The Best Designer Hiking Boot Brands In The World Today
The hiking boots have been designed taking into account difficult climbs, technical terrain and adverse weather conditions. However, thanks to menswear's constant appetite for ownership, you no longer have to be a seasoned mountaineer to appreciate them. Over the past few years, hiking boots have made their way off the backcountry trails and into the […]

The hiking boots have been designed taking into account difficult climbs, technical terrain and adverse weather conditions. However, thanks to menswear's constant appetite for ownership, you no longer have to be a seasoned mountaineer to appreciate them. Over the past few years, hiking boots have made their way off the backcountry trails and into the city streets, receiving some kind of facelift along the way. This new breed of hikers are just as tough and rugged as their rural counterparts, but with a refined appearance and premium materials that enhance their styling appeal.

From how to make them last to labels to buy, here's everything you need to know to buy a pair of stylish hiking boots.

Buying Considerations



One of the main details that separates specially designed hiking boots from their style counterparts is the material. Think less about Gore-Tex and mesh, and more about Italian calfskin and brushed suede. These are premium boots and this should be reflected in their use of premium materials. Also be sure to inspect metal hardware like grommets, D-rings, and lace hooks.



Since these boots are more likely to be used for walking around Soho than for climbing the Matterhorn, the type of sole is not of huge importance in terms of performance. Still, there are a few options to consider. The classic option is a commando sole - it is grippy, sturdy and can withstand snow, rain or shine. Look for the Vibram logo to ensure quality. Alternatively, a Christy wedge sole can look good on some boots, giving them a nice touch of mid-century workwear.


Montelliana 1965

Last but not least, it is important to consider how a pair of boots is in fact set up before deciding to make a financial commitment. The most important detail here is how the upper connects to the sole. Goodyear welting is a proven construction method favored by Northamptonshire shoemakers and for good reason - it's extremely strong and makes it easy to replace soles when worn.

How to maintain hiking boots

Making sure hiking boots are properly maintained is essential for them to last. But the correct way to do this depends on whether the boots are leather or suede.

If you've gone for a pair of suede hikers, the most important tools to arm yourself are a suede brush and protective spray. Rain and spills have the potential to ruin this delicate material, but products like Liquiproof and Jason Markk's Repel Spray are specially designed to act as a shield between your boots and the elements and are well worth the investment. Apply generously every two weeks.

Caring for leather is a bit easier. Shop for a natural leather conditioner; it must be uncultivated and unscented. In our experience, Red Wing produces a great version designed to protect their sturdy work boots, so you can bet they'll face anything you throw at them. Apply it with a cloth or soft brush, working it into the leather in circular motions until it is soaked. Repeat this every two months throughout the winter, or whenever the leather is a little stiff.

The best brands for stylish hiking boots


A Italian family brand Throughout, Fracap's iconic shoes have been produced by the same line since 1908. Known for its red laces, this historic bookmaker perpetuates traditional artisan techniques while adding contemporary twists. Expect classic style with modern adjustments like wavy soles and masterfully executed broguing.

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Hailing from Northamptonshire, Britain's shoe-making capital, Grenson is nothing less than a purebred shoe maker. Certainly, you're more likely to come across classic Derby boots and Oxford wing tips here than hiking boots. Still, Grenson has a few luxury hikers tucked away on her list, with the beautifully finished Brady boot being our favorite.

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Montelliana 1965

As at home in the after-bar as on the mountainside, Montelliana is the last word for high-end Italian-made hikers with personality. These boots were made for hiking, and that's exactly what they will do, but don't be surprised to see the odd leopard-print upper or the sheepskin cuff thrown in a good measure as well.

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Quality assurance is no more absolute than knowing that the military, police, polar explorers and outdoor enthusiasts have all put their trust in the same boots as you. This is what you will get with a pair of Danners. These hiking shoes are truly America's best and a great example of why great design lasts forever.

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Moncler is still the quintessential high-end alpine brand. It's not just shiny down jackets and logo tees; the Italian brand also knows its way around a high-end hiking shoe. Expect luxurious materials, handmade construction and subtle touches from this iconic tricolor brand.



The ROA label, based in Italy, inhabits the middle ground where fashion meets function. These are boots that wouldn't look out of place in the front row of a Fashion Week show, but could also hold their own in the face of a technical climb. These are fashion shoes that work, and rest assured no designer does it better.

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label

Ralph Lauren Fidel II Hand Polished Boots>

Launched in 1994, Ralph Lauren Purple Label is the perfect compromise for those who love the preppy RL aesthetic but demand more from their men's clothing. Purple Label hiking boots almost look like they deserve to be on display in an art gallery. Still, we'll gladly wear them on our feet instead.

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Another Italian brand with a foot in the high fashion world, Diemme has produced shoes to the likes of Maison Margiela, Chanel and Bottega Veneta. When not helping the haute-couture houses, Diemme works on her own classically styled hiking boots, with high quality components, contemporary fits and great Italian attention to detail.


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