Stephen Kenny breaks silence on motivational video shown before England game
Stephen Kenny has spoken publicly for the first time about the pre-match video which was shown to his Republic of Ireland side ahead of last month's friendly with England. There has been a lot of talk of "videogate" in the media, Stephen Kenny being called before the Football Association of Ireland to explain the reasons […]

Stephen Kenny has spoken publicly for the first time about the pre-match video which was shown to his Republic of Ireland side ahead of last month's friendly with England.

There has been a lot of talk of "videogate" in the media, Stephen Kenny being called before the Football Association of Ireland to explain the reasons for the projection of the video which would have presented historical references to Anglo-Irish relations.

Having heard from Kenny and a number of senior players and backstage squad members, the ISP simply ended the investigation.

Ireland team

Kenny broke his silence on the incident after Monday's draw for the World Cup qualifiers; which saw Ireland draw against Portugal, Serbia, Luxembourg and Azerbaijan.

“The video was a non-story,” Kenny said.

“It was a football video with goals scored by the players in training and goals scored at Wembley the night before, and a few goals from Ireland's previous games against England with historical references, and that was everything.

Stephen kenny

"I don't think the leaks were intentional from inside the dressing room and I think there may be people behind the scenes or elsewhere who want to cause problems for the team or who don't have the best interests of the team.

“But certainly, I have no problem with anyone in the locker room. It is not a problem for me.

While several Irish players denounced the leak from the locker room, Kenny intends to move forward now and not focus on who leaked the information on the video.

Stephen kenny

The Irish boss, still awaiting his first win since taking over from Mick McCarthy, has been keen to reject any suggestion that the leak came from goalkeeper coach Alan Kelly.

Kelly chose to sit the UEFA league game against Bulgaria because he is asthmatic and worried about the number of Covid-19 cases emerging from the Irish camp.

But the The goalkeeper coach slammed those who wondered if he had complained about the video and Kenny was certain it was not from Kelly, who will resume his duties with the national team in March.

Kenny insisted, "He certainly didn't [complain]. I'm not talking about any staff at the press conference, but that does Alan a disservice.

“It was a distraction, we could all have done without it and now our focus is on the World Cup qualifiers, there are some really good games and that is what we are looking forward to.

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