NLA athlete and bikini pro Amy Updike, results came when she started really adding weight to the bar. ' I try to lift the heaviest weight I can while still maintaining proper form and reaching the range of 8-12 reps per set, ' she explains. ' Heavier weight for me means the muscle has to grow in order to lift it. '

Don’t expect to get a lot stronger overnight, though. Slowly add weight to the bar, giving your body a chance to rise to the challenge. While you may not add weight to every lift in each workout you do, you should see a gradual upward trend. If it’s been six months and you are still using the same weights, consider this a clear sign that you need a change of approach.

When you’re doing endless reps with tiny light weights, you can get away with sloppy form. That changes once you commit to lifting heavier. Form needs to become a top priority !

' Don’t get sloppy, ' advises Miller. ' Always do slow, controlled movements when hitting each rep. This will help you feel the movement and the burn in the right places.

One great thing about that 8-12 rep range is that it is low enough to help you gain some strength, but high enough that you’ll feel that important mind-muscle connection—the feeling that helps you ensure you’re sérieux the right force fibers and getting the most from each exercise you do.


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